Worst Beatles Songs Excluding Covers

These are songs written by them and not cover songs.

The Top Ten

1 Revolution 9

Listen to ones like Ask Me Why instead.

Was disappointed to see The Long And Winding Road on here. It is my favourite. For those who don't appreciate it, I recommend the version on the Let It Be...Naked album. A huge improvement in my opinion. - beatles

It isn't the worst if you listen to the whole song backwards. Scary as hell if you do.

Not a song. Goes on too long, becomes rubbish after 1 minute. - Louvox

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2 Blue Jay Way

I think George is trying to tell us something... Something about not being very long, if I don't miss my guess...

A complete borefest from begining to end! - Louvox

3 Yes It Is
4 Good Night

Just plain stupid and childish. - Louvox

5 You Like Me Too Much

"You Like Me Too Much" was the first original Beatles song that made me cringe at its awfulness. Hasn't gotten any better over the years either.

This song is sweet. I like it because he never says I love you and keeps it less serious. It's light and happy.

A feeble song at best. Corny and embarrassing - Louvox

6 What Goes On

Not their worst, but it's definitely the weakest track from Rubber Soul. Not a big fan of this one. - Gg2000

Even with Lennon and McCartney's help it couldn't save this mess. - Louvox

7 Long, Long, Long
8 Love Me Do

No it's a brilliant song.

Just a plain corny song that goes nowhere - Louvox

9 I Wanna Be Your Man

There is a reason why they gave this song to The Rolling Stones and later to Ringo. - Louvox

10 The Long and Winding Road

A precursor of the worst that was to come of McCartney on his own...

This is a beautiful song.

The LONG & BORING Song! My favorite worst!

Get this song off the list please

The Contenders

11 Wild Honey Pie
12 What's the New Mary Jane
13 She's Leaving Home

Makes me so sad when I listen to it!

14 When I Get Home
15 Do You Want to Know a Secret?
16 Maggie Mae

'Maggie Mae' is a throwaway goof found on the first side of the band's final album, 'Let It Be.' But unlike the original number, 'Maggie Mae' was an old traditional folk song, which the pre-Beatles group the Quarrymen used to perform. The 40-second snippet reveals heavy accents, forced whimsy and just how out of control the Beatles' January 1969 sessions were.

17 Why Don't We Do It In the Road?
18 Nowhere Man

Why is this here? This song is great. The harmonies, the guitar fills, the lyrics, they're all great. It doesn't deserve to be on this list. - Gg2000

The lyrics are good, it's the first non-love Beatles song but I did not enjoy listening to that song.

19 Taxman


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