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1 Storm Capricorn Storm Capricorn

Capricorn sucks because it spins for only 10 seconds

This bey could have done much better without it's half cut tip and moving spin track

capricorn is supposed to be very strong but in real life it isn't

Blitz unicorno is the best in the world! 111!

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2 Storm Pegasus Storm Pegasus

Obviously it just depends on how much you train the beyblade. And I'm not crazy, I know beyblades aren't real but you can make them stronger. Put them in the freezer every night and it increases their strength. I didn't think it worked at first but I tried it and it really does.
After you take it out battle with it really hard and rip the cord as hard as you can and just let it spin. It really increases the endurance.
After I did all of this I wanted one of my friends beyblades and he wanted one of mine so we had a deathmatch. We made it to where you get a point after you win a battle and first to 3 points wiin. He ended up taking 2 of my favorite beyblade then I decided to use my newly train storm pegasus ( original parts) and it won both of my beyblade back plus one of his. So its a good bey if you train it

Pegasus sucks it can't even spin for one minute and when I faced one in the first round in a tournament my eagle sent pegasus flying into the wall and it actually made a dent in the wall so big pegasus actually got stuck in the wall!

This bey sucks it can't even spin properly the rubber un its tip makes over friction the track is too short and has poor stamina attack defense and balance the wheel has good attack but everything else is drastically lowered the ring is good for down force but that is not good because the down force makes more friction and the face bolt should not be so heavy because all the weight of the parts effects the tips already bad stamina and balance. it truthfully sucks I'm a bey professional and I know what every part does and how they effect other parts so pegasus is naturally bad sorry bladers out there who love pegasus the pegasus design is full of errors so just trade away your pegasus for something better like grand ketos or flame byxis.

It's good but the bad thing is training

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3 Meteo L-Drago

Meteo l drago rules I don't care what anyone says he could beat eagle and virgo

Stupid people... METEO L DRAGO RULES... It's in the top ten best Beys too - Get_Rekt_Bro

it goes completely mad when we launch it. I launched it once and it broke my pegasis thunder whip and jumped out of the stadium

Meteo L-Drago Is the best Beyblade ever I have no idea why it's on this list probably a bunch of weirdos made the Meteo L-Drago in the top ten worst Beyblades Meteo L drago is awesome!


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4 Galaxy Pegasus

I think he is good just give him a metal face bolt and he will win every battle. You can also give him burn fireblaze's performance tip.

It is one of the best not worst, it is very good in attacking it has low stamina it can beat the fire Beyblade.

Galaxy Pegasus is totally bad it should be #1 worst Beyblade in the world. All the other ones you say are bad, like Dark Wolf and Lightning L Drago, are really the best Beyblades in the world! Only Galaxy Pegasus and Ray Striker are bad. Some say Galaxy Pegasus is "high powered" and "the best" but really that's just in the Japanese show. In real life it sucks (and I don't usually say that word). My friend's neighbor said that Galaxy Pegasus was high powered and the best one ever, but they had like 10 battles and my friend won 9 of them using not the best Beyblade (I forget what it was). And the only time my friend lost was when his accidentally spun out of the ring! So, take it from me, a Beyblader and expert at stats, Galaxy Pegasus is THE ABSOLUTE MEGA WORST Beyblade EVER IN THE WORLD. Sorry if that was a bit harsh for you Galaxy Pegasus fans out there.

How can galexy pegusis be in the worst list hoever made this list is totaly gone nuts galexy pegusis is the best beyblade ever in this whole world

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5 Lightning L-Drago Lightning L-Drago

My l-drago sent my ray unicorno almost through the wall in my vortex stadium! At first unicorno was speeding and circling around the stadium when my l-drago just suddenly started charging for it, and the force was strong enough to send it flying almost out my door! Thank god I caught unicorno or else it would of cracked!

WHY IS HE number 3! HE is a reverse rotating bey! His energy ring can be in two modes! He can beat every single Beyblade! - pizzza

This Beyblade is good for knockouts or quick battles! The problem is that it lacks stamina! It has the attack to send earth virgos flying off the stadium! But if drago doesn't knock out its opponent in the first 15 seconds, it's doomed! Especially against stamina blades! I use my L-drago for knocking out opponent blades, not long battles!

