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21 Jackie McCurrach

She should be higher. she sucked

22 Sarah Hanlon

Only made it through the game because of twists. Acted like an unpopular girl in high school who hated everyone else just because they were popular. Constantly crying. Had one friend in the house. Never had a target on her back until the very end, but at that point everyone has a target and hers was significantly smaller. Claims to be a mastermind, but again, only made it anywhere due to twists.

It's not fair to say that she is not a good player but it's fair to say that she got lots of luck from the twists because I think every single twist went in her favor and strategically most of the moves she made were not correct

She wasn't necessarily a bad player, but heavy production riggage was the primary reason for her victory in BBCan3.

23 Allison White V 1 Comment
24 Nikki Grahame

Nikki's social game is great, but that's about it. She's terrible at the competitions and she doesn't really think strategically. But hey she made it to the final 6.

She doesn't do anything! Waste of space!

Even Pilar from BBCAN3 had more game than her; at least she won an HOH comp. Granted, she's not accustomed to the BBUS/BBCAN format but you need to know what you're getting yourself into. Tim, who's also accustomed to the international format, is playing a far superior game to her so that's not an excuse. All Nikki does is throw temper tantrums.

25 Jared Kesler
26 Christine Kelsey
27 Jordan Parhar

He said that he wanted to play so badly that he ended up nominating himself. He played well positionally until he got himself out. Anyone who evicts themselves is a bad player.

If he wanted to get on Big Brother Canada so badly, he shouldn't have thrown it all away when he made Zach ut him up.

Worst ever! As a fellow superfan I felt ashamed of his gameplay.

Worst player ever, superfan with dumb moves

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28 Sindy Nguyen

She came in with the biggest advantage in the world and manages to be evicted as soon as she can

The worst personality of a female I've ever seen

29 Loveita Adams

Loveita. As her name, she is a lovable person, she seems very kind and sweet. But... She is a very bad player of the game, letting her emotions and her very big paranoia (Since Week 1) make the desicions for her.

30 Gary Levy

Childish, rude, and overhyped, Gary is by far the worst player in any of the franchises. I can guarantee the only reason he's so popular is because he's "unique".

31 Arlie Shaban

Thought he was the mastermind to everything when clearly Neda was better than him. Got cut right away when jury started... Guess he wasn't as good as he thought he was

32 Kyle Shore

Does anyone even remember this guy? I don't

33 Graig Merrit

Out of both, Big Brother US and Canada, he is the biggest douchebag I have seen.

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34 Zach Oleynik

It's actually called a Power of Veto not Point of View

OVERRATED! Peter loves him... because he's a guy, Zach nominated his best friend, won a point of view, and his ego took over so he felt the wrath of a blindside. Best moment of BBCAN3.

35 Naeha Sareen

"Slayha should come back for All-Stars" she was one of the first 3 to go

36 Risha Denner

Canada evicted her for a reason.

37 Mitchell Moffit

There was no chance he was going to stay because of the returning players twist. No he didn't play to hard he was ousted by production interference.

Was about to be saved from the block until he opened his mouth and made the worst speech in BB history, ultimately causing his eviction.

38 Joel Lefevre

One thing BB17 Steve would never dream of doing; self-evicted. Joel, on the other hand, basically asked the house to evict him, and so it was done.

39 Bruno Ielo
40 Peter Brown

I just cannot get over the way he behaved at jury, he and his 4 other friends were going to rig the game so that neither Jillian nor Emmett won. If you want to be a good player or a fair player, you have to set aside differences and vote on who played better of the two. It would be a travesty if Gary were to win the season. And also who made him the voice of BB Canada when in reality taking game advice from Peter is liking taking game advice from Kaysar, just loads and loads of absolute nonsense

So overrated. The fact that he didn't use the point of view on Topaz makes no sense, even having watched it over and over again. Not smart.

Completely overrated, didn't use the power of veto on topaz during double eviction, and was surprised when he was the target next week. He also voted out AJ instead of Andrew which was dumber than anything

Remind me why he is on the side show again?

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