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1 Revolution 9

Worse. Song. Ever. Why the heck is Yellow Submarine on this list? That's my favorite song by The Beatles! That song made me a true fan of the Beatles. There are a lot of worse songs than that! If you hate Yellow Submarine, you are dead to me. Sorry, I got off track a little bit. Revolution 9 is not even a song to me. I first heard this song when I was 9 (ironic), and it scared the living crap out of me. John, stick to writing songs like 'Imagine' and 'In My Life'. This song ruined The White Album for me.

How are people expected to listen to the entire White Album if they have to put their ears through this kind of torture! I get that there have to be fillers on huge albums like the White Album, but songs like this are what keep albums like the White Album from being treasured all the way through. Of course the White Album is one of the greatest works by the Beatles and is a great album, but songs like this are what prevent albums from reaching an Abbey Road-like status. Seriously this song scared the life out of me when I first listened to it. - JoshHarmer25

The song is just weird.

The very worst. A waste of vinyl space on the album.

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2 Wild Honey Pie

Revolution 9 was the peak moment in the Beatles' creative surge. Of course I don't jam out to it when I listen to music, and I'm not the biggest fan of that song. But I think it's really creative, and I want to do something like that sometime.
Wild Honey Pie, on the other hand, is just a one-minute "song" that consists of twangy crap and dumb high-pitched vocals, if you could call it vocals, really. I just really, really, really dislike this song. But it's fun to make fun of it. - galaxyfox

I feel as though people got Revolution 9 all wrong. The reason he made that song was to show people the Beatles aren't always going to make uniform songs, or the ones fans want to hear. The Beatles are their own band, and they want people to know they can make any songs they want, and they weren't "chosen" to please the teen girls. This song explains that. This song was supposed to show what a revolution is in music terms. It does so beautifully. Wild Honey Pie however, was just a garbage filler song. Even the instruments make you think Paul was high or just sleepy when he made this. The lyrics are garbage, and the name is a copy off of a better Beatle song. Wild Honey Pie isn't art. It's just garbage.

It has no point.

The reason I hate this one is because I have a hard time memorizing the lyrics

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3 Dig It

If you think a song with a Bob Dylan jamming session in it is better than Revolution 9 then I would reconsider - JoshHarmer25

A pointless song, absolutely boring! Why did the Beatles: a) Write this, b) put it on an album? What is the point!? The song only last 50 seconds. Ridiculous! I don't know which one of The Beatles wrote this, but whoever did they musn't have been serious about writing it.

Phil Spector was the one that put this song on Let it be but why did he shorten it to 50 sec?! I've heard the longer version of 4:20, it's also not serious but if he put a complete version on the album it would be much more worth.
Yellow submarine, because, help shouldn't be on this list.

I think Paul removed this pointless waste of vinyl from the Let It Be... Naked album.

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4 Why Don't We Do It In the Road?

Paul's vocals on this one are amazing. - DarkSideOfDragons

It's not a terrible song, but there's just really not that much to it at all. It's a song that, quite honestly, could almost be written, sung, and recorded by Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. - Virtuoso

This song is garbage.

I feel like I'm the only one who actually likes this song... 0_0

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5 Yellow Submarine

Really the Beatles sometimes just like to have fun. Who cares if it does not sound good. The Beatles always have a point to each song.

Oh come on it's better than Revolution Nine(weird), I am Walrus (strange) and Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds (silly). It's the first one I ever heard we sang it in infants primary school.

This is one of the best Beatles songs! Sorry

I don't like it from Revolver, but in the movie Yellow Submarine, it is amazing, awesome and fantastic.

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6 Maggie Mae

The tune isn’t horrible, but the lyrics are bad and the version on Let it Be is essentially a studio outtake. - JoshHarmer25

For being only 43 seconds I thought it was catchy

I like the song but still feel like voting for it, yeh

At least Her Majesty had a solid rhythm

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7 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

It's such a peaceful and simple song!
What is there to hate?
Such a good flow.

There are too many #1 hits on this list. How can Hey Jude be on here, it was the biggest hit of the 1960's - westofohio

Its great and catchy

I agree! This is a very good song. What it is doing on this list I have no idea

Come on. You people make me want to break down and cry. This is a fun song! It's better than almost every song on their first two albums at least! It is a blast to play on the piano as well. Like a wise man once said, let Paul McCartney have his fun.

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8 Mr. Moonlight

Actually I think this is a tremendously great song! Another Beatles gem!

The only reason this could not be on this list and not #1 is that people forgot it existed. Which is easy to do.

Even when I was in a phase where all I listened to were The Beatles, I couldn't listen to this song. Boring and uninspiring.

