The Worst Awards That You Can Earn

This is just a list of awards that you do not ever want to earn. Ever.

The Top Ten

1 Darwin Awards

Yes, this deserves the #1 spot. I've read the entire book and laughed really hard. And couldn't believe some people were so dumb... The worst and most ironic part is that to earn this award you must be dead. - Metal_Treasure

This is awarded to those who help the human species by finding stupid ways to remove themselves from the gene pool, so we don't have people as stupid as them in the future generations. - SirSheep

For those of you that don't know, Darwin Awards are given to people who die in the stupidest, most ridiculous ways possible. It's tragically hilarious.

I’m probably going to earn one of these

2 Participation

Congratulations! You get an award for not winning! Because failure what the hell is that? - Randomator

I don’t have to worry about this if I don’t participate

3 Ugliest Person Ever
4 Heaviest Person Ever

Over 1400 pounds. Why do I know this? - Cyri

I ain't getting that award, not when I weight only 63 - darthvadern

5 Lowest IQ Ever

You could win this and the Darwin Award at once! - SirSheep

You wouldn't even be aware that you got this award because your IQ would be like below 2! - darthvadern

6 Stella Award

The dumbest lawsuits ever - SirSheep

7 The Worst Person In Existence

I win! I finally won something! *Puts away the chainsaw* - Ashes

8 IG Nobel Prize

The dumbest scientific achievements ever. I never thought that I would say "scientific" and "dumbest" in the same sentence... - SirSheep

9 Smelliest Person
10 The Dumbest Tweet Ever

Ashes explained it perfectly - DarkBoi-X

Sadly, this might actually be hard to win - SirSheep

"We Flat Earthers have members all around the globe." - The Flat Earth Society - Ashes

Peter Fonda should win this...

The Contenders

11 National Honor of the Trousers

I've never heard of this one - SirSheep

I saw that during History class today while I was gathering up with my notes 2/28/19. That is one of the most funniest things I've ever heard in Advanced History class like ever! The sewn pants is being given as a honor if you're a War hero. When I first saw this I crack up a little bit and thought trousers means undergarments, but it's sewn pants! That's very funny because you are honored just by being a war hero 😂 - Kevinsidis

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