Top 10 Worst Bart Baker Parodies

Bart Baker's made some hillarious parodies but some of them are unfunny to.... mainly his older ones. Ocassionally a new one might suck but for me it's mainly his older parodies that are atrocious.

The Top Ten

1 Feeling Myself

Where's the option for all of them - ProPanda

Maybe it's just me but... this was his most cringiest and unfunniest parody made.

2 Double Take

Lots of his old parodies are bad including this one.

His old parodies are pretty cringey... - AlphaQ

3 White Negro

Drake's bad but this parody isn't any better.

4 Super Fake

Very cringey from beginning to end.

5 The J*rk 0ff Song

Yeah... title says it all really.

6 Born This Way

A Lady Gaga parody that's not even semi- ok.

7 Used to Be a Guy

Unfunny and painful to sit through.

8 I’m a Stupid Hoe

I forgot about this parody...

This is funny! - RoseCandyMusic

It's crazy. - AlphaQ

This didn’t get on - DCfnaf

9 Horny

A terrible Baby parody even KOA did a better parody of the song.

10 California Boys

A grown man dressing up as Katy Perry and lyrics that are... rather disturbing.

The Contenders

11 Gucci Gang

The song was tasteless and boring, the lyrics were limited and it was boring to watch. "Poopy brain" is repeated over a million times, and - to be honest - a two year old could come up with a better insult than that.

Aznromeo's parody is much better

12 Big Old Pubes

I really HATE his old parodies... this is no exception.

13 Call Me Maybe
14 Worth It

Slut shaming hmm?

15 Can't Remember to Forget You


1: The overused jokes about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna. People, even in 2014 that was old! Move on!
2: The overused joke about Shakira not being understood in her songs. Again, people, that's old!
3: Ruining the Muppets

My order of best to worst reasons is 1,3,2

16 Fat Hungry Chick
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