I like the song... - SammySpore

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9 You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

This is a comedy song it’s supposed to be bad - JoshHarmer25

This song is good for one thing--I had a friend who used to play it on the jukebox when he wanted to clear out a bar or restaurant. And to think--it's an EDITED version of a longer joke!

I was listening to past masters, and I listened to the whole album. I thought, "this has tons of gems on it! " And then I heard this. I was like, "What is this? This is not even a song! " - SammySpore

If it's not a song - how can it be a "worse song? "

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10 Flying

Get this magnificent song off this list! That weirdo who says that "It is so bad even the devil hates it" is off his rocker. Get this song off the list!

Best song not yet in a Wes Anderson film. This is a fantastic song. Sorry to see it on the list.

It's one of the best instrumental tracks ever, GET IT OFF OF HERE!

Best album ever... worst song on this album

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11 Maxwell's Silver Hammer

This is a good song. Good music and lyrics. Catchy and awesome

This is a fantastic song! It belongs in the top 50 Beatles songs of all time!

Britain's tax minister at the time was a chap named Maxwell and Lennon felt the taxes were a little too high. When taxes made people unable to pay for cars, homes, etc., they were repossessed, and that's what this song is about. Maxwell's Silver Hammer is actually taxation and not a murder weapon. I'll admit that the way it's written is kinda creepy, though.

A slight, upbeat ditty about a psychopath murderer. This doesn't work for me at all. Not that Paul could have predicted it, but Lennon was eventually gunned down by a psychopath which makes this song's premise even more distasteful. Ugh, "Granny Music" as John said.

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12 What's the New Mary Jane?

Why Strawberry fields, she said, help, yesterday, octopus's garden, within you
Without you, yellow submarine and because are in the list?!
They are very very good songs! - ProgeRules

Easily the worst Beatles song ever, almost embarrassing

The hell song is this. It wasn't on 1 or past masters. - SammySpore

I actually enjoy this song

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13 Within You Without You

WHAT?! WHY SO HIGH! Sure not every Beatles song is a masterpiece, I totally agree with Revolution 9. BUT WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU?!?! Such a good song. "With our love we could save the world, if they only knew. " come on PEOPLE!

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is my favourite album--hell, I bought the 50th anniversary record for it and everything--and I really wish I could like this song. It's got a good message, some nice lyrics, and I like slow songs. BUT MY GOD IS THIS BORING. I feel like an idiot saying this but it just DRAGS ON. I'm not sure how long the song actually is but it should have ended about ten minutes earlier. Maybe if the song went into negative minutes long it might finally be as deep as George intended.

Amazing song, expresses the true meaning of our inner soul which is so important in life

Most anemic and lethargic Indian track ever

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14 Dizzy Miss Lizzy

A weak, boring, poorly-sang finale to the fabulous Help! Album. It sounds really out of place on the album and annoying. Should have been an EP track.

Typical of what they did in their early years: great covers many better than the originals. I don't think there's any double tracking on this one. Just pure Lennon screaming

I admit I do like this song, but it seems way out of place on Help. I don't get why they rejected "That Means A Lot" and "If You've Got Trouble" but not this. At least those songs fit the vibe of the album. This should've been an EP track or a B-Side.

So out of place on Help! I usually stop playing when it gets to this song as it ruins the vibe of the album

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15 Good Night

Are you serious? My dad would sing this to me as a lullaby!


This song is number 17 on my list

16 Birthday

It's a good song!

This is a song that should be known more

I wouldn't want this song playing on my birthday.

Not the Beatles best

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17 Helter Skelter

I think this is where true heavy metal got its start-from this song. It's a banger, Helter Skelter is. - galaxyfox

What The... come on, you are kidding me, this just is NOT possible! One of their all-time best songs just... can't be on this list!

Trash. - Userguy44

Many like it, many dislike it. Rare piece, this one.

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18 Blue Jay Way

One of the best to me. George's voice sounds really unique!

This song freaks me out. When I was little, maybe 6, my dad used to play Beatles music all the time in the car, and I thought Blue Jay Way was decent. Now I'm 13, and now I found Paul is dead stuff in it of you play it backwards, AND FORWARDS. Creepy song

not my favorite; but what's "Help! " doing on here?! That's my favorite!

So why is this song lower than Strawberry Fields Forever? I always thought Blue Jay Way was creepy, and it played a part in the Paul s Dead hoax. This song should be way higher on the list

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19 All Together Now

This should not be here! It reminds me of any family get-together. And it's fun. you can't deny that. - galaxyfox

Why is this here? This song is short and joyful, if this song was 2 minutes longer and had a bit more meaning it would probably be a top 15 song.

