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R5 is an American pop rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2009. The band consists of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Ross Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch, and Ellington Ratliff.


Are you kidding me? You are totally crazy. Look,I don't know your name but I'm 100% sure that you are stupid. Maybe you ate something that wasn't good and now your mind is crazy.R5 is THE BEST BAND EVER. They work day and night just to make US happy. They give everything they have just for us. If something happens to us they are always here for us. And that's not only. They call us Family! We are the R5 Family and if you don't stop hating on them you will never see the light of the day again. Cause you're such a stupid and idiot guy. Also their music ROCKS! They write their songs with no help of others and their songs have amazing music and awesome lyrics. And Ross Lynch isn't stupid. He is a great guy and very beautiful too. He is the most talented person in the world. So shut up and put some music of them cause I think that you have not even heard their music. STOP HATING ON R5 AND THE R5 FAMILY!

I don't care what anybody else thinks, I know R5 rocks, After Austin & Ally ends they will probably be out of Disney. I'm male and straight, They are my all time favourite Pop/Rock band. Go ahead judge me, just because I have an opinion.

R5 is just a brainwashing device formed by Disney (look it up) made up of "attractive" teenage boys (and a girl, just so they can't be a boy band) to produce money and sales from the lowest end of the evolutionary scale, known to some as "R5ers".

I'm tired of fangirls calling me a jealous hater, because honestly, they have no talent. I'm jealous of bands that can play instruments, can sing, and have actual talent, not this cheesy ass Disney group that thinks they are a band.

I'm also tired of fangirls who claim this band is the best band ever and claim they know so much about music, yet they diss and hate on everyone who likes other artists. They have actually said The Beatles, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, and Pink Floyd are inferior to R5. What? I lost faith in humanity, if people are stupid enough to say that so-called "music" is better than those legends of music.

R5 is honestly the best band IN THE WORLD! Ok that was an exaggeration but still. I listen to a wide range in music, from Green Day, to Skrillex, to The Lion King Soundtrack. I heard R5 and enjoyed it, even though I tend to like more rock songs. R5 is a great example of how a family should really be and they do a good job of showing how much they loves their fans. Also, whoever calls them a Disney band, get the hell off your high horse and pay attention. They are signed with Hollywood records, not Disney. Also, the only reason they have anything to do with Disney, is because stupid Ross decided being a Disney star was a good idea (it wasn't). Anyways, there is my rant-thing. I love R5 and I will never stop loving them so boo you.

You all are wrong! They are the best, they work day and night to please us we should give the same back to them. They don't deserve to be treated with such disrespect. Ross is a pretty boy but he's talented he has swag and if you're wondering yes I do have a crush on him. My name is Alexa Charms and I have all the right in the world to tell all you suckers out there who hate R5 ( THE BEST BAND EVER! ) love R5 because they love you the fans!

Guys, I totally respect your opinion because I live in a world full of arianators, bieliebers, directioners and other fandoms that I don't like but respect. But you should also respect the people who like r5 for their music and what they are. Louder (their older album) has some not so good songs, but their new album called "Sometime Last Night" is TOTALLY different. Their song are getting better and you should give them a chance and you may change opinion about them. If you don't, I really don't give a care.

R5 is not a stupid band. They sing from the bottom of there hearts. And give out an effort to give there fans aka the R5 Family. There songs have helped over a million of girls who were bullied and who were at thevverge of suiciding. There songs are the best inspiration. However, all the haters them because they ain't them.

Heck no. I love R5! R5 is my favorite band. The people are nice and their lyrics are OK, but they are really good singers. Sure they could improve, but they're working on that.

They are my favorite band too! I absolutely love them and their voices are already near perfect, I wish other people would love them like I do.. they make me SMILE! 😁

Um, just because they're your favorite band, doesn't mean we can't criticize them. Really good singers? Go listen to Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson before you talk "great" singers. In most of their music videos they don't even sing, they just lipsync. And live, forget it. They can't hold a tune and go out of sync all the time.

This band only got popular because the actor, Ross Lynch is in it, they make terrible, cheesy love songs that 10 year olds listen to, and once again they're just another band of pretty boys that get popular based on their looks. This band pretty much appeals to 10 year old girls, mentally ill teenagers, and kids with super overprotective parents that don't let them listen to any music besides Christian bands, Kidz Bop, and crappy love songs. I don't understand why they got popular.


