Worst Bad Habits

All the bad habits that people get into and can't stop.

The Top Ten

1 Taking Drugs

Never try it anyone on here it can kill you or hurt you very badly I'm not even kidding bout this one,

It can kill you.


2 Smoking

Smokers have bad breath, their cloths and hair smell terrible, they stink up everything around them. Smoking is just slow suicide, so stupid. Only a smoker could kiss a smoker& not puke!

Yes, This should be high on this list because It will give you cancer If you do that too much or inhale!

This habit is dangerous.

Also can get you killed - poopman

3 Lying

Lying is the bad habit and telling lying is the bad habit

Lying lets you lie down, down...

4 Swearing/Cussing/Cursing

Swearing is a bad habit? Grow up! How about drugs?

5 Picking Your Nose

It’s gross!

6 Drinking

Have you ever blacked out and woke up with a bunch of cuts on your wrist?

7 Biting Your Fingernails

I don't have any nails

8 Watching Porn
9 Farting or Burping In Front of People
10 Procrastination

I put the 'pro' in PROcrastinator- right now I supposed to be doing my homework...

The Contenders

11 Singing Loudly
12 Eating Paper

Eating very bad it so bad

13 Tardiness
14 Negativity
15 Dabbing

The worst of all!

16 Talking To Yourself


17 Mumbling
18 Not Responding
19 Rebelling
20 Bad Posture
21 Skipping Breakfast
22 Spending Money
23 Eating Ice

How is eating ice a bad habit. Are we talking about ice cubes because I always eat them. - IronSabbathPriest

24 Wearing Dirty Tighty-Whities
25 Picking Your Lips
26 Cheating
27 Sharting in Public
28 Watching Anime

I can't even stop - axime

29 Overeating

It like eating with your mouth open it so gross and I think it should be number twenty one.

30 Chewing Gum

Most disgusting sound and smell. No one wants to see green rubber in your mouth while they talk to you!

31 Drinking Coffee
32 Snacking When Not Hungry
33 Cracking Knuckles
34 Biting Nails
35 Interrupting People
36 Spitting
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1. Lying
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3. Farting or Burping In Front of People
1. Smoking
2. Drinking
3. Procrastination
1. Taking Drugs
2. Smoking
3. Lying

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