This song is underrated. Not every Beatles song has to be deep, and this song is just good fun.

1 2 3 4! Can I have a little more? 5 6 7 8 9 10! I love you!

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20 Glass Onion

This is an apology for John's notorious "bigger than Jesus" statement. You can't knock it.

Terrible job poking fun at themselves and controversies. Just an all around pile.

It is so boring - JaneMoffat

Just... Euch

21 Little Child

This is a great early song! Why is this on here?!

What is the lyrics about?!

22 Dig a Pony

John Lennon himself called it a nonsense song and a piece of garbage.

Really? This is a really decent John Lennon tune

This song is fantastic!

23 Polythene Pam

Polythene Pam is part of a series of songs. By itself, maybe it isn't much, but if you place it between Mean Mr. Mustard and She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, it's brilliant.

This song is genius

great song

24 Rocky Raccoon

Easily the most annoying Beatles song (for me, at least). Even John Lennon has said that this song was "quite embarrassing" for him.

What in the world!? This is one of my favorite songs by The Beatles! It has a very Dylan-esque feel and a wonderfully catchy chorus by Paul! - higgsboson2142

I love this song

This song is wonderful he's so funny

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25 P.S. I Love You

What! Why is this song even here it's definitely not amazing but there are worse songs... it's just a harmless example of early Beatles before they progressed...

I guess that this song has confusing chords and is cheesy but it is far from the Beatles’ worst - JoshHarmer25

Worst Beatles song EVER!

This is a good song, though. My favorite on Please Please Me

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26 Her Majesty

Strange way to end a great Album. Really short too.

27 When I'm Sixty-Four

This song is adorable, catchy and joyful. The lyrics are light and easy. Paul McCartney's vocals on it are smooth and clear. This song is really fun to listen to.

This should NOT be on the list. I know most of my family loves this song!

Better than Hey Jude and Strawberry Fields? I don't think so. It's a piece of crap, another granny song. Should be on the top 5

As the great john lennon once said, 'this is just another granny song by Paul (McCartney) - Jiorl

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28 She's Leaving Home

It's SUPPOSED to be sad! Honestly I think this song should get more attention and respect.

The vocal sounds like it's slowed down a bit. Otherwise a gem!

I love the Beatles and the majority of Paul's songs but this one just makes me really sad! The only bad track on Sgt Pepper in my opinion!

29 Hey Jude

This is it they just ruin it they ranked them 240 on the underrated bands and john lennon thinks let it be os trash!

Hate it! It's sooo long and boring!

I can tell that an idiot made this list when he put this song on this list

I'm a huge Beatles fan but I don't like this song at all. It's definitely their worst song... so BORING!

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30 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

I may be biased as a fan of progressive rock who loves good musicianship and long songs, but this is actually one of my favorites. Sure, the lyrics aren't great, but I think they were purposefully made to be simplistic. On the other hand, I LOVE the last few minutes of this song which is a repetitive instrumental that builds and builds. It cuts off abruptly at the end, too, which makes it even more enticing and hard-hitting. It doesn't even really sound like the Beatles, but it's really good. I get it if you just don't like this song since it all comes down to personal preference, but please don't dismiss this song just because it's somewhat long or because you don't get it at first. Give it another listen with an open mind and try to appreciate it before claiming you don't like it. Even if you don't like it, hopefully you'll appreciate why others might find it appealing and why it definitely shouldn't be considered the worst Beatles song.

This is in my top 3 songs on abbey road get this off the list

The only unlistenable song on Abbey Road. Talk about a meaningless lyric--"I want you so bad it's driving me mad. She's so heavy." Wow. Must have taken them WEEKS to come up with that. Oh, well--at least it's better than the lyric to "Imagine." But the music...oh, no...what made them think we wanted to listen to this for SO might have made a good "Why Don't We Do It in the Road" if they had left it about the same length as that one! This is the ONLY reason that I hesitate to call Abbey Road the Beatles's best album--it's just one of those things that I hit "skip" on, and move ahead. And in the day of vinyl, I'm just glad it was the last song on side one, so I could just hit the "reject" button early.

Goes on a little too long, but McCartney's bass line alone takes it off this list.

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31 Don't Pass Me By

You can tell Ringo wasn’t a songwriter, this took him 5 years to write.

Dreadful writing performance by Ringo. No wonder he did not have a fairly decent solo career.

Get off of this list!



Suck song by ringo
He is not a good song writer.

32 Drive My Car

Seriously. are you sure you even like THE Beatles? ,

It's not one of the Beatles' best, but it's not bad.