Ugh. I can't believe people listen to this. Though it's better than nicki minaj.

Just because a "hater" isn't good at writing music doesn't validate these guys. They still have no talent. - therootbeer

Just one word: CHEESY! It saddens me that their are bands and musicians with talent who work hard to accomplish what they do, but bands like this get fans. R5 has done nothing to deserve their fame, every one of their songs is about a failing relationship or some cheesy preppy teen love song that gets every 11 year old girl on earth wetting their panties! The only reason this band has any fame is because preteen girls get infatuated with that douchebag Ross Lynch and then start buying all their albums! Please, get this band away! There is no reason why this band should have any fame! They never put any effort into their songwriting, they can't play instruments but claim to be able to, they have annoying beats, and their singing sounds like somebody's dying! Their music has about as much depth as a kiddie pool, yet they get more credit than artists who have stood the test of time and worked hard, like AC/DC, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen! I hate this band! - therootbeer

How do you know how much talent I have? For all you know I could be Paul McCartney or someone. Stop trying to confirm your opinion as a fact. - therootbeer

R5 is not a Disney band. SO SHUT UP!
You guys who are saying that R5 is a Disney band, shut up, if you are not sure.
Like somebody aid below r5 saved many lives from being killed.
I for once almost killed myself and if it weren't for them I would be in a hole sitting with no friends

R5 is not even talented. They are famous for nothing. I can't stand their songs, all they ever sing is about love or going out and partying like a bunch of monkey and wild animals. - Marine_Soldier

Thank you for getting this band to number 13. Hopefully by the end of September, we can have them at the top. One Direction is bad, but only a close second to this talentless, cheesy Disney band. Yes, Disney band. They are a Disney band because their music is played on Disney all the time, and on YouTube, most of their songs are uploaded by DisneyMusicVEVO. I don't know how this band ever came to be considered music by anyone. They are lightyears worse than rap, dubstep, and most other cheesy generic pop bands. Disband R5 soon or I will do it myself!

So, getting into Disney is that easy? I would like to see Disney publicizing your songs soon. They have to put in hard work to get into Disney right? So stop complaining that they are from Disney and get your facts right kid. So what if they are a Disney band? So what if their music suck? It comes with their job to get haters, but also to have people enjoy their music. We enjoy it, you don't. So what? Does that give you the rights to criticize them? Does that give ANYONE the rights to criticize them? - EpicGlenn2512

They aren't Disney! Honestly, they did have bad words in their songs that have been filtered. Just because their music is played on Disney, doesn't make them Disney.

Someone on this 'thread' said that if I looked into this band a bit more, I would love them. They also said that they actually play their instruments and they don't just dance around. NEWSFLASH IDIOT almost all bands do that as well. If a group is a band, they PLAY INSTRUMENTS. If they just sing but they're a group of people, they are a boy/girl group. Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to clarify this on so many different 'threads.'

Have these people who are judging R5 even listened to their music? All of their music? R5 isn't one of those boy bands who just sing. they actually WRITE AND PLAY THEIR OWN MUSIC! Unlike other bands out there who pay people to do it for them.

I bet that 90% of their fans are 10 year olds, and the other 10% is perverted old guys who jack off to them.

Worst band ever. They're just another Disney band who can't sing and their fans think they're the best band on Earth when they're really aren't. They call One Direction untalented and yet they stan this crap. And Rocky, Ryder, and Ross are ugly!

R5 isn't bad. At least they're actuually a band. They mostly put up singing groups on here. R5 plays instruments. - kpopcraze

Also, if some crappy Disney band is the only thing keeping you from depression, I SERIOUSLY suggest getting help from a psychiatrist. I'm not joking. If you can't hold your life together with anything but a band, you've got a problem.

Just plain new pop culture music, but WORSE. I thought Jonas Brothers were bad. The first time I heard these guys I wanted to barf.

I think they are the best band ever their music rocks

R5 is the worst. PERIOD. And don't even get me started on their fans. Don't get me wrong, some of them are nice. But a lot of them threaten to kill you just because you don't like the same band that they do.

Exactly like the Jonas Brothers... Family band, Disney actors, crappy music, eight year old fan girls, loads of autotune, goody two shoes, fake crap that they call music... Also similar to Big Time Rush, God they're horrible

I kind of like R5 they love each other like real siblings should