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81 Come Together

One of the best bass lines of all time. Sorry, ineligible for this list.

Not actually their worst song (That's Obla Di Obla the), but it deserves mention. The broken English nonsense lyrics of the first 3.5 verses, coupled with a phony accent makes for a cringe-inducing combination.

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82 She Loves You

How the hell is this song not on the list yet? This song is basically the definition of annoying. This song is unlistenable. - TheMusicNerd

One of the songs that made the Beatles the Fab Four. One of the best Beatle songs of all time and anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

83 Free as a Bird

You know dude, it is a great song, and (whether it was the 1990s or not), they did a great job remixing it and adding all of the Beatles onto it as a composition. Give it some credit. - SixtiesRockGuy

It was composed at a bad time for the Beatles when Yoko Ono came in.

At the time, anything from the Fabs was welcome. This quickly outstayed its invitation

It wasn't the Beatles. It was John, and it sucked.

84 Carnival of Light

I like all of these songs except Revolution 9 (Paul didn't even like it. ) This was awful, though. Still better than #9.

Why is this on here it was never released to the public in any way shape or form

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85 Twist and Shout

One of the best! It's a song you can just get up and dance to

I'm gonna get my comment thumbed down for this. I find this song repetitive and boring. - IronSabbathPriest

Useless. Just useless. "Let's listen to John scream, instead of the fans, for a change."

Better than the original. the beatles covered it and made it better - Jiorl

86 I Wanna Be Your Man

I wanna be your lover baby
I wanna be your man 2x

Love you like no other baby
Like no other can 2x

And so on. Like "Love Me Do" and many others, sound like it was composed by bad automatic songwriting software.

87 Fixing a Hole

WHAT! This song is criminally underrated. It's an awesome song.

Not that bad but should be on list:below Beatles standard

These lists are so funny. They'll be full of good songs that people jump on as terrible. And they will be full of terrible songs that Beatle Maniacs will rush to defend with their very lives.

88 Don't Let Me Down

I like this song. It is great! - Lucretia

Boring and uninspired, but that's just my opinion.

89 For You Blue

This is my favorite song on Let it Be and one of my favorite songs in general! Why is this here?!?

90 Martha My Dear

Beautiful rhythmic song

91 She's Leaving Home

It's SUPPOSED to be sad! Honestly I think this song should get more attention and respect.

I love the Beatles and the majority of Paul's songs but this one just makes me really sad! The only bad track on Sgt Pepper in my opinion!

The vocal sounds like it's slowed down a bit. Otherwise a gem!

92 I Feel Fine

Uh this song is too annoying and repetitive. Not to mention the sloppy bass playing (sorry Paul) never liked it never will

93 Eleanor Rigby

This song is often said to be one of the Beatles greatest. Please get this off of the list, it's a masterpiece.

94 Another Girl

I've always liked this song. It's quite catchy.

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95 I Am a Loser
96 Only a Northern Song
97 The Inner Light
98 Don't Bother Me
99 When I Get Home
100 Money (That's What I Want)

Great Song! - nicholasf

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