Leonard Hofstadter


Quite frankly, I've stopped watching this show because of Leonard. He is a hypocrite and annoying, He constantly whines and keeps doing the same mistakes over and over again, it's just gotten repetitive.
Here's an example: In one of the seasons, He has a relationship with Raj's sister, he has intercourse in the same apartment, with Raj hanging out next door and feels no shame in it (Who would even do that to their friend? it's just wrong on so many levels) then when Raj does it with Penny, He get's mad even though he's not with penny because they broke up and he's now doing Rajs' sister. I can't understand his logic?
Like I said, He's a hypocrite, self centered, arrogant, whiney character which just gets more and more annoying as time goes on.

I'm pretty sure the reason why, The producers of this show included Leonard in the first place, was so that he could kinda be the normal person in the group. It instead, just progressed casually into madness.

The most painfully irritating character in The Big Bang Theory. In the start of the series, he was acceptable, considering he and his friends were of the same type, but regardless, he was still the boring one among the lot. As the series progressed, he seems to get even worse. This character along with Penny, are the worst of the lot. I feel, Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Amy are the characters that still entertain in the show, while Leonard and Penny are just redundant.

At first he was ok, but has gotten to be more needy and has to get his own way and doesn't let things go even when it's inappropriate like getting to decide when penny says she loves him and making her sign the annulment on the thanksgiving episode instead of waiting another couple of days.

A truly horrible character. His alleged niceness towards the female characters on the show is solely to improve his chances of sleeping with them rather than just being a good friend. His true colours were shown when he desperately tried to justify cheating on his girlfriend with the tattooed girl he met at the comic book shop. Then, when he finally made the right decision at the last minute, he acted all high and mighty about it as if that excused his terrible behaviour previously.

Acting skills consist of wrinkling his brow or wrinkling his brow and squinting.

Slightly boring, at first was the best character and was shown as the nerdy guy who was obsessed with Penny. Now he is slightly mean and seems to be some sort of chick magnet. Best character, ruined. - LedRat

How can someone ugly and jealous like Leonard manage to get a hot chick like Penny? PLEASE make him and Penny divorce ASAP as she's making a HUGE mistake.

I hate how Leonard has turned to be always so incredibly mean to Sheldon! Literally every one of his lines is to criticize or insult him. Is it supposed to be funny?! I used to like him in the first seasons, but now it seems like the only reason he's part of thz show is to be mean. The character has lost everything that made him beloved.

He's sooo annoying! He's mean to Penny all the time and cheated on Priya. Yes I know she cheated as well but don't forget he cheated too. Why does Leonard get so jealous all the time! Whenever he's not with Penny he is always wanting to be with her and being jealous and when he is with Penny he fights with her over stupid things! Like when he wanted her to propose and wouldn't say no.

He's so boring, how can penny stand him? Guess this is way she is drinker!

I seriously think he will be the character that if dumped out of the show, the show would continue without nobody missing him "king of the nerds" my butt. But Bernadette is worse.

What a loser Leonard is. He wimps out at everything he does. He whines for Penny to be a wimp too when she has a disagreement with anyone else. He never defends her at all. He caves in to Sheldon all the time. I have had enough already.

He is always needy and selfish. When anyone tries to get penny he sulks but at the same time trying to get other girls. He used sheldons dead father to try and get rid of the competition for his sister. He is extremely awkward when he is with penny, he is needy, controlling, selfish, juvenile and a complete mismatch for penny.

You should try watching big bang theory without the laugh track, it really spotlights actors comedic timing, Leonard was the worst, Amy was actually the best and genuinely funny

Worst actor... Very irritating. Bad match for penny... She should be with sheldon.

I completely agree with the acting skills comment... LEONARD SUCKS... the character can be replaced or lost and no one would miss him...

Oh my god, Leonard's a total jealous douchebag. I saw the episode the other day Penny had that student male friend Eric around and I had to turn it off, due to Leonard's jealousy. As a girl who has a male friend I would dump my boyfriend ASAP if he was jealous of our friendship, because my friend has been around for 16 years and my boyfriend only 16 months. Please TBBT Penny can do better and kill him off!

Crap character for reals kick him off at least let penny dump him

He's so bossy a nerd he's so rude to sheldon he don't make me laugh at all

He's a real jerk and annoying as heck. He really doesn't deserve Penny.

Leonard is annoying and douchey. He contributes nothing to the show except absolutely TERRIBLE jokes and this stupid face.

I don't like Penny either, but even she is too good for Leonard. His disappearance would honestly make me able tolerate this show. He (along with Penny sometimes) is the reason I stopped watching TBBT.

He was fine in the beginnig, now he looks like he is so bored of everything, and always same face expression. And (mille pardons! ) he became so stout!

The worst character by far just ahead of raj

And add a total jealous douchebag to the list! If I was the creator of the show I would so kill off Leonard and replace him without a whinge.

He's worse than Sheldon as long as being a stuckup is concerned, he knows it and he tries to conceal it. Sheldon doesn't even know, he's more genuine.