Top 10 Worst Beyonce Songs

Actually I don't like most of her songs, she wastes her wonderful voice on stupid songs, so here are the most meaningless & stupid songs...

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1 7/11

She has more bad songs than good ones, but this song is the absolute worst she recorded.

She's just wasting her amazing voice on this really crappy song because she is like barely singing

I have to admit, I like this song because this song is just her having fun and not being serious. It shows that she's just like us. - JaysTop10List

Its her worst song, but I love it because it's not only really catchy but its just a fun-loving, non serious song that Beyoncé made just for the hell of it - anewman

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2 Run the World (Girls)

This song is absolutely SEXIST I mean both guys and girls get can run the world, okay? Make better songs than this crap

Its not sexist. Its just trying to equal out the sexes, and since society holds men to a higher standard, she kind of had to state what she was trying to say, very aggressively. - anewman

The only people that like this song are obnoxious feminists who don't realize that feminism isn't only about women's rights and that it's actually about equal rights.

This song is a feminist anthem. - anewman

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3 Diva

Never listening to it again

This is a feminist anthem. - anewman

Why Bangladesh? Why work with this stupid idiot? Why? - SelfDestruct

Diva ISN'T a female version of a hustler 😩

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4 Single Ladies

I like younger queen bee songs better

#1 or 2 guys my god lyerics suck, and she's half shouting the song!

Perhaps the most iconic song of the 2000s - anewman

Needs to be at least top five! I hate this stupid song it is so annoying! It used to annoy the hell out of me back when they played it on the radio all the time, and yesterday I was in Great America and they played it six times, and I remembered how horrible it really was, maybe it is even worse now! She's just saying "oh oh oh oh" over and over and screaming! No talent here! I could do this! I know they're are plenty stupid asf beyonce songs out there, but this one deserves to be higher because I hate it the most and this one was forced on us by radio more than any of her other songs! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

5 Video Phone

I agree the beat is pretty good but the actual song itself is pretty bad even with my favourite singer

Like I said earlier, not meant to be a masterpiece. - anewman

This is what you get when you put flop gaga on any song -. - even with the queen

6 Formation

This song is pro-black/feminist anthem. - anewman

Agreed. Worst ever. Makes me feel like ripping my ears off.

The worst piece of crap I've ever HEARD IN MY LIFE!

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7 Drunk in Love

I think it's funny how this is also 12th best according to the top 10 best list. I love this song so much.

Its just a waste of time and money I don't get why she moves from being best to be bad.

I love this song a ton - garlicboy

Stupid song

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8 If I Were a Boy

What?!? NO! This song is the BEST! Why is it even in here?

This song is literally the best on I Am... Sasha Fierce

She is why music sucks these days.

Ok now yall about stupid as hell - anewman

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9 Flawless V 2 Comments
10 XO

Xo is a good song

This is what happens when you put BORING with CRAP with STUPID.
You get XO! By beyonce.
This is not one of my favorites but I love her... This song is just really boring..


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11 Feeling Myself

Some songs don't belong here (Crazy in Love,If I Were a Boy, Irreplaceable, Love on Top) but this song was just so utterly failed, ridiculous, useless, and crappy. This song probably took about two minutes to write. Also, if I were, I'd be really pissed off and sue Nicki Minaj for this crap. Beyonce was good, how did she agree to be on this!? But it's that Nicki Minaj skank, what do you expect?

This was truly crap. - JaysTop10List

Why did she made a duo with this stupid hoe! WHY?

A fun song... not meant to be a masterpiece. And it is technically a Nicki ft Beyonce song - anewman

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12 Irreplaceable

It was a good song, when Ne-Yo sang it. He should've kept it for himself rather than giving it to this screamer! Beyonce sounds like my little sister with that screaming! - NicoleJohnnyLutherBrianFan

This is literally the greatest beyonce song ever recorded - anewman

Perfect example of why Beyonce shouldn't sing ballads that she didn't write, and a perfect example of why she should stick to R&B and not sing pop music

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13 Freakum Dress

No! What's wrong with this list?! This is a god song.

This song is on the wrong list in my opinion. I like it even better in her old live concerts

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14 Party

But you people have any idea of how much work the 4 album has taken? It his her best album by so far, and this is a very great song.

Move it to number 10 not that bad - JaysTop10List

You have bad ear/

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16 Kitty Cat

Its not that full you know seems like a 1min video with nothing much,... Soory. ! But none the less flawless is FLAWLESS!

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17 Me, Myself & I

Take this off too. You're really putting some of the good songs on here - JaysTop10List

, no. This song is just incredible. A classic! You can't put it in here.

Why are you putting all the good songs on this list - anewman

I agree w/ the other commenters. What's the matter with this song?

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18 Partition

This song should be higher, I like Beyonce and I respect her since she is really talented but this is one of the ugliest songs I've ever heard. - DaisyandRosalina


19 Crazy In Love

What? Go listen to a live of this song and you will think this is a masterpiece in her career.

I don't approve of this song in this list

The original iconic solo beyonce song - anewman

Horrible song. Almost gave me a seizure

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20 Poison

The only version of this song that I love was done by bell bib decor in the 90s lol!

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