My lightning L-drago canott defeat anyone

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6 Dark Wolf Dark Wolf

Dark wolf is better than storm pegasus and lightning l-drago it beat my dark bull storm pegasus and even burn fireblaze

Darkwolf is the best beyblade ever he's my guardian and has beaten my basalt horigum hell kerbecs killer befall flame byvsis spiral capercorn bakushin susanow and is the best beyblade in the world

It has nothing. It cannot attack and it barely has any defense. Storm Pegasus beat it at a stamina competition, and Storm Pegasus has a low-stamina Rubber Flat tip.

I hate that bey,it sucks

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7 Big Bang Pegasus


My big bang Pegasus battled burn fireblaze and burn fireblaze end up outside of the stadium

That's not true. I have it. It is 4 in 1. Stamina, balance, attack and defense

Vegeta owns this bey

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8 Earth Wolf

What! It is really good, spin more then a minute with a really good balance when it get hit it spinning perfectly. What did you use!

This is the best bey in the world. My friend has one and it beat galaxy Pegasus, fury Capricorn, poison Pegasus, burn fireblaze, Hades kerbecs, evil Pisces, thermal lacerta, and an earth Virgo. I finally won when I used earth Virgo with poison Pegasus's performance tip. So I don't even know what he is doing here on this list.

The greatest bay I know off. Can beat any Beyblade except the four beta with tall spin tracks. However if the four beys aren't launched correctly wolf can still win

No way this Beyblade is even on the list. Earth Wolf (assuming we're using the 105WD build) uses one of the best performance tips in the game, Wide Defense. This is the same tip that made Earth Eagle notorious when the game was originally released.

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9 Rock Scorpio

Dude Rock scorpio is a good bey it spins really long especially on tiles it beat my dark wolf my l drago and storm capricorn

The ones who said rock scorpio rocks then your right! Scorpio has beat some of my top beys which are my costumized balance type cyber pegasus, sometimes my burn fireblaze, and even one time my earth virgo. To the people who have tons of beys you are so lucky because I only have 8 Beyblades well I used to have 15 beybeyblades but I lost almost all of myns.

He's basically the best it beat galaxy pegasus and all these other beys so who said he sucks their wrong he rocks

It has some attack potential. JB is rather active and Rock can do some good attacks. Height is pretty OK.

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10 Poison Scorpio

I got a pack that came with burn fireblaze and poison scorpio and I tried scorpio first and I was about to throw the entire thing out then I tried burn fire blaze and it was tottaly worth it if you find this pack is stores get it then give poison scorpio away

I Have Poison Scorpio too. And when I launched it didn't even bounce! Even when I Took off the tip Or... If I Move the tip. Besides it can ONLY... Spin for a short time! PLEASE! DON'T GET THIS BEY!

It has a really good attack fusion wheel but it has a bad performance tip

All though poison is usually known for being one of the most
Outclassed fusion wheels in beyblade history so there is a
Point for poison scorpio to be the worst because of its fusion

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11 Dark Bull

My dark bull beat storm capricorn in only two Hits dark bull spins like CRAzy plus he beat all of my friends beys!

I have dark bull and it does spin like crazy and it sent my dark wolf flying out of the arena! In 2 hits!

It's the CRAZIEST BEY Of ALL BEYS! In my old stadium, It bounced around
The walls like hell! When I launch it, it attacks the wall. Really weird training.

My dark bull was the best bey I had and it beat bi g bang pegasus ldrago destroy and fang Leone all dark bull haz not lost once

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12 Inferno Sagittario

This bey is sick it smashed my rock aries, galaxy pegasus, cyber pegasus and storm pegasus is good as. I don't know why it would be on the worst Beyblade list. Pick this Beyblade as your next Beyblade it rules

Thanks for reading bye!

