Kidz Bop


They are only famous because they make clean versions of songs even though everybody knows the originals are always better. And what makes me mad is, since they do covers of other songs, they are keeping song writers from getting money! There are teachers at my school who play the kidz bop versions all the time and basically giving more credit to Kidz Bop than to the people who actually put time and effort into their own songs! The worst part is, they make clean versions of songs for crying out loud but the teachers still insist on the Kidz Bop versions. Can't the original artists get some credit?

No kid from that "band" can song. Whoever is in charge just takes popular songs, most of them which were already good, makes a WHOLE bunch of lyric changes, and makes the kids sing it. The lyric changes are the worst part. I can understand some of the lyric changes, but when you go as far as "With every broken HEART, I swear I lived" or something similar, that is just idiotic.
"Kidz Bop: Ruining your favorite songs for just $19.99! "
I once read that somewhere. I agree BIG TIME. And if you do too, like this comment and all others that also dislike Kidz Bop!

I never thought Kidz Bop was that bad until I heard their cover of All The Small Things by Blink-182, which is a disgrace to the band. I used to think they just made annoying covers until I discovered that horrendous cover. In the cover of All The Small Things, instead of a kid singing most of the song, it was an old man that sounds like a molester and Barney the Dinosaur high on drugs, and the kids in the background sound like gnomes eating, creepy. This sounds like something that would be played in Barney And Friends or Chuck E. Cheese. Kidz Bop is still bad, but at least it does not have an old man singing the songs anymore, thank god. Still, their covers suck, and they ruined good songs like In The End by Linkin Park, and make bad songs worse, like Closer by The Chainsmokers. These kids can't sing at all. The original All The Small Things had an awesome, fun, summer vibe, but the Kidz Bop version ruined that vibe and it gives me the vibe of a bad live action kids show. - AnimeDrawer

Where do I began with? Kidz Bop is garbage, almost as bad as BOTDF. Did you hear their versions of In The End, Bring Me To Life, and All The Small Things? They ruined some of my favorite songs and turned it into horrible, nasty trash. Especially their All The Small Things cover, I was expecting it to have some kid to sing the song, but no, instead there was a creepy old man who sounds like Barney high on drugs singing most of the song, with a few kids in the background that sound like gnomes eating. At least Kidz Bop today isn't as bad as before with a creepy old man singing in it, but still awful. - AnimeDrawer

OH MY GOD! KIDZ BOP IS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED! They are not even pop. They're what is called children's music which is even worse. I mean they DISGRACE several good songs. At least One Direction put out their own original stuff. Kidz Bop has done NOTHING original. Oh, and it gets worse. Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally) and Zendeya (Shake it Up) were Kidz Bop Kidz. And all they ever cover is pop and rap. They used to do rock from 2001-2007 but not anymore. And I would NOT want to hear them do "Layla" by Eric Clapton, which is my favorite song. But I can continue. They did a Beatle's album and they gave my 5th favorite band of all time a bad name (Eagles, Zeppelin, Allman Bros, ZZ Top are the bands I like better). And Kidz Bop even uses TEXTING LANGUAGE in their name. SERIOUSLY? Oh my goodness. So bottom line. Kidz bop= DISGRACE TO MUSIC - greatesttop10s

Let's get something out of the way first: Not ALL pop is trash. We have great pop artists like OneRepublic and Blink-182. But then, Kidz Bop sings them and ruins them. They don't sing the songs to the right tempo, they can't sing period, and if they're millionaires, I want to kill the guy who signed them. MORON!

Why does Kidz Bop even exist? I can't find any asset in them. The only thing I can assess from their awfulness are random kids acting grown up and posing like misguided hooligans. The only skills Kidz Bop possess are:

1) Turning bad songs into even worse songs (the majority of their work)


2) Turning fantastic songs into boondoggle and unbearable rubbish.

Is kid"z" bop even a real band? No. They turn good to even mediocre (they have to be popular! ) songs into crap. No one can sing halfway decently and trust me, there are people that are the singers age that can sing well. Also, when they change "inappropriate" lyrics, they either don't make sense, or end up sounding even more inappropriate. No one over the age of five (or maybe even 5 and under) have said they actually like kidz bop. Too bad they are on like, 26 or something like that.

