Top 10 Worst Beyonce Songs


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21 Freedom Freedom

Jay z is making sure,she sing wack songs.please give me something I want to sing too

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22 Crazy In Love Crazy In Love

What? Go listen to a live of this song and you will think this is a masterpiece in her career.

I don't approve of this song in this list

The original iconic solo beyonce song - anewman

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23 Hold Up Hold Up V 2 Comments
24 Get Me Bodied Get Me Bodied

A beautiful song. It wouldn't be on this list.

25 That's How You Like It That's How You Like It
26 Upgrade U Upgrade U
27 Schoolin' Life Schoolin' Life V 1 Comment
28 Countdown Countdown

I just read all the bottom listings and this list is so stupid that I gotta make my own version brb - anewman

30 Suga Mama Suga Mama
31 Ring the Alarm Ring the Alarm
32 Blow Blow
33 Broken-Hearted Girl Broken-Hearted Girl
34 Check On It Check On It
35 Love On Top Love On Top
36 Dance for You Dance for You
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