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81 Jackie Ibarra - 10th Place - Big Brother 17

Miscommunication on her end led to her own eviction by Steve's hand instead of Austin or Becky.

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82 Paola Aviles - 14th Place - Big Brother 12

Unless I'm mistaken, she is the only person to quit while in sequester before the show began, which is basically a slap in the face to Big Brother fans everywhere who applied to be on the show but didn't get on. She gave up like Chima did in Big Brother 11. Anyway, this explains why there were 13 official houseguests during Big Brother 12 instead of 14 like there initially was supposed to be.

83 Shane Meaney - 4th Place - Big Brother 14 Shane Meaney - 4th Place - Big Brother 14 V 1 Comment
84 Ragan Fox - 5th Place - Big Brother 12

Say what you want about Frankie and Andy. At least they actually played the game in spite of their personalities (Frankie being worse). Ragan was just whiny.

85 Kara Monaco - 15th Place - Big Brother 14
86 Mispelling Joshuah - 7th place - Big Brother 9

He basically didn't know what show he was on.

I dislike with a passion so so much

Joshuah was a awful mean person

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87 Janelle Pierzina- 3rd place- Big Brother 6 Janelle Pierzina- 3rd place- Big Brother 6 Janelle Marie Pierzina is an American reality show personality known for her appearances on the sixth, All-Star, and fourteenth seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

Good competitor...terrible at strategy. Still don't understand how she was such a fan favorite in BB6. She was so annoying and displayed similar qualities of many other hated HGs in history. Season 7 and 14 she was much better and I was semi a fan of her's. But I disliked her in Season 6 and overall she is a very overrated player in history.

Janelle is so overrated! She often caused pointless drama and was much meaner and more spiteful than she had to be. As good as she was in competitions, she should have won both seasons, but she sucked as a social player and that's why she got 3rd place both times.

She won a lot of competitions but in season 7 Dr Will could make her do anything he wanted.

With how great Bye Bye Bitches was for T.V. that is a summary of Janelle's game 1 step forward 2 steps back. She wins a competition that was needed to win then gets overcelebratory and pisses off half the house

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88 Jordan Lloyd - 1st place - Big Brother 11, 4th place - Big Brother 13 Jordan Lloyd - 1st place - Big Brother 11, 4th place - Big Brother 13

Big Brother's ultimate coat-tail rider. Former HGs will be the first to tell you that Jordan winning her season was a freak accident and Jordan openly admits she had no idea what she was doing in her first season. She won her season by riding Jeff's coat-tails, sucking at competitions, being perceived as clueless, being nice to everyone, and (crucially) taking someone everyone hated with her to the final 2. She finished 4th in season 13 by riding Jeff and Rachel's coat-tails. The houseguests in season 13 openly had contempt for her ability to win competitions and she only won one HOH by making a lucky golf put. If Porsche hadn't won the veto in final 4 and for positioning reasons in the final 3 choosing to evict her, Jordan probably would have won again (shivers). - merrimac

Jordan is the weakest player ever. She didn't do ANYTHING... And I mean ANYTHING, yet she whined about Porsche and Kahlia not doing anything. In season 13 she only won HoH once and that was because Brendon and Jeff let her win. She isn't even as nice as she seems to be.. It's like an optical illusion, look closer and you'll see the truth

THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Like shut up and get over yourselves she had a strategy and Jeff didn't do everything for her if you haven't watched season 11 and season 13 go watch it unless your a stupid ass and you don't know anything Jordan's amazing and your not if you think she's bad player

Sweet girl and had a good social game, but let's face it the only reason she won Big Brother in S11, Jeff carried her! Jeff also carried her in big brother 13 but Rachel also helped too after his eviction. Jordan, too, had loyalties with Kalia. Can anyone say coaster? Think if Porsche didn't open Pandora's Box, Jordan would had made F2, and probably won since she was jury supported. The thought of that is just frightening! - BlackDiamonds

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89 Keith Henderson - 13th place - Big Brother 13

His strategy was to basically copy the Brigade, and when that failed, he betrayed his partner Porsche, leading to his eviction Week 1. He also seemed to think calling out Kalia and Shelly was a good way to get their votes? Think again.

Yay I added this item laugh out loud Anyway, his strategy was to alienate his only allies

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90 Mike "Boogie" Mallin - 6th, Winner and 10th place- Big Brother 2, All Stars, and 14

Umm... Why is Boogie here? He has been on the season 3 times. A fan favorite. Sneaky, but smart and like-able. Still can't believe he was evicted by IAN TERRY!

