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21 Sheriff Wat-Senn

This character is not more that is a hybrid of a human with the Magister Prior Gilhil species and surprised Man of action does not show it.

22 Rook Blonko

This guy has the personality of a rock. He's so boring and all he does is to talk about his damn natal planet.

Does he really thinks that he can replace Gwen and Kevin?! No way! He has to go away!

He's boring, lame dull and has no personality. Not to mention that the fandom is threating him like a God.

23 Mr. Baumann

He always force Ben to work. I preferred the old Mr Baumann from Ultimate Alien. The new Baumann sucks balls!

Omniverse transformed Baumann in an ass.

24 Eunice
25 Vilgax Vilgax Vilgax is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the American animated TV series and media franchise Ben 10 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. V 1 Comment
26 Quince

Although an ally of Kevin is features unseen aliens and is rather a human overweight with Sunder species mixture, practically does not have a good conceptual design for an alien.

27 Magister Hulka

Looks very human and looks more like someone who suffered severe sunburn, also by its appearance it is the hybrid mixture of a human and the species of Trukk (Nor Iron Cage to Bage character).

28 Antonio

Antonio in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien only you can be considered as a real alien since he has no pupils, has a grotesque clothing and advanced technology. But Antonio de Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is a waste since its simple appearance and that did see more like an ogre of the Earth or from another dimension rather than an alien. I believe that if Man of Action and Glen Murakami had care this appearance probably Antonio in Ultimate Alien would have triumphed.

29 Magister Coronach

It is one of the more low in design and not is more than a human with green skin and fin on his head. Just another boring hybrid for the history of the return of Kevin 11.

30 Kevin Levin
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