I feel like they exist just to see how mad everyone gets when they ruin their favorite song. I literally hate them more than any other "band" I've listened to. Can you even call them a band? They're a bunch of spoiled brats that suck at singing and everyone hates them. If anyone thinks they're anything more than a load of crap, I'd be surprised.

This ruins all of the good songs and turns all of them into lullaby a! This band just really ruins everything. I guess if it is a bad song that has curse words then that is a good excuse. But their new"what does the fox say" is just horrible! I used to like kids bop but they got new singers who's voices just suck...

They take awesome songs and change the lyrics to make them appropriate for kids. But what parent would want their child to listen to that crap.

How is this inappropriate

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun.

And here's kids bop

Let's dance, dance, dance till we see the sun - DivaDirectioner

If you think that's bad, listen to their version of Thrift Shop and Gangnam Style

I absolutely despise Kidz Bop. They take popular songs and make them even worse then they already are. Sometimes they ruin songs that I actually like, and it really pisses me off. You think the songs were bad before? You should hear them being sung by kids that don't know a damn thing about singing.

Those jerks need to retire someday. This song ruining thing is really ridiculous. When will they retire? They steal good and bad songs and change the damn lyrics when they're fine just the way they are. If they don't retire by the time I turn 30, then I'm going on strike! Who's with me!

I can name several bands that don't deserve to be on here. But this one... it does and doesn't. It does because they only cover other songs by other bands and somehow manage to make me hate some really good ones. Their voices are typically dubbed in the videos, when Zendaya was in the Hot N Cold video, you could easily tell it wasn't her. They don't deserve to be on here because they are not rock, not even really a band. I don't know what else to say.

Just STOP Musical Labels. People under the age of 15 CANNOT sing. Kidz Bop is an awful "band" that doesn't sing songs to the right tempo or tone. They managed to RUIN some of the only SLIGHTLY good pop songs out there. GO BACK TO SCHOOL, KIDS!

Does this even count as a band? Listen to their cover of "Hey Jude". All they do is ruin good music with auto tune and harmony... LOTS of harmony! Speaking of which, why are the Beatles even on the list? And Muse?

I hate this band so much, I'd rather drink bleach! This band is SO AWFUL and make covers of trashy songs, but they make it way worse than the original! Heck, they even ruin great songs like Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz and give them a bad name. Damon Albarn would be very ashamed if he ever saw this damn awful cover. I hope they stay away from Guns N Roses, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Iron Maiden and Metallica!

Who suddenly decided after years to release Kidz Bop in Britain? I wonder what happened to the American children from the earlier Kidz Bop albums. They will be grown up now, I suppose. Still I can't imagine Kidz Bop being as successful in Britain even if they are on the way of making a second album. British Kidz Bop came out of nowhere, they will last as long as 1980s Mini Pops who didn't change the lyrics just very inappropriate.

Kidz bid takes an awesome song and makes it sound like a dying meerkat. The kids can't sing, and they change EVERY SINGLE WORD! Like on All About That Bass ( worst song ever) they make it even worse and THEY CHANGE BOOTY TO ANUL! The point of kids bop is to give kids clean music, not inappropriate things! Kids bop should be # 1 I hate you kids bop your musical career is over!

My god their so annoying! They just insult good songs and sound like dying rats! Justin Bieber sucks too but the difference is Justin writes his own music. Kidz bop just takes a good song from someone and insult it

The kids can't sing. And they're like twelve and thirteen. They're voices aren't ready, even if they were good singers their voices aren't mature yet. They all sound the same, obviously the use loads of autotune!

Kidz bop is not a band it's music sung by different kids. All Kidz bop does is sing music by people (that doesn't have any curse words because it's for kids). Nobody really needs Kidz bop because you can listen to the same music by the actual people that sing the songs on YouTube for free. Plus Kidz bop always sell their CDS for $40 (overpriced). SO KIDS DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON KIDZ BOP!

Should be number one. All the other ones actually have fans. I'm pretty sure no one likes these guys.

Kidz bop sucks! (Or should I call kidz crap) they're just a bunch of losers who ruin good songs! One direction sucks too but the difference is one direction sing their own songs. Kidz bop insults them

They never come up with their own ideas except kidz bop world which is still garbage, they take good songs and ruin them (they even take bad songs and make them even worse)