Devin Shepherd - Season 16

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Devin is one of those awful players but in such a unique type of awful you almost want him to stay. He formed two large alliances which would obviously have conflicts, was responsible for nominating Donny then telling on himself in a unnecessarily emotional speech, voted up Zach (an ALLIANCE member) and openly threw tantrums and got mad at Caleb, Paula, Zach and Amber. It wouldve been nice to see him stay to watch him piss people off but I really can't complain they gave him 14th.

Why isn't his good buddy Zach on here. Sure Devin was paranoid, a bully and made a big alliance way too early, I think he played a good game and if he changed his attitude as well as his strategy he would have made it really far but he was still considered a big physical threat. This alliance that was made was basically the moving company again. Instead of getting moved out, it got blown up.

The fact that season 16 hasnt even ended yet and Devin is already number 11 goes to show how badly he did, and I expect him to eventually crack the top ten. First he went completely against his alliance by inviting two new people (Amber and Christine) into the Bomb Squad without consulting the other five. Then there was his relentless campaign against Donny, who is possibly one of the kindest and most wonderful people to ever be on the show. But it was his HoH reign when he became an absolute nightmare. Anytime someone said their real opionin to him (Caleb and Zach) he would throw a temper tantrum, and everyone else was afraid to go near him. He then promised both people on the block that he would veto them, which is pretty meant no matter what he did, someone was going to be pissed off at him. And then he put Zach on the block, who was in his alliance. Needless to say, his alliance made sure Zach stayed and Pao Pao went, and Devin was swiftly eliminated next week. He is made even ...more

A lot of the players on here made one bad move and they're sort of defined by that moment. Devin's whole game was terrible. Sure, he won a few competitions but he when he had any power, all he did was turn the house against himself. He was way too emotional and lacked any strategic thought.

Crying about his integrity and honesty while he has none. He put someone on his own alliance on the block and thought Donny was in the army. Don't even get me started about his daughter! This guy is retarded.

He got pissed off at Zach for telling the truth, He thought donnie was an ex navy seal, and basically told the house about the bomb squad

Hands down worst player ever! When the Chenbot asked him to rate his HOH run in week two, he gave himself a 4 out of 10. Which was way to generous. I would rank it a 1 out of 10. He formed an 8 person alliance in week one, then in week two when he was in power he put up a member (Zach). Worst move ever! Of course the other members are going to keep him. Furthermore, who wouldn't turn on him when he can't even stay loyal for 2 weeks.

Probably the most bipolar bully ever.

This guy was a big headache and deserved to be evicted first, let alone being in an alliance. - Turkeyasylum

You don't promise both people to get the veto the smart move was to throw it or to play it like Dan Gheesling would do

Even though he has won an HOH and point of view, the guy is simply games way too hard in the early goings of the game. He made an alliance called The Bomb Squad which has half the house in it. He's a ticking time bomb ready to implode!

This guy is the rude and never deserved to play.

He keeps using his daughter as an excuse. But please don't use that poor girl anymore.

Devin was so bad at this game that I loved him just for being the worst player ever

His gameplay was just god awful and his mood changes in a snap but he was very entertaining to watch.

Devin, added to the Bomb squad aka crazy 8's. His HOH reign was bad he targeted Brittany for personal reasons then Brittany and then Brittany was removed Zach went up and Devin should have known that Zach had the votes.

He just plain dumb and crazy who puts up their own alliance member?

Officially the most paranoid big brother houseguest to walk in

This guy is a complete idiot without a single stretegic thought in his head. He's not as bad as Lawon but he needs to be higher on this list. Every move the guy made was terrible. He started an all guys alliance and decided to invite in two women wothout consulting his alliance. He thought Donny was a navy seal. He targeted Brittany for personal reasons, ruining his reputation. This guy needs to be second. Kaysar just trusted the wrong people. This guy, was an idiot plain and simple.

All he talks about is his little girl and is a bully

He ruined BB16 by starting an alliance with most of the house. But even though he started that alliance, he was the only entertaining player remaining. The rest of the house is spineless and boring.

Paola and Victoria should be ahead of him on the list- Devin was involved in the game, even if his gameplay was poor, while the other two just sat and did nothing.

Victoria and Paola should be higher than him because he at least TRIED playing the game (same with Joey).

Devin HOH reign was a mess: He targeted Brittany for personal reasons and Brittany came off and Zach went up and he should have known that Zach had the votes to stay and Poala was evicted.

Worst player ever with every move he,are he made himself a bigger target and as soon as is hoh ended it became clear that the on
Y way he would stay in the game is to win competetins