Top 10 Worst Big Brother Winners


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1 Josh Martinez - Season 19

Absolute Garbage

Disgusting, annoying, childish behaviour... thought he was an alpha male strategist but he was a crybaby coat tail rider

A bully and just total idiot I couldn't even finish this season because of this twurp honestly I hate him that much thatbi would of rathered paul to win

Annoying crybaby. - Luckys

2 Andy Herren - Season 15 Andy Herren - Season 15

The final three were bull. The best social gameplayer was Amanda, whether she was liked or disliked she controlled every eviction until her own, the best competitive game player was Aaryn, despite her unpopularity. These two, alongside other main gameplayers including McCrae, Helen and Elissa took out the other decent players in the first few weeks, the ones that would have made great winners! So the game players kept taking out the other game players until there were barely any left and the floaters outnumbered the decent people. Nick should have won. Otherwise Aaryn or Amanda, even Kaitlyn, Elissa, McCrae or Helen.
Rambling over, tldr; Andy sucks

He was a rat and the ultimate floater. He was also a really big hypocrite, he says so much of how he hates bullies and backstabbers yet he does the exact same thing 10 minutes later. It sucks that he won but I'm just excited this season is over with. It was a crap shoot

The famous quote of "floaters grab a life vest" from Rachel Reilly, apparently didn't apply to Andy. From flip flopping from side to side, being a rat, he was the one that was involved in a lot of drama and he was a bully. Some people say he was a good game player but snap back into reality people, he didn't deserve to win. GM or even JUDD ( if he would have made it further) deserved to win.

Andy played a great game. He knew when the perfect time was to cut ties with Amanda and did so, which ultimately led him to the win. He also stayed under the radar and avoiding the season's surplus amount of drama, fights, and controversies.

3 Rachel Reilly - Season 13 Rachel Reilly - Season 13 Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

She just had far too many do overs. It was like they finally gave it to her out of charity. She was voted out of the house more times than anyone to play the game, before jeff and jordan handed it to her. She would shoot herself in the foot, then by saved by lucky twists. It was a trainwreck of a season when she finally won against a house of morons that were played by jeff, and jordan. No question about this one. She was aweful!

As much as I want to vote Jordan, this train wreck of a season was at it's lowest point when the queen of bitchiness won, just because ass in eye jeff and cry baby jordan and lover boy brendon wanted her to win over a much better player that wasn't in their alliance. I am thinking of making a blog to hating Jeff and Jordan.

Jordan should have won this season also. Rachel is a moron that just cried a lot. The only reason I really liked her was all the nip slips she gave the cameras.

She's basically the reason why people disrespected Andy's win. She's the one that gave floaters and rats (once seen as a viable strategy) a bad name.

4 Adam Jasinski - Season 9 Adam Jasinski - Season 9 Adam Jasinski is the winner of the U.S. series Big Brother 9. Jasinski is a public relations manager from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Waste of a season, waste of money and waste of time to those people who watched this guy. The whole season was crap. The person who won ended up losing the money because of drugs.

Say no to drug and stay in school

This guy made fun of people with autism he's the retard.

Stupid season stupid winner

5 Maggie Ausburn - Season 6 Maggie Ausburn - Season 6 Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

The only reason Maggie is ranked this high is because people hate her personally. Her game play was rather good as she stayed loyal to her side of the house and was the ring leader. She got her biggest threats evicted and won because of it, don't vote for her just because you didn't like her!

Maggie winning Big Brother was THE WORST! The fact that she and her alliance they were always so obnoxious and still thought that they were always right just is delusional. Janelle should have won. Everyone knows that Maggie's "Friendship" alliance is the most hated Bog Brother alliance ever. They were practically the villans of the entire season. The fact that a person such obnoxious, annoying, hating, and undeserving won Big Brother 6 is just awful. Her personality was so dull and bad, she never got to go to any all-star seasons. Too bad for her.

When you rob the only 6 people in the house that were likable enough(the sovereign 6), then I will hate you forever. The only people from her alliance I liked were April and Cappy.

That Maggie is the worst of the worst, totally a double face, insipid, stupid Jannele should have won.

