Worst Avril Lavigne Songs

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1 Hello Kitty

I LOVE Avril Lavigne, but this is the only song I don't really like. - Catacorn

I LOVE Avril, But This Is Awful - VideoGamefan5

Doesn't have the special touch her other songs do. Good but not excellent,amazing or outstanding.

I'm an Avril lavgine fan who actually likes this song. I think it's really catchy

2 Girlfriend

I love Girlfriend!

3 What the Hell

One of my favorite songs. - Catacorn

Typical pop junk.

4 Here's to Never Growing Up
5 Smile

This list is honestly bad, this is one of her best songs in my opinion. Sure, okay, it has a few swear words in it, but that's not the point, great beat, the chorus is really great too. - Catacorn

6 Wish You Were Here
7 My Happy Ending

is bad... - Joaopuffle1

No! I love this song! This list SUCKS!

8 Nobody's Home

Who wrote this list? Because, it's really bad. Avril is great and this song helped me with depression. Hello Kitty and Here's to never growing up made me happy when I was down. Girlfriend makes me laugh, Everybody hurts makes me open up to the world! How dare you put these songs on here!

9 Everybody Hurts
10 Bad Girl

The Contenders

11 I'm With You

This is her best song. - mood333

This is an amazing song and the best. Why is it on this list

12 Take Me Away
13 Complicated

Worst of the worst

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