AnimeDrawer Rant: Blood On The Dance Floor

There are plenty of good bands there like Blink-182 and Green Day, but there is also bad bands out there. There is one of the most hated bands, which is One Direction and Jonas Brothers. But are there any bands worse than these boy bands? The answer is yes, there are bands worse than Jonas Brothers and One Direction. But is there a band so bad that it makes these bands look like The Beatles and Queen? Sadly, there is one band so awful it is not even funny. The band is called Blood On The Dance Floor, or BOTDF for short.

This band consists of two sickos named Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. Their music is really awful, and it is not just some bad music, it is torture, it is some of the worst music you will ever hear. This band gets bad reviews and not even lots of ticket sales for a reason! The band is basically in this genre, which I don't think should even be called music, crunkcore, the worst genre ever. This genre ususally consists of video game beats, disgusting lyrics, and talentless music artists. This abomination started in 2007, which wasn't a very good year for music. And the band members kept leaving except Dahvie due to how much of a jerk he was, I actually heard about the band members complain about how he kept doing extremely terrible things. A girl recently joined in, who is just as annoying as Dahvie Vanity. What is even worse is that Dahvie Vanity, who is in his 30s, still writes songs about sexualizing teen girls, only making him a bigger pedophile. The fact that they only sold 6 tickets in Australia and had to cancel their tour due to that makes me laugh so hard and how much they suck and fail, only America likes them, lol!

One complaint about this band is the lack of passion, creativity, and evolving. I don't see the band members truly wanting to inspire others or create music for the joy of it, I don't see it. All I see is some guy wanting to make music just for money. I can tell by all their effortless shows, lyrics, beats, and vocals, at least if they qere bad, but showed real joy for doing those things, I wouldn't mind it. Their songs aren't creative, they ripped and sampled many bands like The Used, Green Day, and Skillet, even the show Family Guy. And they literally made a carbon copy song of Sexting called Ghosting, how original. And they never evolve or try any new unique sounds or even tries to evolve, they just make the same sexual crunkcore songs over and over, which lacks chemistry and makes their music boring and repetitive. Not all artists who stay the same genre are bad, Adele is the same genre, but she is a talented vocalist, and her music isn't repetitive despite being the same genre, Someone Like You and Rumor Has It don't sound the same. BOTDF on the other hand lacks making songs sound different and makes them sound the same.

The lyrics, where do I began with? A student in kindergarten can write better and more meaningful than any of this so called "band"'s lyrics. They don't write about anything meaningful or make you feel different things, they just make you feel awkward with their horrible, meaningless lyrics. They are all about sex, and written in disgusting ways. The worst part is that these songs objectify women, teen girls to be more specific, they encourage terrible messages, and the lyrics are nonsense. They just add random lines that don't make sense like "Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Like Gaga's Gotta Ding Dong!", so their songs are both offensive and make no sense. They lack bringing out emotion into their songs and just bring out disgusting, horrible messages, like posting nude photos of yourself online, it is an insult to teens, and anyone with intelligence. They basically tell everything bad to do and tries to make it to the audience "good" to do, but fail at it. Tell me how did these "songwriters" even passed kindergarten? I am impressed that they could pass it due to their poor grammar and nonsense songs.

The vocals, okay, here are the vocals. Dahvie Vanity is the worst front man and vocalist to ever appear in the music industry. He cannot sing at all, he has to use so much autotune in his voice, and not even autotune can help his poor, girly, vocals. He puts no effort into singing whatsover, he lets autotune do all the work, and always ruins songs with his vocals . He is the worst vocalist of all time, and I saw a video of him performing Candyland live. Man, it was the worst vocals I have ever heard, even IceJJFish sings better than him, that is saying something. He sounds like a chicken dying from heart attack live, and he puts no emotion or some even some ounce of effort in it, his vocals sound lazy. I heard him sing Baby without autotune in a video and his voice sounded extremely awful, that is exactly how he sings live. Jayy Von Monroe, on the other hand, at least has some talent in rapping, so I won't be totally biased, he sounds better live than Dahvie Vanity, but his singing is not good, only his rapping. At least he sounds his gender, unlike Dahvie Vanity. I am kinda glad he left that band because Jayy is too talented to be in a garbage band like BOTDF. And the new girl sounds okay in some songs, like Resurrection Spell, but sounded just as horrendous as Dahvie Vanity in Ghosting, she sounded like an annoying Valley Girl trying to brag.