6 Jordan Lloyd - Season 11 Jordan Lloyd - Season 11

In retrospect, I think Natalie was the better player (technically) by default since she WAS a player. Jordan really wasn't a player in her original season. Jordan is Big Brother's ultimate coattail rider and former BB HGs will tell you that Jordan winning BB11 was a fluke. Others came to play. Jordan came to be nice to everyone and watch the people who were playing the game take each other out.

Jordan was terrible. She didn't win any competition and Jeff made every decision for her socially. I was shocked when she was voted the winner.

Jordan never should have won. She didn't know what she was coming into and never truly played the game. Her win was entirely the result of luck and a bad jury.

She such a floater I can't believe she won she should've left the first week and she annoying make me so angry

7 Lisa Donahue - Season 3

Lisa Donahue is extremely underrated. She was very observant and won competitions when necessary and threw them when it wasn't. She was also the only player that caught on to Danielle Reyes' alliance with Jason Guy, despite it being in the last week and she ultimately split them up. Did she deserve to win over Danielle (runner up)? No, she didn't, had anyone else been sitting next to her the answer would have been different.

I feel so bad for Lisa because she gets so much undeserved hate. It was the jury that decided to vote against Danielle. The only thing that Lisa did was make a final plea and bring Danielle to the final two. So for everyone who is hating on her and calling her disgusting you should be calling the jury bitter. Besides she definitely wasn't the least deserving person to win that season it's just that Danielle was the most deserving.

It's production's fault. If they didn't show DR sessions, she would've kicked Lisa to the curb.

Danielle played a way better game. As Dr. Will said Danielle is the best player to never win the game. She should have won enough said.

8 Steve Moses - Season 17

Steve was not really a bad winner. Steve was smart. He played on his social awkawardness and nerd persona that got the other houseguests to underestimate him. He stayed out of the fighting of both sides of the house and came out to win comps when the time was right. He won veto almost every time he was on the block. People just still mad Vanessa lost but Vanessa didn't lose because of one competition. She lost because she overplayed the game and made herself a target. She was a good player but everyone knew she was slick, she just talked her way out of things very well. Steve realized this and knew he had to eliminate her because it's no secret she was too good at the game. If Derrick can lose the final and still get the winner to take him to the end and win, Vanessa just screwed up. - mosijjones

The worst winner by far. He had no idea what was going on for most of the season, had terrible social game and continuously overrated himself as a player. He basically just got lucky. Liz who actually had a hand in most of the evictions, kept her closest allies safe for most of the game and used Austin to the best of her abilities, which was how the most dominate alliance in the game (The Sixth Sense) ended up being formed, should have won.

It just goes to show that Big Brother is such a flawed game when brilliant players like Dan and Vanessa, who are light years ahead of their competition strategically, can still lose to floaters like Ian and Steve. Dan and Vanessa carried Ian and Steve for much of their games and even Ian and Steve would not dispute that. Ian won because of a bitter jury who didn't get to see all of Dan's brilliant moves and Steve's win was pure luck because he answered one more question correctly in a stupid, random, coin-flip Round 3 HOH comp. How the hell can you logically answer how a juror would answer a random question? Round 3 HOH should be skill-based like in BB Canada. Even Derrick would not have won had Cody not made the idiotic, boneheaded move of not bringing Victoria with him to Final 2. That was a $450,000 mistake that I'm sure Cody will regret for the rest of his life.

He needs to be higher up on the list. He was a floated much of the game, and was Vanessa's puppet the rest of it. When it came down to making big moves in the house, he really didn't make any. I think that Steve and Ian, need to be right under Adam.

9 Kaycee Clark - Season 20

This could be the death of Big Brother. Three seasons in a row with the less deserving winner. Kaycee was a nice girl, but that doesn't warrant a win. All that Kaycee had to her name was "loyalty" (whatever) and was a "comp beast" even though she only started winning half way through the game. The only reason this coat tail rider won because the horrible butt hurt jury. Big brother should go back to size 7 jury instead of 9. The 8th and 9th place house guests are usually the most bitter.

10 Lawon Exum - Season 13

The winner of biggest idiot in big brother history

What? He didn't win! He never came back... he wasn't the winner of season 13... he didn't even make jury... WHAT the - Untildawn8

WHY IS LAWON ON THIS LIST THIS IS ACTUALLY SO FUNNY. also the fact that he is currently the 2nd best winner according to the list makes it even funnier

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11 Jun Song - Season 4 Jun Song - Season 4

Jun Song perfected the floater strategy and applied it as it should be applied, not like people use it now. It is easy to argue that Allison Irwin (runner up) should have beat her as she had the same strategy, honestly, Irwin probably used it better as she so easily manipulated Nathan...

