Top 10 Worst Baby Einstein Videos


The Top Ten

1 Baby's First Sounds

It's just boring. That's all I have to say. - NostalgiaMonkey

2 Meet the Orchestra

Somewhat nostalgic, but it's boring. I used to love it when I was young but now I think it's a fail. The instruments are synthesized and some major instruments weren't included, such as the oboe and the euphonium. - NostalgiaMonkey

3 Baby's First Moves

This video is over hated. It's kind of boring but the toys and music are so good! Well the only really good song is the Clog Dance but lots of the toys are good. Give it a chance guys. It really isn't so bad. - NostalgiaMonkey

4 World Music

I really really like the scenery, music, and toys, but the sing along sucks really bad. I also don't really like most of the puppet designs, especially Bard and Jane. Bard's eyes are too small and Jane has really thick eyelashes that make her look too girly and weird. - NostalgiaMonkey

This episode makes me want to throw up!

5 Baby Da Vinci

This video is really nostalgic to me, and the contents of the video are good. However, how it's put together is uninteresting. There are also a couple of small errors that trigger my OCD. - NostalgiaMonkey

6 Baby Santa's Music Box

I honestly just think that this video is boring and overrated. It's mostly filler and green screens that they didn't even use. The puppet shows are pretty good, and the music is mostly good. - NostalgiaMonkey

7 Baby's Favorite Places

I like this video but it's not that good. I think that some of it gets boring and repetitive after a while. Don't watch this too much because it will get old. I used to like this a lot more but I watched it too much. - NostalgiaMonkey

8 On the Go

This video is very manly for the Epi. But seriously though it has pretty good music, scenery, puppet shows, and toys. I just can't rank it higher because I enjoy the other videos more. - NostalgiaMonkey

9 My First Signs


10 World Animal Adventure

The sing along song at the end is actually pretty good. I also enjoy the music videos a lot and the puppets actually look normal. - NostalgiaMonkey

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