The beats to their songs are absolutely horrendous. Star Power has the most annoying, absymal beat ever, horrible dubstep drop, and they sampled Mario, meaning both unoriginality and terribleness. And they are repetitive too, how many of their beats to their songs sound the same? Bewitched and Candyland sound similar, both fast paced, arcade video game beats. The arcade game beats in their songs also makes their songs sound like music from a circus, Candyland literally sounds like a clown singing it with circus music. It lacks substance and beatiful sounding to it, or danceable, or something cool, it just sounds like plain
boring circus music. They need more creativity with the beats of their songs.

Here are the personalities of these members of BOTDF. I am not sure about Jayy Von Monroe, kinda mixed with him, but Dahvie Vanity is a jerkbag, perverted pedophile who is rude. He is a terrible person with a terrible personality. He is very rude to his fans, I heard stories from fans that he tried to ask teen girls to have sex with him, or else he will insult them, and he one time bullied a fan on stage, not cool bro, not cool dude, not at all. He has physically, mentally, and sexually abused people, including one girl he kidnapped and broke her phone, as well as abused her, and wished to "break" her leg. That is just mean, cruel, and screwed up. He has also raped underage girls, and his friends on social media keeps saying he talks too much about sexual things he does. I believe that he has actually raped people due to the fan's stories and his lyrics, they say it. I also heard that he easily gets offended at critism, which is what every music artist should handle, but no, DV cannot handle it, he is a crybaby, and he insults his haters by telling them to kill themselves and sends his fanbase to bully them. That is just wrong on many levels. Those are the reasons I hate Dahvie Vanity.

This band also creates the worst music I have ever listened to. Star Power is the most annoying song I have listened to and contains almost everything bad about a song. But Ghosting, a new song from them, is even worse than any of their other works, it contains a everything possibly bad from a bad song, if not, worse, bad message, bad beat, bad vocals, bad everything. Other bad songs from them with these qualities are Sexting and It's On Like Donkey Kong, as well as Candyland. Their whole Epic album sucked and got bad reviews, due to the meaningless, lack of interesting songs, but just garbage songs with sexual lyrics, bad beats, and absymal vocals, it deserves the rating it gets.

BOTDF are honestly the worst music artists ever, even BrokenCyde is better, at least they don't spread bad messages to teens and are not pedophiles, they are just dirty for fun. Justin Bieber and One Direction, two very hated music artists, are actually by far way better and good in comparison to Blood On The Sucky Floor, at least they make love songs and not songs with bad messages. Even Borgore and Tyler The Creator are better, at least they made a few decent songs while BOTDF made little to no decent songs. At least none of the music artists I mentioned have vocals as bad as BOTDF, and they all at least have some originality and uniqueness, unlike this band of rats. I rate the band a bad -10000000000/10 due to lack of creativity and uniqueness, bad messages, bad vocals, and terrible lyrics. This band deserves the hate they get from the audience honestly, and they are not overhated, and all the bad reviews they get is well deserved to for this terrible excuse of a band. It would be a better band if they got a better vocalist, evolved more, and brought better messages to their songs. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the review!


Good rant and I respect your opinion and your right I think they do deserve all the hate they get - Lpsgirl

Linkin Park are a billion times better than these talentless morons. - visitor

Nice rant by the way - visitor

Agreed I'd rather listen to 1D or nickleback than this crime against humanity - diehardfan