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1 Amy Farrah Fowler

I think Penny, and not Amy, would have made the best Queen for Sheldon's Kingdom. But no, they had to wedge this puzzling and annoyingly dour Amy in between Sheldon and Penny. Amy is changing Sheldon, sure, but now he is not the over-achieving genius when he is with Amy because she competes with him and seeks her own validation instead of idolizing him. He is far, far ahead of Amy in terms of scientific intellect, but she just drags him down, and it's ruining the show.

A character that brings any momentum in a scene to an abrupt halt, she was almost funny and interesting at first, but has evolved into a character who is selfish, cloying, needy, manipulative and often quite disturbing. Referring to Sheldon as a "sexy toddler," secreting bedclothes throughout his apartment and constantly nagging Sheldon for sex or complaining to the other characters about not getting any, she has moved beyond comedic to creepy. The show and the Sheldon and Penny characters could only benefit from her absence.

Now I figured out what the problem is. Amy is some sort of mixture of the worst of Archie Bunker and George Costanza. There is no pleasing her. She whines. She is manipulative. She is self-absorbed. She turns every social circumstance into it being focused on her. Sheldon will be a miserable man if he marries her. But the writers want him to give up his amazing life of science to marry this awful girl. These writers are sick. Not my kind of comedy show anymore...

TBBT's audience rating and share at the halfway point of season 11 are down about 10% below halfway through season 10, and I suspect the Sheldon-Amy wedding story-line is simply not attracting the main kind of viewers that originally were attracted to this show. Something should be done to change the story, because this whiny, needy, tiring, emotionally immature Amy is not funny or interesting any more. Most scenes with Amy in them have excessive levels of negativism, depression, and anxiety between the characters, and it's a real off-putting device that the writers are resorting to. Amy should be written out of the show as soon as possible in order to save it.

The producer and writers probably just want to milk this for one more season and then escape to other stuff, so don't expect the direction of season 11 and 12 to change away from Sheldon and Amy getting married, and with tame Sheldon becoming the pet of creepy Amy, and no longer displaying the traits that originally made ...more

2 Lucy

I just can't stand Lucy. Her sight makes me skip the episode instantly.

Her mannerisms. Her facial expressions. Her haircut. Her voice. I just can't.

NOTHING appealing about this character. So ANNOYING.

Horrible character, annoying traits. No redeeming qualities.

3 Bernadette Wolowitz

She is the absolute worst. She's cruel, controlling and annoying as all hell. Her fake voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Kill her off already!

Selfish, irritating, needy, bossy, no actual use in the show

Annoying as hell

I hated

4 Leonard Hofstadter

He wasn't bad at first, but then things happened, firstly he is the biggest douche on the show. Here's why: If you remember one episode he actually slept with a girl that Howard picked up, then some time after that he shows Bernadette his experiment, which is not bad, but then he tell Bernadette Howard isn't comfortable with him showing her the experiment, which again wouldn't of mattered if it wasn't for his past with that other girl he stole from Howard, in other words Howard actually had a reason to not want him to show her the experiment, even though he didn't use that reason. Next he goes out with Raj's sister Priya, without consulting him at all, then he goes on to ignore his presence in the apartment and go into Raj's bedroom with his sister, while I would like to add that Raj should have dropped him at that moment, then while Raj is at home he has intercourse with Priya and then Raj ends up having sex with penny and guess what he is automatically the bad guy.

It's always nice to see a hot girl falls in love with a nerdy fella who is sweet and compassionate in a dorky way. Yet Leonard possesses none of the charming characteristics that would draw a girl like Penny to him. He's often rude, irrationally emotional, fixating on small flaws and frankly a douche in his own way. His relationship with Penny is so forced and unlikely that it's almost painful to watch. The character gets gradually worse seasons after seasons. Also, that's one bad looking bloke...the other guys (Sheldon, Raj, Howard, Steward) aren't good looking but they have certain charm about them. Leonard literally has no charisma whatsoever.

I think Leonard is creepier than Howard used to be in earlier seasons. He only seems to love Penny for her looks and seems likely to be a cheater. Especially since he already cheated on her by kissing someone on a a boat while they were dating. In earlier seasons when him and Penny broke up he immediately slept with another woman, Sheldon's Doctor friend (who ended up also sleeping with Raj as well). He slept with an older lady to gain funding for the university and this list goes on and on. He's gross and whiny. Big old yuck from me.