I agree, he really did ride Dr. Will's coat tail. I need someone to let me know what he has done that was great? - bigbrother

His only strategy was to keep reminding everyone of his "chilltown" alliance from 2001's BB in which he didn't come close to winning...then a decade later that's still his ONLY strategy. The legacy of being affiliated with Dr. Will who was an amazing player of this game. Mike is like the stage manager of some great band who just gets all the chicks because his job allows him to be close to the real band members. And how could he NOT see that every female who was flirting with him was only doing it because they thought they could get ahead riding his coattails (which were actually superglued to the coattails of Dr. Will since 2001.)? Ugh we had to watch him in 3 seasons, with 1 marriage proposal, 1 fake ""BB" marriage proposal and one "let me live off my reputation and glory in my athletic competition wins over 5.2" 100lb women and declare myself a gladiator! " attitude in S14. #givemeabreak

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91 Will Kirby - Winner - Big Brother 2, 4th place - All Stars Will Kirby - Winner - Big Brother 2, 4th place - All Stars

I Just voted for him because he's not even close to being the worst player ever.

He is the best player ever to play the game. When he was nominated he told the house guests that he hated everyone and no one voted against him

Dr Will is the bomb! Never had to win HOH or point of view manipulated everyone in the house except for boogie still one loves him! ;-)

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92 Jeff Schroeder - 5th place Big Brother 11

Using the good old, "Shut up, or I'll beat you" intimidation that surprisingly worked well, we can see how arrogance and an empty head stopped him from doing too good.

I liked Jeff in Big Brother 11, but in Big Brother 13, he was too aggressive and acted like a typical meathead towards the other hgs. Tried forming an alliance with a bunch of floaters thinking Shelly would had been fine placing 3rd after he and Jordan. This season was ultimately his to lose and I think he knew this but he blew it thanks to the clown shoe, LOL. - BlackDiamonds

Definitely the most over-rated HouseGuest in Big Brother history. I have absolutely no idea what the BB cat ladies and casual fans see in him

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93 Dan Gheesling - Runner Up - Big Brother 14 Dan Gheesling - Runner Up - Big Brother 14 Dan Gheesling is an American reality television personality who appeared on the Big Brother 10, which he won.

His jury management was awful. He is so overrated, yes his game was flashy. But losing in a 6-1 blowout with no one in the f4 he could beat in the end is not a god-tier game. Also he had three lifelines.

He is the second best player to play the game

Haha I just wanted to see his name his amazing


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94 Joe Arvin - 6th Place - Big Brother 14

The worst player ever in the house all he did was sit and watch the drama. He would always float on Shane because the fact he couldn't do anything good in the house

Awful player lol

How is he not in Top 10? He never won HOH or even the Power Of Veto. He's pretty bad

Did absolutely nothing in the house. He makes Adam Poch look like Dr. Will.

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95 Jameka Cameron - 4th Place - Big Brother 8

She gave up thousands of dollars, a trip to Barbados, and took MULTIPLE punishments all so that she could win veto to save house guests that weren't in her alliance. Why? Because it was "god's will"... Not to mention she was completely useless in the game.

I appreciate that she's focused on her religion but she let it get the best of her she saved people who weren't even aligned with her just idiotic

96 Helen Kim - 9th Place - Big Brother 15

"It's too soon to get rid of Amanda."

After she was able to get rid of Jeremy in week 2, she was nothing more but a foolish player trapped in Andy's web. Annoying as hell!

97 Brittany Martinez - Big Brother 16

Nope sorry Brittany was a GOOD player. She was willing to make big moves and that scared the male houseguests so Cody and Derrick basically turned on her and evicted her when they realized they couldn't manipulate her

Her biggest mistake was trusting Cody and Derrick much too soon in the game. Once she got herself removed from the block in Week 3 on Devin's HOH, I figured she might have potential to at least get to jury. That's until she opened her mouth and couldn't see a shift power if it smacked her upside the head. Plus she was a recruit that apparently never watched a single episode of Big Brother. A part of me wished she wasn't blindsided but another side of me was if your that oblivious you should be voted out.

I liked Brittany... She fought hard to stay in the house. I think if she had stayed longer she would've made season 16 a little more interesting.

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98 April Lewis - 4th Place - BB6

This was a woman who tried to hide how evil she really is, but didn't always do a good job.

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99 Hayden Voss - Big Brother 16

Another moron from BB16. If you get evicted by a bunch of idiots, what does that make you? I don't think he understood that BB is a game that you try to win. He thought he got selected to hang out and party with strangers. He was a complete waste of space. He should not be allowed to procreate with Nicole... That kid would not stand a chance in life.

All he care about was his showmance and he didn't even realize what was going on until he was blindsided.

Hayden is actually really good he was just too lax

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100 Zach Rance - Big Brother 16 Zach Rance - Big Brother 16

Only house guest I can stand besides Donny. Very good entertainment.

The comedy relief of the season - htoutlaws2012

Came super close to going down as the worst BB in history. He wasn't on anybody's radar until he told Devin to put him on the block--he volunteered! What a moron. Then he rips off Dr. Will by telling the house he hates them all. Everybody said he was tough in comps but he barely won anything. He was The idiot among idiots. Fruitloopdingus was the only thing he brought to the table... But he probably ripped that off somebody as well.

Keep your mouth shut

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