Storm Capricorn


This is the weakest and worst Beyblade ever. And, why is Galaxy Pegasus even in this list? It's probably the strongest bey ever and who ever got Pegasus in this list, maybe doesn't even have Pegasus or doesn't try him out at all. OK, so Storm Capricorn is very weak against Pegasus, here in less than 5 seconds, Pegasus was just spinning around, and then suddenly Capricorn just stops spinning which is a huge disqualification, and against every Beyblade, this guy will lose. Anyway, the school champion made a mistake and used Storm Capricorn against my Hell Kerbecs (but still Galaxy Pegasus is still my best, or Earth Eagle), and Kerbecs just hit Capricorn off the stage and there was a huge dent on the wall which means Capricorn was stuck. So he wanted a rematch which was based nothing about Capricorn but a lot about the much stronger Beyblades, anyway, he used Lightning L-Drago, and I used Basalt Horigium. It was an intense battle, and most of the bladers where watching in a Beyblade ...more

It's no wonder why storm capricorn is on this list. ANY one of my beys can beat it easily! Storm capricorn CAN JUMP, but only when you first spin it. AT MOST, it will spin ten seconds. When it isn't set to bounce, it has decent movement, but sliding shoot does not work on it. It does not last long, and doesn't even have enough smash attack to knock opposing beys out of the ring or into a penalty pocket. It moves too much to even hit opposing beys. I guess it can be kind of funny to watch it bounce, but that is all that it is good for. However, when it is bouncing, it barely even hits beys, it just jumps over them and then stops spinning. When it is set to bounce, it usually jumps right into a penalty pocket. Overall, this bey has too much movement with not enough smash attack, little to no stamina, and too high of a risk of a self-KO. Any bey on this list can beat storm capricorn.

First of all it's call Storm Capricorne, you guys are forgetting the e at the end. Anyways, This bey is outright useless. Stop defending a bey that can be worse then Bump King. Your defense won't change the fact it preforms poorly. The plastic Face gives no attack or defense, but it does add stamina which is useless for this bad bey anyways. The Clear Wheel Capricorne has no reason to exist because it is that useless. The Metal Wheel Storm is terrible for attack in every way possible. The Track M145 is a useless gimmick track that serves no pourpose to exist in this world. The Bottom, Q is a fail because it bounces and can be knocked over easily, or cause the bey to Stadium Out itself.

From 1-10, this bey deserves a -9999999999999999999999/10

Stop making these stupid bad comments about Beyblades! I hate it when people make bad comments about beys it is wrong!

Two words for you guys:Worst Bey ever or was that three words/: Storm Pegasus is great just for it's so called Rubber tip which it's real name is RF and is great when used in Top-Tier Attack combo's in TT Attack Stadium which is the best Valid Stadium at the Movement and LLD is also plaing awesome when paired WITH CH120 OR BD145 and RF OR LRF so please don't spread things if you don't know what your talking about...
Dark wolf is like the third worst bey followed closed by poison Serpent.
And who in the world said Meteo L Drago sucks it can be used as an equalizer and Attack type like Maximum Meteor or Meteo L Drago 100 WD.
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It is actually for me really really op if you learn how to use it and set the performance tip in the right angle it can spin normally for 2 minutes and it beat my friends hell kerbecs, hell crown, phantom orion and dark bull, earth eagle, dark gasher. if you can stop the spin track from moving around its really powerful that's why my username is the cap pro even creator said it was the worst bey but stop the spin track for switching it's a normal attack type with about 2 minutes of stamina - thecappro

Hey y is everyone on this list judging Beyblades by how long they spin for attack types count on power not stamina and that's why they're great but Capricorn is just a fail all Beyblades should spin for over 30 seconds by the way burn Phoenix is terrible it's too tall gets knocked off balance easily and has a terrible defense and attack

This guy Capricorn is HORRIBLE an all time worst for beyblade
I don't have any thing against beyblade I LOVE beyblade 3...2...1... LET IT RIP!

Every time I use it, it usually wins. I versed Meteo L Drago and beat it 5 out of 7 times. I think this Beyblade is good. I agree it is not the best, but it really is one that it worth having in your collection. And for the record, my Capricorn spins for 57 seconds.

capricorn is sucky I have one what's the point in it I mean it lasts for like 2 seconds why does it exist like its stupid and I only like it because it has a red spinner and that's the only reason wait not to mention it has a black scew so yeah it sucks

Uh! Capricorn is like the worst bey ever made! I got it for like 10 dollars at toyrus and it totally sucks! So I traded with my bro for gravity destroyer. He thought it was a good bey but its not so haha bro! He still thinks its good. Seriously? Who ever made this bey got to be the worst person ever! So people who are reading this, never buy this sucky bey!

My friend's Dumb Capricorn only spun for 5 seconds, on my watch's stopwatch. And that's why this "So-Called-Bey" or "A Hunk of Junk" is so dumb and such a bad, bad, even worse Bey, even if I blow it, it stops spinning, that dumb old Beyblade.

Worst bey? no way it's good there are combos that are a lot worse you just have ti know how to use it That was weird

Its rubbish if is gets hit by a bey it wobbles on its stupid half cut tip and the moving spin track gives it less balance the moving spintracks only works with powerful beys like thermal lacerta and poison pegasus the only god thing about it is the storm wheel

THE WORST BUY OF MY DARN LIVE! I spit on it and it just topples over and if you battle with it it only lasts about 2 seconds than it just dies 'NEVER BUY THIS BEY! '

Storm carrot is the worst bey in the world my mum hates it my dead great great great grandad hates it the hate you to. Thermal pisces is way better better because I have it simon is fat

This bey sucks and its the only one that deserves to be on here and guys who commented on the other beys positively you know your voting them to become number 1 suckiest on this list

What is wrong with you people? Storm Capricorn has hardly EVER lost me a match! You don't understand that beys don't get a rank in a game from their powers(make believe), but from how heavy they are and how fast you rip them. I have Rock Leone too, third ranked and Storm Capricorn is almost as good as it.

It sucks because I battled it with flame byxis and storm capricorn went flying into my window almost busted my window open that's how much storm capricorn sucks

This bey stinks I timed how long he stayed up and it was only 10 seconds. I will give you this though he has low stamina but whenever you use it a lot it turns into a pretty good attack type

Capricorn does not suck. You just have to use it correctly. I used it to beat a ton of defense types. Just practice with it I know it's not the best but just try it.

The people who created this Beyblade must think that they could make it defy the laws of motion. But it can't. The tip sucks and its always out of control. Plus it rarely ever hit the other bey because its always bouncing around.

I agree this bey is useless if they were going to bring back another jumping bey they should've just put a spring in it again like the old generation and just made it a balance type of a defense type attack types are to reckless for a jumping Beyblade the only attack tip I really like Is coated spike on ray striker and the rubber flat on meteor ldrago

THe spin track moves and when it is extremely loosened, it jumps and its stamina decreases which is very bad while battling with any kind of Beyblade.

Weird, I was impressed that is was able to pummel Leon so well in the anime, but it's nothing but a beyblade that can't even spin for 20 seconds, on top of a weird look to say the least