Quite frankly, I've stopped watching this show because of Leonard. He is a hypocrite and annoying, He constantly whines and keeps doing the same mistakes over and over again, it's just gotten repetitive.
Here's an example: In one of the seasons, He has a relationship with Raj's sister, he has intercourse in the same apartment, with Raj hanging out next door and feels no shame in it (Who would even do that to their friend? it's just wrong on so many levels) then when Raj does it with Penny, He get's mad even though he's not with penny because they broke up and he's now doing Rajs' sister. I can't understand his logic?
Like I said, He's a hypocrite, self centered, arrogant, whiney character which just gets more and more annoying as time goes on.

I'm pretty sure the reason why, The producers of this show included Leonard in the first place, was so that he could kinda be the normal person in the group. It instead, just progressed casually into madness.

5 Beverly Hofstadter

I know from experience that people like Beverly Hofstadter exist and there is nothing worse than having a parent like this - takes away every chance you have in life, you will never (fully) recover from this. Leonard is such a sweet person and I am glad he got Penny and his friends, but he does not deserve such a mother. At least his father seems okay.

There is always room for mean or cruel comedy, but Beverly takes it to an extreme. Maybe it's because her condescending attitude is directly almost solely at her own son. She can be critical of Penny, Raj, and Howard, but nothing like she is with Leonard. I think the main characters of this show are just too likable and relatable, especially for those of us who have watched it from the beginning, to find anything funny about one of them being constantly humiliated by someone who should support them.

She is such a horrible mother if I were Leonard I would make sure not to even talk to her ever again I mean she belittles Leonard at every point come on dude

Generally boring and annoying, the only reason that she has remained low on the list is because she rarely appears on the show. - LedRat

6 Penny

She started out funny, a fish out of water in what early on was truly Nerdvana. But as the series has progressed, she has really turned into a bee with an itch. And she has so many neuroses that she makes Sheldon seem normal by comparison: inferiority complex, daddy issues, commitment phobia, narcissism. And she treats Leonard like crap, like she's doing him a favor by being with him. It's like she is just settling for him until someone better comes along, despite the fact that he is the only guy who was ever interested in more than just her body and genuinely cares for her. She gets mad at him over nothing, even when she is the one that did something wrong (her unknowingly being married to Zak is somehow grounds for being angry with Leonard). And way too often the writers make her the moral compass of the show, despite the fact that she is an alcoholic who could give Kelly Bundy a run for her money in the slut department. She complains that Howard is creepy and pathetic for the way ...more

Penny is just eye candy now. The relationship between Leonard and Penny is unrealistic and stupid. Leonard is to intelligent and Penny is to stupid for their relationship to work out. A better fit for Leonard is Alex, Sheldon. S intern. The show could easily dump Penny (Kaley Cuoco) from the show, than hired another pretty actress and no one would notice or even care. Kaley Cuoco is a lousy actress, once the Big Bang Theory has ended she will be typecast and never get a real acting job ever!

You're just jealous because you can't get as many people interested in you.

I hate how she gets into other people's business. I thought that she was supposed to have more common sense as opposed to the nerds who are book smart. Just because she has better social skills than others does not necessarily mean that she is street smart because if she was street smart she wouldn't be so dependent on guys for doing things for her. You don't have to be a book smart to have the ability to do things on your own. Penny is just a stereotypical dumb blonde bimbo. Ugh I hate her

Penny's personality has changed for the worse lately. Seems that since getting married, her lines have been very dull and her mood has been dour. Penny hardly ever laughs or smiles in the show these days, or maybe that's Kaley's problem. Just compare to the old reruns of earlier seasons, pre-marriage to see what I mean.

7 Priya

The episodes with Priya are awful. She is so unlikable and not funny.

I don't like Priya. She wanted Leonard to stop hanging with Penny because she felt threatened by her, but she no sooner gets back to India and she automatically has sex with her ex-boyfriend while still with Leonard. She's a joke.

She didn't fit in. Her attitude stunk. I prefer the characters not so stuck up. I'm happy she is gone!

Her voice is so annoying to hear, yes even worse than Bernadette. She has a nasally sound which paired with her accent just sound horrible. Raj with an Indian accent sounds fine, but priya sounds like she needs to clear her nose or something. She also has an unlikable personality.

8 Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Cooper Sheldon Lee Cooper, Ph.D., Sc.D., is a fictional character in the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Jim Parsons.

