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41 Honey Pie Honey Pie

Just something about this song makes me want to scratch my eardrums out. Somethings besides that it's just mediocre.

42 Chains Chains

This is a terrific song, written by the great Carole King. It's not my favorite, but it's closer to the best than the worst.

43 Piggies Piggies

Harrison was probably just playing around. That does not make the song more fun to listen too, but George had Long, Long, Long, so we can forgive him almost anything.

The only song I skip on the first disc of the White Album. Oh, and Bungalo Bill.

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44 Devil In Her Heart Devil In Her Heart

Some of these songs shouldn't be on this list. Even this one.

45 Because Because

I can't imagine why this is on the list. One of the most gorgeous harmonies ever set to record.

46 You've Got to Hide Your Love Away You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Hey! It is just marvelous why is it here?

47 Boys Boys
48 I'm Looking Through You I'm Looking Through You

This is great, you retards. Off course its different to a A day in the life, but this song has many meaning and a catchy beat. Underrated.

I actually like this song, I guess

I feel like this song is far from perfect, but still pretty good.

Yes! thank you! finally a song on this list that actually sucks!

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49 Sun King Sun King

I love this song until the end it starts speaking italin or Spanish I don't know

One of the most slow and boring Lennon pieces.

50 Help! Help!

Help! Seriously?! And The Long and Winding Road as two of the worst Beatles songs? Woule never have said that in a million years. Both uplifting, beautiful songs. - Britgirl

Whoever put this on the list needs Help! - hype

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51 One After 909

Seriously?! One after 909 is so catchy and upbeat, I've loved it since I first heard it. - kaitlynrad11

52 Yellow Submarine in Pepperland Yellow Submarine in Pepperland

This was on a Beatles album, but even though the song is a Lennon-McCartney wirtten song, this version was not performed by the Beatles, so this song shouldn't even be here. - SixtiesRockGuy

53 Love Me Do Love Me Do
54 I Am the Walrus I Am the Walrus

One of my favorites :). Still don't know why..

My favorite Beatles song, can't stop listening and I think this song is so creepy and catchy at same time (mainly the laughs in background), for some people this can be a dumb song but if you observe well, actually is a gem of Psychedelic Rock, an epitome for this genre

I love the Beatles to death but this song is just a little to peculiar for me.

The beat and the rhythm are fine, but the lyrics and the 'English garden' part are what make this song just thumbs down.

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55 Do You Want to Know a Secret Do You Want to Know a Secret
56 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
57 I'll Cry Instead I'll Cry Instead
58 Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning
59 Tomorrow Never Knows Tomorrow Never Knows

Nothing on the 'Revolver' album should be on this list! It is a perfect pop / rock album and the finest popular music record ever made! - MikeFuller

This, dig a pony and hello goodbye are on this list really? They are my top 3 favorites! - hype

60 Yes It Is Yes It Is

Who put "Within You Without You" on the list. I love that song. Would be in Georges top 5. - westofohio

The best remade Beatles song is on this list, no way! I love Revolution No. 9. It's art. - westofohio

This is the only song that is a song in which they are completely out of key. Only Beatles Song I don't like! - westofohio

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