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101 Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16

The only reason he made it so far is because a) he's a guy and all the guys target only girls, b) he is one of the only people who is not a retarded 20something year old that doesn't even have half a brain, and c) only half of this seasons cast even knew about big brother before they got put on the show. SOME OF THE PEOPLE AUDITIONED FOR OTHER SHOWS AND SOMEHOW GIT THROWN ON BIG BROTHER. He did not orchestrate anything that has happened. It is final 8 and he is still afraid to have power. He needs to go. ASAP

If he was on any other season he would've been caught, but these dumb house guests are oblivious. He is not a great player. He's just playing with clueless house guests who have no strategy.

Derrick played an amazing game. NEVER being nominated even though he wasn't near as strong as Frankie. He manipulated the whole house.

He's the puppets master he never should have been put on the list

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102 Kaitlin Barnaby - 13th Place - Big Brother 15

Her downfall was being one of Aaryn's cohorts and not trying to separate herself from the Mean Girls in time. She might've made it to the jury phase, otherwise. Decent competitor on her own, but bad at picking allies.

103 Jeff Weldon - 14th Place - Big Brother 17

His intro in the beginning of the show is horrendous...

In week 3, he thought James was still HOH (who was HOH in week 1). He was the epitome of a floater, maybe close to as much as Victoria. - Turkeyasylum

Failed at the floater strategy. Even told other hgs who he wanted evicted prejury which got around to other hgs that made him a target. Plus his douchebag attitude didn't help him neither.

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104 Lane Elenbug - 2nd Place - Big Brother 12

Arguably a bigger floater than Enzo, and was the least strategic member of the Brigade.

Easily the dumbest Brigade member.

He followed Hayden's lead and otherwise didn't do much gaming on his own.

105 Howard Overby - 12th Place - Big Brother 15

He lied about the Moving Company and put a huge target on his back as a result.

106 Spencer Clawson - 3rd Place - Big Brother 15 Spencer Clawson - 3rd Place - Big Brother 15

Unlike most fans, I would actually like him to return and actually have a chance to play. For most of the game, he couldn't do much because he had next to no leverage, and he made himself clear that he would do more of he could. After the BB15 finale, I grew something of a retroactive appreciation towards him.

107 Judd Daugherty - 5th Place - Big Brother 15 Judd Daugherty - 5th Place - Big Brother 15

As far as the game was concerned, he was basically useless.

I do not fault Judd for not using the F6 veto. I do fault him for returning to the house after his eviction. He should never have returned, considering he only got more paranoid and anxious than ever before.

Probably made one of the dumbest moves of any double eviction was not use the point of view on Elissa. Had he and Mccrae been smart to keep her til F3 or F4 they both been final 2 and Judd would had won the season. Idiot.

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108 Ronnie Talbott - 10th Place - Big Brother 11 Ronnie Talbott - 10th Place - Big Brother 11

Played an inferior version of Andy's game. Yes, Ronnie was the original "rat" but Andy was the one who perfected it and made it a viable winning strategy.

109 Steven Daigle - 12th place - Big Brother 10

He put too much trust into Brian and it got him evicted a week later

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110 McCrae Olson - 4th Place - Big Brother 15 McCrae Olson - 4th Place - Big Brother 15

Unlike most fans, I do not fault him for putting up Elissa. Unless he had psychic powers; how was he supposed to know that Andy evicted Amanda and not Elissa? It was a private deal between the two girls. It just highlights the big issue that what fans consider a big move is the move that fans want players to make, not the moves that most benefit the players.

The first week of the season, when McCrae won both HOH and point of view, you could tell he was passionate about the game. Once he latched himself to Amanda, all of that passion was gone. It re-emerged after Amanda got evicted, but the damage was done and his game was ruined beyond repair. If not for Amanda, he probably would've won.

If there is one thing McCrae should be faulted for, it's throwing away his game for Amanda by the end of week 2.

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111 Beau Beasley - 6th Place - Big Brother 6

Other than winning one competition, he was only there for the numbers advantage in favor of the Friendship.

112 Dana Varela - 9th place - Big Brother 4

Dana knew the mistake ruined her game when she was a candidate for all stars she admitted that flipping on the elite 8 for no reason cost her the game

The one thing that pisses me off more than anything is when someone makes a godawful game move, and never accepts that it was bad. Dana's HoH nominations were so painfully stupid, turning the entire house (aka the entire jury), completely against her, destroying her odds of winning, but she has the gall to claim she "just made the move no one had the balls to". Got evicted a week later. Well deserved

113 Braden Bacha - 13th place - Big Brother 11 Braden Bacha - 13th place - Big Brother 11

Made racist and sexist comments the first week, the only week that he was there.

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114 Lisa Donahue - Winner - Big Brother 3

Lisa was not a BAD player, but she wasn't better than Danielle or Jason. Lisa made some good moves and I saw she learnt from her master (Danielle) how to play. But yes, Danielle or Jason deserved to win over Lisa, but Lisa deserves to win over anyone else in BB3.

115 Michael Donnellan - 13th Place - Season 6 Michael Donnellan - 13th Place - Season 6

Got into a showmance with 2 women on opposite sides of the house thn he sexually harassed the woman which made Jim a bigger target and personally attacked Eric Kayseri didn't want to play in the veto for him since ho dug his own grave

116 Nicole Franzel - 7th Place - Big Brother 16 Nicole Franzel - 7th Place - Big Brother 16

Nicole should not be on here. She is obviously playing a pretty strategic game and even if she is in a showmance so what? She gets to control Corey with his vote and his comp wins. And is a shield for her if they are on the block together. Also, she hasn't been nominated once despite being called out so many times and being a target since day 1. These houseguests also keep trusting Nicole despite her lying and betraying them.. She knows when to lay low and when to win crucial comps. And she had a hand in almost every evicted houseguest in BB18! She might win this season!

Nicole should not be on here. She is an American favorite, and she was good enough to return to the 18th season. She is caught up in boys, but she sure knows what she is doing.

She could've gotten Frankie evicted Week 6 but she didn't have the foresight to see that she lacked the numbers to pull it off successfully and she allowed Jocasta - a floater/coaster - to get evicted instead when she realized it was a lost cause.


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117 Porsche Briggs - 2nd Place - Big Brother 13

Did not deserve a final 2 spot she sucked strategy

118 Kalia Booker - 5th Place - Big Brother 13

She was very weird about everything and followed whoever was there to follow total dog

119 Parker Somerville - 14th Place - Big Brother 9
120 Morgan Willett - Winner - Big Brother: Over the Top

So overrated but s3xy

Her speech for votes to America included : I didn't make any crazy big moves but I was loyal and I hope you vote for me.
& America voted for her instead of Jason who played THE best game... it breaks my heart to this day.

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