Best bey ever it's a legend Mate and plus its tip is so good if you spin it on tiles it will spin for like 4 minutes

It a stanima its cool it has beat 12 beys at once and is awesome so don't dis it or it ill go down to ten and we all want it want it to go up to number one

This bey is good!

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13 Rock Gasher

It is the oddest bey I have ever seen it can't defeat anyone storm pegasis is better than it.

WHAT? How does this even hit #13? Rock Gasher was the best Beyblade I owned, being able to defeat Earth Eagle nearly every time they went off. Plus it's basically a Rock Leone with a slightly different spin track, the only difference being the tiny wings coming out of the track

Rock Gasher sucks dark Gasher rules rock Gasher got smashed when launched onto my storm Aquarius

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14 Ray Striker

I think ray striker is going to win. I have him. My brother all ways does chainsaws. I know ray striker is a attack type. Is he going to win? Or not? I really like the face bolt. It Has a unicorn on it. It's so cool. By: Jacob P. Pelletier.

I have it and it kept beating my dark serpent it is so awesome! Honestly who would think this is bad?

I don't care he is my fave he broke leone's face it think it melted or something

Striker is alright

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15 Flame Libra

NO WAY! Flame Libra has incredible stamina and great balance. Plus, if you read the top ten BEST list you could have seen Flame Libra is the 5TH BEST BEY! Love FLAME LIBRA! What other bey are you talking' about?

I have flame libra it rocks it can beat any Beyblade. Go flame libra. Has really good defense, speed, stamina, balance and attack. It can beat any Beyblade in the world. Everybody at my school lost against it.

My flame libra is so cool it broke half of my earth virgo fusion wheel, half of my brothers l dragos energy ring, it broke storm pegasus performance tips

Flame libra is the best beyblade in the world

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16 Cyber Pegasus

Cyber pegasus is the everybodys master it's the best Beyblade who ever chose this is a retard it beat the hell out of earth eagle and took down my hardest and best combination its AMAZING

I have one. Its terrible, it couldn't even beat storm pegasus I have a golden launcher I launched two. Neither won. I had to edit them a million times just for them to win against storm pegasus

Cyber pegasus is AWESOME! How could you say that? It beat legend torch aries, dark wolf, galaxy pegasus, and legend fury capricorn it rules!

This Beyblade is actually really good plus it was the first Pegasus Beyblade to ever be made

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17 Twisted Tempo

Are you serious, this thing is awesome! It is defense but it can also do a little attack, and stamina! I don't know who wrote this list, but whoever did, there is something wrong with him.

This bey is fabuloes. It defences a lot. Even my meteo l drago s not able to beat tempo. Whoever has made this list is totally mad

Its fusion is awesome. A great defense and stamina!

It sucks

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18 Flame Aries

ARE YOU CRAZY AND SERIOUS! Flame aries does not suck because his performance tip is great and I don't care if anyone says he sucks.

This Beyblade is actually good if you replace its track with rock orso or counter leone's spin track. It has an exellent tip and flame is a great wheel.

I agree he almost beats everyone!

The easiest way : customised them

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19 Counter Leone

Once I was versing a Counter Leone with my Flame Libra my Flame Libra sent Counter Leone Flying out of the stadium and it had flown so far that it Blown up into pieces.

Counter Leone SUCKS because the tip wears down so quickly. After too much use the tip tends to slant (well at least mine did). My Counter Leone also stops spinning very quickly. Known as a defense type Counter Leone's defense can only take a few hits. TERRIBLE BEY, I DO NOT recommend getting this bey.

Counter Leone is definitely the worst beyblade of all time. It seriously has nothing going for it with it losing all battles and its tip becomes garbage after a while

Rock Leone was better

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20 Tempo Hammer Hit


Tempo hammer hit is the worst bey blades, he can get out with 0 hits. But, he can knock down cardboard brick buildings easily.

Hasbro really just shouldn't have made XTS at all, but this is the worst. It spins for five seconds and then hits something, the hammers come out and scrape and it dies. Worst bey ever.

What the actual heck is this thing? Why have 2 dumb hammers stick out of the Bey to get caught on stuff and kill it? Why were these XTS things EVER INVENTED?

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