Sheldon is just another "prima donna" who thinks he knows almost everything better than anyone else, almost never admits his mistakes, and rarely apologizes for anything. I would have expected Sheldon and Amy to split during season 13, if the show had gone that long. The cracks were showing early on but got bad in seasons 11 and 12. The couple's kids, if they ever were to have any, would suffer mental breakdowns early in life from their father's insufferable ways and mental abuse. It would be a disaster, and I am glad the show never gave Sheldon any kids.

Sheldon started too self centered, rude, and arrogant, and stayed that way for all 12 years. And now the producers expect us to watch self-centered Young Sheldon without Leonard, Penny, and the gang? Not going to happen.

In the past 2 years, Sheldon has become a snarky, arrogant, care-free guy who is very different than the version of Sheldon that made the show famous. He's not very entertaining anymore, because he is just a typical jerk now, instead of being the socially awkward scientific genius that he used to be. I understand that finding Amy could have caused him to mellow a bit, but I really wonder if Jim Parsons has lost the recipe for acting the Sheldon part.

I'm surprise to see him so low down in the rankings. He's just the worst of all the characters. Maybe his antics were hilarious and even adorable at first but 8 seasons later and I just wish someone would shoot him already. He's 100% selfish and controls or seeks to control everyone around him. He tells his friends where to eat, when to eat, what to eat, degrades them constantly and deminishes their achievements. He thinks he's superior to everyone when he's achieved the least out of all his peers. Even Penny went on to have a successful career as a pharmaceutical salesrep. He's immature and childish and he needs help from a lot of people to do basic things like get to work or go to the dentist yet still he insults the very people who go out of their way to help him. He's ungrateful and takes advantage of everyone he can and he acts like he's compromising on things that should just be basic courtesies to another human being, much less his friends. He's narcissistic. Oh boy is he ever! ...more

9 Stuart Bloom

Can't stand this character, I mean I know all the characters on the show have flaws, but with Stuart he has zero positives he's creepy, annoying, mooches off Howard's mom, hits on Amy the minute she's broken up with Sheldon

I hate Stuart a lot! I honestly like a lot of the characters and I was trying to think of one that I dislike. Then I saw this list and found Stuart. Then I remembed how much I hated him. I don't like it when he hangs out with the gang because he just doesn't fit. Like the Christmas party while Sheldon was away. Why did they invite stuart? Why did they even add Stuart in this episode?!

Also I hate how he has no respect of boundarys. He got close to raj and now it's like he's Raj's best friend. It's like Howard isn't even his best friend anymore! Also I was so mad about when Stuart moved in. I felt bad for Howard and the relationship between Howard's mom and Stuart just seems creepy. He shouldn't have put Howard's mom's furniture in his comic shop. That's just rude and werid...

Also he's so awkward and I don't like the depression and anxiety jokes with him...

I hate Stuart, end of story.

It hurts watching him.
Not because of his acting, or his character. It's just how the writers think the stuff he goes through is quote end quote "funny".

A few things: him alone at the cheesecake factory, his depression, the loneliness.
As someone who goes through all that, it's cruel making jokes about it all.

Depression is no joke, loneliness and anxiety aren't funny. Insensitive to people who actually live this kind of life.

I like Stuart, but the writers don't know what to do with his character. One minute he's strong & capable, the next he's falling apart and a mess. His character's never developed and will probably always be an after-thought. Sad.

10 Leslie Winkle

She's just so annoying. I can't stand her and I'm not quite sure how she's only number 10

Hated the way she was mean to Sheldon. Glad she's gone.

Hate the Leslie character. I avoid the episodes she's in. She's so pompous, annoying and has absolutely no appeal. She's so cruel to Sheldon, and She's the dumb-ass. So glad when she left.

She's the dumbass and not Sheldon!


The Contenders

11 Raj Koothrappali Raj Koothrappali Rajesh Ramayan "Raj" Koothrappali, Ph.D. is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by British Indian actor Kunal Nayyar.

He is the lamest character of all who has no self respect at all. He is a man but gives impression of a girl with his hobbies and traits. After 4th season, big bang theory could have done better without him. It's the same self loathing mode on repeat in whatever screen time he gets. All other character's have developed as the show progressed but he is still the guy who is happy to be treated like a carpet. You can skip his scenes in the big bang theory and episodes would still make sense. Further he says so much factually incorrect things about India and passes it on as a bitter fact. It's like loathing himself was not enough so he needed to bring his country into it.