Just because IRS jun

Jun was very smart to make a Final 2 pact with the most hated girl (by other HG) of the season. Because if Jun went to the finale with Robert, she would've lost. Jun was a very good player, the perfect floater (Not like the floaters of recents seasons (except Shelly))

Jun is like, the 2nd best winner and wayyy far from ever being the worst.

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12 Devin Shepherd Devin Shepherd

The boss baby

the goat

13 Eddie McGee - Season 1

He won before Big Brother became it became the real Big Brother we know today. Why is he in here? It was hardly the same show!

Its kind of dumb that he's at 7. Its not his fault he went on Big Brother when it was a terrible show.

Wasn't even Big Brother back then really. No game play.

I put him low because anybody that would win would still be horrible. - booklover1

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14 Ian Terry - Season 14

Definitely one of the best Big Brother winners ever. Dan played the game that was necessary to get him to the final two but in the process did the one thing you do not do in Big Brother: blatantly back stab every juror without mercy or acknowledgement of the fact that they are real people. When it comes down to gameplay Dan dominated the house, got everyone to do exactly what he wanted at any given time, but pissed off every juror. To win Big Brother you cannot have the jury hate you. It just won't work. Meanwhile Ian played a respectable game, flipping on his coach and original alliance and forming The Quack Pack as well as making bonds with the right people at the right times. He won four HoH's and two Veto's to Dan's one HoH and one Veto. Ian was also targeted by Dan multiple times and escaped, winning comps to get off the block every time he was in danger. Ian played Big Brother the way Big Brother was designed to be played. Make friends and control your own fate by winning ...more

If it wasn't for a ridiculously bitter jury, Ian wouldn't even be eligible for this list. Dan should've won by unanimous vote.

How is Ian below Steve? Steve actually had enough brain cells to cut Vanessa and have a much better speech than Liz. Ian, on the other hand, got lucky that the jury was extremely bitter because Dan would've otherwise beat him 7-0. Also, Steve actually saved himself the first week and allowed himself to stay longer whereas Ian would've been cut the first week if not for the coach's twist. Overall, fifth worst winner behind Adam, Jordan, Rachel, and Dick.

He was Dan's puppet. He would have gone out the first week if Boogie didn't win the coaches' competition. He is majorly overrated.

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15 Dick Donato - Season 8 Dick Donato - Season 8 Richard Louis Donato, known as "Evel Dick" Donato, a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner of the reality game show Big Brother 8. He and his daughter, Daniele Donato, are the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program's top two prizes in the same competition.

Who made this list.. Evil dick was the only reason to watch... And he deserved to win... And I'm glad he did.. Chill town with mike and will was also fun to watch... These 2 are on the wrong list...

He suits his name well, he really is one - thetalkingtortilla

Dick's win was the most blatantly rigged in the history of Big Brother. He would not have made it to the finale (F3) if not for America's Player and would be universally hated (a la Maggie and Amanda) if he were female instead.

If it wasn't for America's Player, he would have been voted out early in the game. He won on a technicality.

16 Nicole Franzel - Season 18 Nicole Franzel - Season 18

Floated through the game and rode that coattails of her alliance members. Was handed competition wins and was called out for beine a snake since day 1. She wanted to be the only female left, so she eliminated all her competition by getting the house to do it for her. She should've easily been picked off in the first few weeks like Frank and the'vonne, but had an alliance to shield her. Made no big game moves and sat around and did nothing. Constantly flip flopped from side to side in the house, getting Victor aND Paul, the only two who deserved the win at that point, up on the block. Then beats Paul in the end, who had multiple comp wins and every time he didn't win a comp, he was up on the block and possibly going home, because of a bitter jury, which ironically enough, we're primarily screwed over by Nicole herself. Floating you way to final 2 doesn't work except for this because the jury was overrun by dumbasses.

"I worked behind the scenes" -Nicole. I watched those live feeds and the ONLY DAMN THING YOU DID WAS BONE COREY. And the bb18 jury was the WORST jury ever, voting for the winner based on personal reasons and NOT who had played a better game. Pathetic winner, should be higher on the list as time goes by

Her win against Paul was one of the worst endings of a Big Brother season ever considering how it was the longest to date. Her strategy was alright, but mediocre for a winner.

