Sarcastic Blood On The Dance Floor Review

(This is not meant to be taken seriously and this is not my actual opinion, this is sarcasm, so you will find this suprising, I am not trolling, I am just being sarcastic.)

Hey dudes and gals, welcome to my review on the awesome band of Blood On The Dance Floor. I am going to review the best band in the world, with the greatest vocalist of all time, Dahvie Vanity. This is the absolute best music I have ever heard, it is meaningful, touching, and well made. So people, if you wanna hear the best music in the world, listen to BOTDF. Now I need to put one of their songs and dance to it like crazy! YYYEEEAAAH!

First off, lets start with the vocals, Dahvie Vanity has the purest, most beautiful voice of all time. His autotuned, girly voice is absolutely stunning, that is the magic autotune can do. He is even better than Justin Bieber, who is the second best singer in the world. Forget Tom DeLonge and Freddie Mercury, they suck, lets listen to Dahvie Vanity, he is real music, not those stupid, boring singers! Yay! And his robotic, gay voice is very unique, I love it so much. I am fangirling all over this guy, he is hot. He sings like Dora The Exploradora, who also rocks and is a great singer! Heck yeah!

Second, the lyrics, the cursing in the lyrics is just pure genius. I like how they repeatedly curse! These are the best lyrics I have ever heard, bands like Blink-182 and Green Day have the worst lyrics ever, all they talk about is teen issues and political stuff. BOTDF has meaningful songs about love and candylands and innocent stuff. They even have a song about Donkey Kong, which is how good their songs are. These guys know how to write lyrics, unlike John Lennon and Kurt Cobain who can't write good lyrics.

Third of all, the beat to their songs, I like the toilet flushing sounds combined with synths! The toilet flushing sounds are awesome will make you dance, and that is the best kind of music! Now I am dancing to this noise, and I can't stop dancing to this music. Don't listen to stupid, noisy guitars, drums, and bass, I can't stand that garbage, listen to this instead. This music also makes good video game music, which usually sucks. Lets go party and turn my jam up!

Anyways, that is all I have to say about this band's music. I would recommend this music to kids the most, kids, you will learn a lot of good things from this band and it will teach you way better stuff than Barney The Dinosaur. The lyrics are very educational for kindergardners to sing along to. You can also jam to it, this is the world's greatest music, not that dude named Michael Jackson or whatever. This band also needs grammies and awards, because they deserve it! I am done by the way, bye! Let me get back to listening to BOTDF! DOOODOOODOOO!

(The end)


This whole post is actually the whole opposite of my real opinion! Lol! - visitor

Once I was sad and depressed and cut my wrists all the time and caught HIV. But then I heard the toilet flush sounds in their songs. I realized the true meaning of life and the true meaning of music, and to do this day, I worship BOTDF - TwilightKitsune

Lol, that is so ARMusing and HAIRlarious AnimeDrawer! EYE think it is outSTANDing! Some one is gonna put me under arWRIST for all these TEAReble puns cause they think it's so EARritating, just BLINK about it... - micahisthebest


Sarcasm Mode when you made this post: ON. - visitor

This is the greatest post of all time. I agree 100% with this obvi. - DCfnaf

Screw "Is this just real life or is this just fantasy? " because a better lyric is "It's WRONG WRONG WRONG LIKE GAGA'S GOTTA DINGDONG". Totally accurate. - DCfnaf

Totally accurate. BOTDF is the best band ever! 😜 - Ultron123

Yeah, lyrics like "Spread love like violence" suck and are garbage. "WRONG WRONG WRONG like GAGA'S gotta DING DONG" is much better. - visitor

Screw "his arms are sweaty, knees weak arms smelly" because "GAGAS GOT A DING DONG! " saved my life when I was still a virgin. - AlphaQ