The guy is the definition of the creepy loser guy who is always trying to get with his friends' girlfriends while pretending to be sweet and understanding. Both Howard and Leonard should have dropped his ass after he tried to get with Bernadette and sleeping with Penny (a girl with her own insecurity issues, she really wasn't creep out after Raj pretty much took advantage of her drunk ass? I mean she was creep out by Howard's advances, but he never ever did something as half as creepy as Raj). I don't know what people can like about this character, he is pathetic and not a real friend to any of the characters on the show, nobody would be friends with him in real life after what he has pulled.

Raj is bad because of his conceit and arrogance like when he was on the people magazine or after "sleeping" with Penny. Also he have no self respect, he said even Lucy slept with his father, he'll still send flower to her. And if his girlfriend don't like his friends, he'll leave them. It's also annoy when he break up with Emily right before Valentine's Day because he think he and Clare have a shot. I won't comment on the fact he's sleeping with both Emily and Clare and keep it as a secret in front of them, but complain, actual boast about the fact he's dating two women. He actually did a great gob on not showing the fact that his rich to others, because as Sheldon said the Koothrappali's are super rich between Bruce Wayne and Donald Duck.

I just find him the most annoying character in this show, manipulative, ego driven, needy, jealous, plays the nice guy card while boasting to others, always doing something to sabotage himself... and at the end whining about his character faults. He thinks he is a hopeless romantic but he constantly dismisses women around him and uses them while trying to pretend he is sensitive. A total jackass

12 Howard Wolowitz Howard Wolowitz Howard Joel Wolowitz, M.Eng is a fictional character on the CBS television series The Big Bang Theory, portrayed by actor Simon Helberg.

The way he talks and smiles at the same time..I hate it


Just too weird in my opinion he mocks people just because of their accent (cough cough Raj)! The way he tries to flirt with Penny is... This is debatable but let me just say in my opinion: JUST. SO. AWKWARD!

Hated his personality, he is just way to creepy number 1 worst character!

13 Emily Sweeney

A ginger boring airhead rubbish actress and the character is a waste of space

Emily is trying way to hard to fit into the show, but she is now friends with everyone for doing nothing. Every character got in the gang very easily and were not as annoying as her. She also yells at Raj for doing nothing! - LegoGeek21

An interesting concept but overplayed. If they want to keep her around for some reason, Raj should break up with her which causes her to stalk him in increasingly ridiculous ways.

Just creepy and I hate her character! She and raj just don't go together and she freaks me out. Can Raj just leave her forever and ever...

14 Stephanie Barnett

This caracter is, maybe the worst one for me. I remember especially when she told Leonard that she had forgotten one of her earrings in one patient and had hidden the other before she ran away. She's so creepy!
In addition she behaves as if she were a fatal beauty, when she is very ugly.

15 Ramona Nowitzki

So annoying. Glad she was a one-off character, because if she frequented the show, I would probably stop watching.

The absolute WORST.

16 Barry Kripke

Its his speech, hate it.

I think that Barry's a riot! His rivalry with Sheldon is hysterical and he's the perfect nemesis.

He just annoys me so much...I don't think he's funny at all

17 Alecia
18 Howard's Mom

Annoying because she sucks

Plain stupid.

Worst T.V. character ever!

R.i.p., Mrs. Wolowitz.

19 Kaley Cuoco Kaley Cuoco Kaley Christine Cuoco is an American actress, known for her roles as Bridget Hennessy in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules, Billie Jenkins in the final season of the supernatural drama series Charmed, and Penny in the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory for which she won a Satellite Award in 2012, a Critics' more.

This is an actress, not a character. - Cesium

Talentless stripper.

Best looking woman on T.V.

20 Raj's Mom

Funny character. She and Raj's father are great. "Call the police in America! "

21 Mrs. Cooper

Religious nutcase

Sexiest milf ever!

22 Missy Cooper
23 Bert Kibbler
24 Claire

I like her. I wish we could see more of her because she's a little better than Emily. She and penny are so alike and they should be friends. They are blonde, wrote/writing a screenplay and Claire was a bartender. She was SO pretty. please let's bring her back. I don't blame zack for having a crush on her.

No sense in Raj wasting his time with her. It won't work. - Cesium

25 Dorothy Shelton

I think she is absolutley lovely. Very funny. Terrific character, well acted.
Every time I see her It adds a breath of fresh air to an episode.

26 Rebecca

She was annoying and only liked people because of money.

27 Meemaw
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