One Direction

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One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) were a British-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records more.


Umm.. I don't like 1D for many reasons. People don't know what real music is anymore. Listening to this kind've crap. Whatever happened to The Beatles, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Queen, and many more. Now our generation is listening to Lady Gaga, Usher, PSY, and Justin Bieber. They don't know what real music is. Only a little people know what real music is. I miss the good old days with real music instead of this One Direction.

A young girl was dying in hospital. That girls one last wish was to meet One Direction. So One Direction went to the hospital, and asked for money before they would meet her. The hospital didn't want to pay, and that poor girl never got to meet One Direction, her idols.
That little girl is dead.

That makes me want to hate One Direction even more, I hope they get disbanded. - UnluckyforSome17

The worst band in history I can understand why some people like them because they think their hot which is so not true but I don't understand why its a girls dream to see one direction because they suck a lot they have not wrote a song and are up to there second album already I can't wait until they stop singing! I would rather listen to country music then this crappy stuff it is so terrible! And they are not hot sadly I know there names they are Zayn Harry Liam Louis and Niell ooh. If I seen them live I would through up on them!

I'm afraid to even call this a band... Everywhere I go now-a-days, " ONE DIRECTION R LIK the NEX BEETLES! " because no, they're not the next. They're just another boy band making its way on to the music charts for some idiotic reason. And also, why are gods like Pink Floyd so high? I get it, they've had some bad songs, but why top 30?

Ok, firstly, WHY THE HELL IS MUSE ON THIS LIST THEY ARE THE BEST BAND EVER. Anyways, one direction deserves to be at #1 I mean seriously, loads of their fans say that they are talented because they can sing, but strangely they sound completely different to when they were on x factor... Suspicious. I have completely lost hope in my generation. I think I'm one of the very few people with taste in music

What Makes You Beautiful is even worse than Friday! Vocals are totally autotuned, lack of any meaning, it's a copy from Katy Perry's "Waking Up In Vegas" and everyone who thinks they're sexy is a pedophile! Just a hooker, cry baby, ugly boy who thinks he's funny, fat liar-cheater and a egoistic bitch! Come on!

They make music only for those stupid teenage girls and call themselves the next Beatles? What the heck! Do they even play real instruments? Beatles' greatness can't be reached by any band. Why can't my generation understand this sentence; talents not appearances and style. These autotuner should be forgotten after a year.

Another cocky product of the music industry. The only reason they ever got a record deal was to line Simon Cowell's pockets, as he knew that stupid pre-teen girls would buy anything and everything branded with 'one direction' on it because all their fans only care for their 'good looks', and not the music. Don't even get me started on the fact they've sampled numerous tracks in their songs (Summer Lovin', Should I Stay Or Should I Go, We Will Rock You and Baba O'Riley as of now) or the fact that they're fan base is delusional and completely insane.

Oh, and something else; listen to 'What Makes You Beautiful' from the start to the end of the first chorus. Then do the same with 'Live While We're Young'. You'll see they both follow this pattern:
Acoustic guitar riff; first verse with guitar riff, basic drums and singing; pre-chorus with guitar riff, bass, more drums and singing; musical breakdown (drum roll in this case); 4 line chorus. Near enough identical progression in both ...more

They are only famous because a bunch of stupid little fan girls like their faces they have nothing unique about them they are only taking advantage of the stupidity of our generation! THEY SUCK!

Just another awful creation from the X Factor which teenagers who think they are "cool" worship because of their good looks.

Just a Disney Wannabes! I don't know why people love them! They are just like Justin Bieber x5! Especially I hate Harry Styles! Stupid, older womens' hooker with addiction to alcohol, partying and nudity! Other are irritating but not as much as Hairstyles!

One Direction are just plain annoying. They aren't even a band: they don't play instruments, they can't write their own songs. I don't get why every girl likes them. Even if girls only like them for looks, they aren't even good looking. I can't wait until this stupid band goes down and someone better takes their spot.

Absolutely horrible. No skill whatsoever. All of their songs sound exactly the same and girls only like them because they are attractive even though they are ugly as hell. I truly do hate them with a passion. They copy other bands too.

