Worst Banana Cup Courses in Mario Kart

The Banana Cup is the second retro cup in each Mario Kart game since retro tracks were a thing. The Banana Cup tends to contain some of the more interesting, yet simple retro tracks, most often Flower Cup tracks, and occasionally Mushroom and Star Cup tracks (and in some instances Special Cup tracks have made it). Which Banana Cup tracks are the worst ones? Read list to find out.

The Top Ten

GCN Baby Park (DS)

Widely regarded as the worst retro Mario Kart track of all time, and I can see why. Not only is it just an oval, but unlike the original on Mario Kart Double Dash which was pretty hectic with its item selection, Mario Kart DS has no crazy items, making the whole experience rather bland and boring. Heck, the background doesn't have much to offer. Easily is it, the worst Banana Cup track of all time, if not one of the worst Mario Kart tracks of all time. - darthvadern

GBA Bowser Castle 2 (DS)

This remake of GBA Bowser Castle 2 is a contender of the worst Mario Kart Bowser Castle of all time (right up there with SNES BC2 and GBA BC1). This might be surprising at first because the overall course design isn't bad at all. It has a very interesting layout of turns and jumps. In fact the original on the GBA was actually a pretty solid track and I liked it. This remake on the DS though is just sooo butchered. The background looks derpy, the overall aestethic is derpy, and the music..., is EVEN derpier! Everything about this track is derpy, and with MKDS's floaty jumps after ramps, this track is honestly pretty crap. - darthvadern

SNES Donut Plains 1 (DS)

This track lacks much athmosphere. Everything is completely still here, nothing moves and the background looks incredibly fake. However I still put this track on the list. Mostly because most retro tracks sucked in the game, but this does have some decent qualities. First off, you can't go wrong with a Donut Plains course as they're bright and colourful overall. There's a lot of green, blue and these colourful blocks and even if everything looks fake, it does make it slightly more colourful, so there's that. Just an alright course. - darthvadern

GBA Shy Guy Beach (Wii)

Shy Guy Beach was one of the most unmemorable tracks from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, being just a few atols in the sea with a pirate ship in the background shooting cannonballs. It was incrediblu unmemorable, and the only thing it had standing out was some music which kinda fitted in. This remake doesn't change much, as it's still mostly the same track, except the cannonballs now also explode in this version (which might expain why it's in the Banana Cup and not Shell Cup). The water also looks very plastic and unreallistic which further drags this up. Also, those crabs are inredibly annoying. - darthvadern

SNES Mario Circuit 2 (3DS)

It's interesting how this most likely will be the only SNES course to ever have a gliding ramp, but does that make the course any better? Well surprisingly, yes it does! But it's still a relatively basic track. It legit is just a 3D-ified version of its SNES counterpart and bam it's done. I mean it's nothing bad I enjoy the course with its music and shortcuts but come on of course this would make it to the worst list. In the end it's not very interesting. - darthvadern

N64 Royal Raceway (Wii U)

What I said about GBA Mario Circuit can apply to this course as well (which I like to call N64 Peach Raceway) as it's also just a circuit really out in the wild. Although it's a little livelier in music and track design which puts this a spot below. I hate the removal of being able to enter the courtyard of Peach's Castle, I can understand why they did so considering they didn't have time for that. Overall though it's fairly basic. - darthvadern

N64 Sherbet Land (Wii)

This track being so low on the list may come to a surprise to a lot of people but to be honest I actually quite enjoy it. Obviously it's no masterpiece, but I do have my nostalgia for this track, being the first course I ever played in Mario Kart. Besides, this Wii remake removes the dreaded ice physics and makes the penguins a lot more tolerable. The music is the same as Frappe Snowland and it's one of my favourite Mario Kart songs of all time. However it also still is a little bland so it barely makes it to the list. - darthvadern

GCN Dry Dry Desert (Wii U)

While this is an example of a retro Mario Kart 8 which is weaker than the original, I still enjoy this course, a lot. Dry Dry Desert from the Gamecube was one of my favourite Desert tracks in the series because of how alive and interesting it felt. Yeah it was simply just a desert, but there were a lot of atmosphere to it, with the tornado, the piranha plant in the middle, the music, and the generous off-road. In this remake though, they removed the tornado, the off-road is like any off-road, and it's easier to evade the piranha plant. All in all, this track feels a lot calmer than its original. But it does have its own little quirks, such as adding an oasis near the end of the track, and ramps in the off-road you can use a mushroom to trick. Overall I like this track a lot. - darthvadern

DS Waluigi Pinball (3DS)

Good ol' Waluigi Pinball, the most loved course of all time. Well I never managed to get into it as much as others but it's still so original! Racing inside a pinball machine is self-explanatory awesome and the music is just downright badass and..., Waluigy. Just imagine Waluigi doing the kazotsky, it's so fitting! I do think some more colours would've been nice but other than that it's awesome, more than the original. - darthvadern

Coconut Mall Wii (3DS)

Coconut Mall is one of my favourite Mario Kart Wii courses. Just racing inside a mall / shop is just a really cool idea and I never got bored racing on this course on the Wii! Well in Mario Kart 7 I do think it was a little downgraded because somehow it feels a lot blander and less fascinating. First off, why is there even water here? You can see on the picture water to the right but it makes no sense to have your mall flooded! Other than that the new changes are pretty fair, such as gliding out of the mall and the arrows on the escalators are cool. But overall the atmosphere was a little ruined in this remake. - darthvadern

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