Worst BANG! Card Game Characters

I have already created a list about the best characters in the game. Unlike that list, here I am enlisting characters from the following sets:
1. the standard game with 16 characters
2. Dodge City with its 15 characters
3. the additional three characters in the deluxe edition The Bullet
4. the 8 characters found in the event card deck Wild West Show

The Top Ten

1 Claus "The Saint"

Ability: he draws one more card as the number of players alive, keeps two for himself of his choice and deals every other player one
Obviously the worst character in every sense. Even Emiliano Sciarra, the designer of the game admits he is not for serious play. First of all, he has 3 life points but lacks any useful defensive ability that would make up for that one less life point.

Second, in most cases his ability has no use for him at all. Providing the others with extra cards is not what you want to do in exchange for one less life point. Its only useful part is dealing cards to your allies and choosing your two cards from more like Kit Carlson, but that's it. Third, he slows the game down. It takes a lot of time till he tries to decide which card he should pass whom. Having him in the game also devalvates cards like General Store or Stagecoach. - Alkadikce

2 Greygory Deck

Almost all Wild West Show characters are worth burning but Greygory Deck is easily the worst. He draws two characters from the standard character card deck and can use both abilities and change them every turn. This has more issues:
1. How does he draw the cards? We don't use the standard deck and keep it for him, huh?
2. Lots of combinations make no sense or are hard to understand what they mean. Example: what if he has Black Jack and Kit Carlson? He draws two cards of the top three, shows the one he wants and draws a third if it showing hearts or diamonds? Players will be always inconsistent how to adapt some combos.
3. Some of the combinations are ridiculously overpower like Suzy Lafayette & Willy the Kid or Bart Cassidy & El Gringo.
4. He has 4 life points. This makes him overpower when he copies the abilities of El Gringo or Paul Regret. Even Vera Custer, the other copycat character has 3 life points even though she has only one ability. - Alkadikce

3 Flint Westwood

Another Wild West Show character that just butchers traditional characters. His ability: he can trade one character from his hand to two cards from the hand of another player. Compare that ability to Jesse Jones from the original game! In addition, he can always draw 3 cards (traded card: -1, drawn two cards: 2, the 2 cards from the other player: 2). - Alkadikce

4 Lucky Duke

Worst character in the original game. His ability makes him able to choose between two cards when he has to draw (and then discard) a card to decide a card's effect. This consists of three sub-abilities:
1. Being invulnerable to Dynamite (highly unlikely that two Dynamite/exploding cards are on the top of the deck). He cannot use this so much, maybe once in 6-7 games.
2. Having 25% more chance to get out of Jail. Nice, but Jail is not a so common card that we should make abilities relying on it (even Tequila Joe is underpower)
3. Having a very strong defensive ability when having a Barrel in play. He gets very strong in that case, but that's why every opponent will take that Barrel away as soon as he can and there are only 2 barrels - Alkadikce

5 Chuck Wengam

He may lose a life point to draw two cards. This is the opposite of Sid Ketchum's life ability, who can discard two cards to regain a life point. He was voted one of the worst character on some website, even worse than the other abominations like Claus the Saint and Lucky Duke. Losing a life point to draw 3 cards would be a more reasonable ability (giving him 5 life points would already make him too strong). - Alkadikce

6 Youl Grinner

He is one of the three Wild West Show characters that are not only overly strong but influence the whole game and the other players' strategies even when they are not attacking him (the other two being Gary Looter and John Pain).

He is much more powerful than Suzy Lafayette, who is also relying on having few cards. It is fairly easy to keep few cards in hand when it comes to your turn. - Alkadikce

7 Tequila Joe

He regains two life points instead of one when using a Beer card. There are 6 Beer cards out of 80 in the original game, and he is a Dodge City character where the proportion is even smaller. He can only use his ability when:
1. he has a Beer in hand
2. he has less than 3 life points (less than 4 if Sheriff).
3. there are more than 2 players left

That's not a very common situation, there can be whole games without using his ability. - Alkadikce

8 Greg Digger

Voted worst character on boardgamegeek. He regains two life points when a player dies. As an outlaw, this is pretty useless. Best for a Sheriff or Renegade. - Alkadikce

9 Uncle Will

He may use any card as a General Store once a turn. Not as bad as Claus the Saint, but he also helps others by giving them extra cards. - Alkadikce

10 Gary Looter

He has 5 life points, so we would expect him with a severly weaker ability. The reverse, his ability would be even two strong with 4 life points. He draws all the cards discarded in the end of other players' turns. It is much more cards than what Vulture Sam would ever help to collect. Alhough they tend to be the most useless cards, the usual BANG! and Missed! are always useful outside of turn.

But again: why the bang does he have 5 life points?! - Alkadikce

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