Yeah right, Harry Styles stole Mitch Lucker's Lucker Stomp and called it the "Style" stomp, and one of them copied Siva from the wanted. In fact, I they are just CLONES of the wanted

I bet you $1000000 that I'd they were all extremely ugly they wouldn't have ever been popular. Or if the looked like normal bands. THEY WOULD STILL BE UNNOTICED. Nobody cares about their music. I've heard like two songs by them everyone cares about the looks and half the one direction fans barely know any songs by them!

If they were extremely ugly or if they looked liked 'normal bands', real fans would still love them. I would. fake fans would just say 'forget it', but real fans would still like them. I'd bet you $2000000 that real fans would still like them. And you can't hate their songs if you've only heard 2 songs! Also, I know all their songs and all the fans I talk to do to. So there.

This isn't even music. It's a bunch of girls moaning about how they want to have sex with each other.

I am no longer proud to be British thanks to this pathetic excuse of a "band" they don't deserve the right to be called a band. They don't write their own songs, the modicum of talent that they had was that they can sing but they don't sound like when they were on whatever ridiculous "talent" show they were so it blatantly obvious that they have been auto tuned and their material is way over produced. Whatever music company markets their faces to 12 year old middle class white girls should be tried for crimes against humanity.

They're not even a band! They don't play ANY instruments, they can't sing! There really isn't anything unique about these wastes of skin! Not to worry though, they won't be in the music industry much longer. I estimate a bright future in the butlins entertainment team!

Literally nothing they make is original, every single song they've made is exactly the same song over again, not to mention that the only reason they sell is they plaster their face onto everything, even further justifying the reason to call them heartless sellouts, being the worst single singer is one thing, but you have to be pretty bad to be worse than other soulless boy bands, and this is it

Girls think these guys are attractive. Bullcrap lies. Their music is annoying as crap. I don't know why BrokeNCYDE, Blood On The Dance Floor, Black Veil Brides, and Falling In Reverse would be hated more than this band. At least all 4 bands can do vocals right. One Direction is just plain annoying. Jonas Brothers are better than this pile of waste.

I used to be a One Direction fan but now I can't stand them. The whole fandom is ridiculous, you'll maybe meet one or two decent fans but that's it. If a girl gets anywhere close to one of the boys she immediately gets harassed. The fans idolize these boys but they don't see them for how they really are. For instance, Louis is always referred to as sassy by the fans, but anyone else can see he's just rude. Harry is ugly, Louis can't sing, Niall can't sing, and Liam's just boring. Honestly, I hope they don't come back after their break, last thing anyone needs is another album. TLDR: their 15 minutes of fame is almost up.

This band has brought the term "cheesy" to a whole new level. Their music is so fake, they can't play instruments, and THEY HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THEY ARE BETTER THAN THE Beatles! The Beatles have billions more talent in their pinkie toe than one direction has in all of them times 500,000. Honestly, I thought music was bad when Justin Bieber was around, but when this band rolled on the scene, I honestly couldn't believe what the world's music had come to.

I couldn't sum this up better than what those comments already said. One Direction don't deserve all the fame they get. Their fan-base are a bunch of retards that think every view on a youtube video = them, and that they can actually apply over 1 view to a youtube video themselves. I hope one direction get arrested or something.

This band say they are better than The Beatles... what! I cannot believe that ugly Harry Styles would say that. One Direction are terrible, they don't even use instruments, they can't sing and were put together by Simon Cowell! They weren't even originally friends! Saying One Direction are better than The Beatles is just like saying Hitler is more powerful than God. They clearly cannot sing and they are only famou for one thing... Pretty girls love them! - Conor56

They are extremely annoying and they aren't even rock.. They're pop and they can't even write their own music... It's a shame what music has come to these days

Listen. The only reason everyone likes One Direction (and by everyone I mean my 13-year-old friends) is because they fangirl over them and want to marry them because apparently they're hot. I am a girl and I find them hot, but I do not like their music very much. This 1D stuff is ridiculous, they're nothing special and they wouldn't be popular if they weren't so appealing to us girls. I bet if any other band looked like them they would have a ton of fans. Seriously, I can't believe people my generation would stoop so low to like a band only for their looks.