Blood On the Dance Floor

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Blood on the Dance Floor is an American scene duo currently consisting of Dahvie Vanity and Fallon Vendetta that formed in 2006. Former members include Jayy von Monroe (2009-2016) and Garrett Ecstasy (2009). All of them provided vocals to the project. more.


Imagine if someone took Soft Cell, shoved them through a Color Run, took away their musical talent, replaced the singer's vocal cords with a 13-year-old girl's, converted them to Satanism, and gave them 30,000 estrogen pills. The result would still sound better than this band. Dahvie can't sing (and that girly rap thing is nowhere near a decent substitute), they put no innovation or creativity into their lyrics, and they can't get over the fact that people hate them. Sure, their early stuff was at least somewhat listenable, even if the lyrics made you feel a little violated. But now, and even then, they're hella awful. There's a reason why bands have to audition for record labels and have producers to make it big. This band is what happens when you somehow have enough money to escape the system and create your own. Don't try it, kids.

If I cared enough to acknowledge their existence, then I'd certainly do this. I will go to one of my local store and I will purchase a copy of an album or CD by Blood On The Dance Floor. Then, I will destroy the disc and the cover into a million tiny pieces and go to the local landfill. I will place the pieces of the disc and cover on the ground and take a dump on them. I will then proceed to search for a bulldozer. Once I find one, I will drive it to the nearest pile of trash and take some trash from that pile by using the bulldozer. Afterwards, I will drive the bulldozer back to the same place I took a dump on the pieces of the disc and covering and use the bulldozer to dump the trash on it because I think that if I put the pieces onto a pile of trash that was already there, then I would be giving BOTDF too much acknowledgement and respect by putting the pieces of their merchandise on top of a pile of trash.

I want to say more, but I'm beginning to feel as if I'm giving Blood ...more

Awful just pure awfulness what! Disgrace to humanity. They are worse than one direction and clown pose together. I don't know how to explain it. This should be number 1. Brainwashing all the scene kids. All they care is money money money. They have a lack of taste and studio mixing. Pure bull. They shouldn't even be famous. They are pop for Satan's sake. They are not Rock or metal related. The image is really retarded. Like what. I just feel really bad for those sceniee weenie kids once they're older they will regret ever liking them.

This is the absolute worst band in history. Shouldn't event be considered music. That's just how bad they are.

This "band" is literally going to cause the musical apocalypse. One day, Mozart, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica - all those guys will fall under the umbrella of music, you know, "the thing that 'bands' like Blood on the Dance Floor, BrokeNCYDE and Atilla ruined! " This band 1. is a bunch of child predators 2. have disgusting, pornographic lyrics 3. use cheap electro beats that I, as an electronic music producer, could whip up a song better than in about 5 minutes 4. use autotune, cannot scream or rap and have no talent whatsoever. I hate this band so much, I am actually on a computer at school just to warn people against their "music". Only 13-year-old "scene" girls who don't value their purity or mental health will ever like this "band". Please avoid at all costs.

Epic is not only the worst blood on the dance floor album but the worst album of all time. God these guys can't sing for nickels. Speaking of nickels these guys make Nickelback lock like Led Zeppelin.

Terrible, creepy music. And they look creepy too. They had a music video where it looks as if they are killing tons of people. It's just disturbing in my opinion. And the fan base... They are mostly annoying and defend their band against anything negative you say about BOTDF. The fans are incredibly oblivious, in my opinion. I refuse to call what they make music. I also don't call them a band, because bands make music unlike these guys.

These creepy bastards have taken over some of my friends and the first time they played these out loud I literally through up. Not even lying. They are the worst band in the history of bands and the history of music. Someone could fart and make a better sound than them

Please make it stop, my ears are bleeding all over the dance floor.

If you thought that Rebecca Black's 'Friday' was awful then I suggest you shouldn't listen to this laugh out loud. It's all crap and they put shame on all the scene people. Their music is all about sex and other crap. Only 8 people bought the tickets for one of their concerts ( it's not even a lie, Google it if you don't believe in this).

Worst band ever! Bands like Green Day, Blink-182, Nirvana and the Beatles should not be here, bands like Blood On The Dance Floor should. Their songs suck so bad, should I even call this music or this group a band? Their songs make no sense and the singers of this group can't sing. - AnimeDrawer

Hey people, you want to listen to the best music ever? Do you guys like a lead singer that tries to sing like a girl and is a pedophile? Do you like an out of tune rapper? Do you like a beat that is just mashed up noises? Then this band is for you, this is the best band ever with the most amazing music ever, I reccommend this band to a million people.(sarcasm) - AnimeDrawer

Don't even get me started on how much I hate this band. I would rather kill myself than listen to a registered sex offender sing very inappropriate lyrics to 12 year old girls.

How do people even like these guys? They sound so horrid and disgusting, and they sound worse than they look. That says a LOT.

I listened to a little bit of "It's on like donkey kong" and I nearly puked. Who comes up with a band like this? Is their existence proof God doesn't exist? Or is it proof Satan exists? I honestly can't tell.

Horrible rapists that say synthesized toilet sounds are music.

Honestly, half of the songs are heavily auto-tuned and about sex. The other half are heavily auto-tuned and recycled trash. The thing that disgusts me most about this band is that even though Dahvie Vanity (lead vocals) has sexually assaulted girls aged 12-17, their fanbase is still filled with 13 year old minions. - StainedGlassEyes

Two little boys who thinks being obscure and having simple lyrics about sex will give some sort of shock value or success. HA. HAHA.

Their name has nothing to do with the Michael Jackson's hit. It has to do with the feeling of your ears when you are on the dancefloor listening to this garbage band. (Note: based on real facts)

God do they suck! I'm not a one direction fan(they are currently in first place), but I still think they are better than this garbage. This "band" is just terrible, they are rapists and sing about sex when their fanbase mostly consists of preteen girls! The lyrics and beats are just awful, how they got accepted by "scene" kids is just beyond me!

Here we have big gay al in a band with the only person more perverted than Gary Glitter. They also think that synthesized toilet sounds are music.

This should be number one. Their fans are brainwashed, and their music wants me to bleed on the dance floor! This awful band should be number one. They make One Direction look like Metallica - KingSlayer93316

I was assuming these guys would sound at least like black viel brides, who are only a tad bit more tolerable, but no, just take two Justin Bieber's, put him in colorful makeup, change his hair and give him colorful clothes, add electro music and you now have blood on the dance floor.

Ok who likes some emo guy screaming in there ears it makes no sense they should be the worst band ever named in history I hate them so much that every time I hear them I wanna puke!

I honestly tried listening to them once, you know, to have an open mind and I just found myself cringing over and over and changing the song within 5 seconds of playing it