This is in my top 3

Too overrated, I feel like it could be a lot better and the intro sucks.

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33 Magical Mystery Tour

Aw come on, it's one of the best songs on the album!

Fourth favorite on this AMAZING album

Oh God! Why the hell did they do this?!?! - PositronWildhawk

34 Hello, Goodbye

Why is this song on here?! This is like my favorite Beatles song. It's very catchy!

It's just so bland. The song is filled with variations on this one motif over and over again. And it's not that the motif in question is poorly done, it's just too conventional, especially when repeated several times. This isn't even mentioning the sketchy coda.

The Beatles doing bubblegum pop. There were many better bubblegum songs out there.

This is a really excellent Beatles song. Why is it on this list? What about when I'm sixty four. Now that's a bad Beatles song

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35 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

In my opinion, more irritating than Wild Honey Pie. I hate Wild Honey more, but I gotta get this up

This song is actually one of my favorites the only thing bringing it down is Yoko

This is an awesome song! And yes, I agree, Yoko wasn't to great!

Yoko's voice in this song is very irritating and annoying that I risk scratching my White Album vinyl to skip this rubbish track. What was John thinking?!

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36 Run for Your Life

John Lennon himself said that this is the song he regrets the most...

It isn't as bad as Revolution 9 and Wild Honey Pie, but it should at least be in the top ten. - RalphBob

If u voted for Revolution 9 u know nothing - Erucu

37 Yesterday

This should never be on this list. Have you even listened to the words? In fact this list shouldn't really exist because a 'worst' Beatles song just doesn't exist!
Disgraceful! - Britgirl

Actually, The Beatles have made some bad songs. She Loves You and Revolution 9 are examples of terrible Beatles songs. - TheMusicNerd

This is a really good song, since paul sings it

This is a beautiful song! A masterpiece! Why is it on here? - Alpha101

I’m really confused why this is on this list. Out of all Beatles songs to vote for as their worst you pick one of their best? - JoshHarmer25

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38 The Fool On the Hill
39 Revolution 1

Doesn't sound much like they want a revolution in this one. The rocking' one, though...that one's awesome. - galaxyfox

I think this song is just as good as the original. - IronSabbathPriest

Because of the fact that they put THIS? On the White Album instead of REVOLUTION? , makes me hate this song with a vengeance. It's too bad. - BKAllmighty

40 Good Morning Good Morning

No one cares about this song

41 Octopus's Garden

It's just a really harmless fun song. Don't be too serious here.

This is my favorite song. Are people that hurt over The Beatles making awesome children's songs? Sighs, whatever. - Pony

I love this song. It is actually one of my favorites aside from: When I'm Sixty Four and Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds

A good song that makes you happy. But still understandable why people hate it

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42 Yes It Is

They're not even vaguely "out of key". It's likely that you just don't like the chords (sixes and sevenths) and the thickness of the three part harmony.

Who put "Within You Without You" on the list. I love that song. Would be in Georges top 5. - westofohio

The best remade Beatles song is on this list, no way! I love Revolution No. 9. It's art. - westofohio

This is the only song that is a song in which they are completely out of key. Only Beatles Song I don't like! - westofohio

43 I Need You
44 A Taste of Honey

Now THIS should get off the list. Most people can't get off with covering a show tune and making it their own. The Beatles can. - galaxyfox

This song is so bad... I don't think I've ever even listened all the way to the end.

Is sweeter than wine. - SammySpore

45 Because

I can't imagine why this is on the list. One of the most gorgeous harmonies ever set to record.

46 Piggies

Harrison was probably just playing around. That does not make the song more fun to listen too, but George had Long, Long, Long, so we can forgive him almost anything.

I actually enjoyed this song - Jiorl

The only song I skip on the first disc of the White Album. Oh, and Bungalo Bill.

47 I'm Looking Through You

This is great, you retards. Off course its different to a A day in the life, but this song has many meaning and a catchy beat. Underrated.

I actually like this song, I guess

I feel like this song is far from perfect, but still pretty good.

Yes! thank you! finally a song on this list that actually sucks!

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48 Sun King

One of the most slow and boring Lennon pieces.

I love this song until the end it starts speaking italin or Spanish I don't know

49 Help!

This song is hot garbage.

Help! Seriously?! And The Long and Winding Road as two of the worst Beatles songs? Woule never have said that in a million years. Both uplifting, beautiful songs. - Britgirl

The best song ever

Whoever put this on the list needs Help! - hype

50 The Long and Winding Road

Even Paul didn't like how this song was composed - jefflebowski

"The Long and Whining Road"

Dafuq!? Not the best but not the fucling worst!

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