Worst Ben 10 Characters

This list contains the most unlikable, the most hated and the most lame Ben 10 characters ever!

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1 Kai Greene

Tell me, why was Kai ever in Ben 10 in the first place? I like Julie and Ester way more than her and she is Ben's future wife in Ben 10,000's universe. Just because she was Ben's first love interest, doesn't mean she has to replace the other girls as Ben's girlfriend (stupid how he treats her better than any girl he has ever gone out with)

In my opinion Kai is such a user and a manipulator, she's ever liked Ben because of something he's had or something he's been. She has never liked him for him, and that pisses me off. Ben deserves better.

I don't get why they made her Bens future wife. He doesn't even seem that into her and there isn't that much chemistry between them. I prefer Julie and Ester.

Julie should've been Ben's wife, not her!

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2 Kwarrel

This character along with Quince and Morgg, was the worst since it is not more than a human with a rhino alien and not mix was good idea have categorized as more alien not say be a memorable character for his good deeds

3 Blukic and Driba

I don't even know what these guys did to become plumbers. It's so annoying because they began to appear in most of the episodes in Omniverse. Blukic is a slim galvan with a peasant voice, while Driba is a fat galvan with a british accent. They are just standing around, trying to be funny, but their jokes fail. Also, they left their responsibilities at the plumber headquarters to find Mr Smoothy. God, I wish these two died in a an explosion.

These two galvans are the worst thing ever and they aren't even funny! They're just a bad comic relief. I wish them fired from the plumbers.

4 Lucy Mann

Lucy is just the stereotypical dumb blonde! All she does is to prank people using her shape-shifting abilities and her voice sounds like nails on a blackboard. The worst character ever.

She's a brat who uses her powers just to prank people. She deserves to lost her powers for being such a strumpet.

I hate Gwen with a burning passion but Lucy is annoying for several reasons too :
-her laugh sounds like an aborting sow.
-she uses her shape-shifting powers just to troll the poor people. I wish she will lose her powers one day, so she wouldn't be able to change her form anymore.
-she's a brat.
-her voice is too high and it drives me insane.
-she has the IQ of a rock. I don't even know what she did to become plumber.
-she's a sludgepuppy just because her parents are.

I can only agree with three of your points, 1, 3, and 4. #2 Come on... if you had the power to shape shift you seriously wouldn't use it to troll people even once? #5 IQ of a rock, this is obviously only based on annoyance but shes not a main character so of course we should assume Plumber Academy and doing great. #6 You're a human just because your parents are. You see how dumb that is? How is this a point of why you don't like her?

5 Ben Tennyson Ben Tennyson

Used to be pretty cool in Alien Force and half of a Ultimate Alien, but Omniverse turned him into an arrogant, self-righteous, complainy brat. I could understand that when he was a kid, but not now. He needs to grow up.

He's a prick.

I used to like him in ben 10 because he about my age at that time and I could relaite to that b

6 Magister Patelliday

He should remain just a cameo character, instead of becoming a recurring character in Omniverse. He's just a failed comic relief for me.

This damn fish with glasses is the worst thing ever since Blukic and Driba. He's so immature and brainless.

7 Pax

All he did was cause trouble for the main characters that wasn't needed. That is the sign of a bad character.

You would expect from him to be more cooler since he's from Wildvine's specie, but instead of this, he's just a zany plant who stops Ben from saving the universe. I'm so glad that Derrick J. Wyatt said that thi guy will never appear again.

He's a hippie plant

8 Hobble

Seriously, who had the stupid idea to put a cricket-like creature in Ben 10? Gosh, even Courage the Cowardly Dog is more fearless than this guy.

There is no reason for him to be in the show. I don't know how he even became part of the Alpha Squad

This little bug is the most useless character I ever seen! I hope he wouldn't appear anymore.

He's useless and ridiculous.

9 Julie

Lol why she always blocking ben from saving the world? No point quarreling over your relationship with Ben if the world will be gone.

The most bland character in the franchise

She's usually anoying

10 Rad Dudesman

I'd never expected that we'll see a duck appearing in Ben 10. This is horrible! I hate that blue space duck with orange vest.

Oh my gosh! I hate this duck.

He's a jerk with Ben.

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11 Will Harangue

Boo will harangue is a liar

Worst than ever

The dude is obsessed with slandering Ben. For Heavens sake he is a bad ripoff of James Jonah Jameson Junior from Marvel’s Spiderman. Seriously JJJ has an underlying reason for some of his ‘dislike’ of Spidey. Will, until he gets turned into whatever he is now he was just slandering Ben for ratings or something. I’m actually 95% sure that Ben could have sued Will for virtually all the BS that Will spouted.

12 Blarney Hokestar

Oh god! He tried every damn way to get rich as quickly as possible, but he's still a loser whatever he does.

He cares just about money and nothing else. People like him deserve to go in hell.

He cares just about the thing that keeps everyone in this world where they pleasantly are and what gives the name "homeless" homeless. People like that should go to hell for having these kind of priorities!

13 Morgg

Here is nothing alien and is more a hybrid Osmosian with another species, besides I didn't like anything his artistic concept.

14 Liam

A chicken named Liam?! Really?! Who came up with this crappy idea?!

I would love to serve a grilled Liam.

15 Pakmar

He complain about everything. Such a dull useless alien!

This alien is very uncool and lame. I hate this little guy!

16 Ester

Ben and Julie were so happy together, then Ester appeared and ruined everything.

I just can't stand at her. She is an alien. Why she's dating with human?!

17 Nyancy Chan

This girl think she's a badass villain, but her only power is to control the cats.

This chick is crazy. I'm not kidding.

18 Jennifer Nocturne
19 Sunny Tennyson

Like the series needed a Gwen clone. Unfortunately, her model was copy pasted from Gwen, and her dialogue and color scheme was copy pasted of Blackfire from Teen Titans, which doesn't leave any room to stand out on her own.

20 Sheriff Wat-Senn

This character is not more that is a hybrid of a human with the Magister Prior Gilhil species and surprised Man of action does not show it.

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