Awful, she did nothing and was extremely nasty... Like Rachel, the producers wanted her to win, so she did.

17 Mike Malin - Season 7

He was never popular the only reason he got on the show was because Will wouldn't go on unless he was there I hope he paid Will half the money. In season 2 they kick them out right away for christ sake. He's just your typical lucky idiot just like Jordan Lloyd was except she was nice he's just an idiot.

If it wasn't for Dr. Will in All Stars, Boogie wouldn't have made it. He is a horrible strategist, and has lackluster game play. Without Will he never lasts, see season 14 for example. Hope that busted his ego.

He's a vile, despicable hypocrite with an ego bigger than his brain.

He's a disgusting pig who rode Dr Will's coat tails and jerked off in a storage box by the pool. "

18 Drew Daniels - Season 5

This is less of me saying Drew didn't deserve it, and more of me saying I would have preferred a win for Nakomis

Drew pretty much just had one move the whole game which was evicting Diane that's it.

Drew made an excellent game move in evicting his showmance, Diane Henry, as if he has taken her over "Cowboy" Michael Ellis he would have gotten second instead of first.

Worst winner to me. He used the money to become an actor, a failed actor. LAME!

19 Will Kirby - Season 2 Will Kirby - Season 2 William Kirby is a dermatologist, associate clinical professor of dermatology, medical textbook/dermatological journal article author, dermatology spokesman, and reality television personality. He is known for winning both the CBS reality show Big Brother 2 and The Price is Right.

The most overrated player in history. In season 2 (his first season) he floated his way to the end, the only decent move he made in that season was that he evicted Hardy. In his second season, Big Brother 7 (All-Stars) he played a much better game, however, he is still extremely overrated.


20 Derrick Levasseur - Season 16 Derrick Levasseur - Season 16 Derrick Levasseur is an American police officer from Providence, Rhode Island. He is best known for winning the reality television series Big Brother 16 in 2014.

Derrick got extremely lucky in his season, as he played with complete idiots. I hope he gets asked back as it would be nice to see him play with people who actually understand the game and can put up a fight.

Derrick was fortunate to play with a cast who handed him the game! No one had the balls to make game moves, no one challenged his authority and he coasted. I'm more mad at the cast for being complete wussies. - BlackDiamonds


21 Hayden Moss - Season 12

Out of the brigade members, Matt should have won BB12. Hayden made no big game moves in my opinion and like Enzo, relied on other members to carry himself through.

He was an awesome player, but he was too expected to win. He was the obvious choice to win and it just made the season boring. He made NO big moves. The whole season was boring to be honest.

Rachel should not be on this list she was awesome and doesn't have the producers to thank so stop lying!

Hayden I think is a very good player, but I think that we saw the better player in Survivor: Blood vs. Water. In retrospect, I think that being 9th worst isn't that bad, mainly because there have only been 20 winners.

22 Dan Gheesling - Season 10 Dan Gheesling - Season 10 Dan Gheesling is an American reality television personality who appeared on the Big Brother 10, which he won.

Dan is one of the best strategists in the history of the game. In Season 10, he easily could have been evicted second, right after his first alliance member and closest ally got evicted first. However, he was able to completely turn the game around and showed how he was completely loyal, allowing the rest of the house to turn on each other. Eventually made it to the end by a powerhouse alliance and brilliantly allowing alliance members to get all the blood on their hands, manipulating the hell out of them. Reversely, in Season 14, he arguably played a better game, making incredible moves, stabbing people in the back left and right. His funeral goes down as one of the best game moves in the history of the game. The only reason that he lost the season is due to a bitter jury. He easily should have won the game and was the clear winner. He's the only houseguest that can compare to the legend of Dr. Will Kirby

He has the best overall track record in Big Brother history, winning in his first season (season 11) and earning the runner up position in his second season (season 14).

I don't think he was THAT good of a player. In season 11 people were just really stupid and in season 14 jenn frank and Danielle had no brains and they were all betrayed by Dan. Plus his jury management was awful in each season but in season 11 the jury was less bitter. Bb14 jury was more bitter although Ian deserved to win too

He has as much charisma as a toddler. Stupid and overrated. He's like the Russell hantz of Big Brother.

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