Worst Big Nate Characters

There are some awesome characters from Big Nate! There's our main star, Nate Wright. He is the one who is destined for greatness. He's got some good friends like Francis Pope, Teddy Ortiz, Dee Dee Holloway, and good old Chad Applewhite. Nate dreams that one day, Jenny Jenkins will dump Artur Pashkov & reveal that she likes Nate. Keep dreaming, Nate! These are some examples of the beloved characters from Big Nate, but there are some that nobody likes. Here are some Big Nate characters that are so horrible, that even the fans of Big Nate know that they're bad.

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21 Mr Rosa

Do you guys seriously dislike Mr. Rosa? Who would put a nice teacher like him on the list? Explain.

Shouldn't be on the list

Can anyone tell me why is he here?! he shouldn't be here. I really mean it.

He's like mr Corneille

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22 Nate Wright Nate Wright The Big Nate comic strip's main character. Nate is 11 years old, he is an aspiring cartoonist, drummer, underachiever, and plays funny yet overdone pranks on Prank Day (the last day or 2nd last day of school). He is somewhat self-absorbed, believing himself to be irresistible to women despite repeated ...read more.

I think Nate has a serious problem. He says that he likes Jenny because she's pretty (which by the way, should not be the only reason you like a person), and he doesn't like Gina because she's ugly. But, in Big Nate: Strikes Again he thought Gina was Jenny TWICE! So that means that Nate thinks Gina's ugly, because she's a nerd! That is so evil Nate! Smart girls can be pretty too! So boys: Stop making assumptions that just because a girl is smart that she has to be ugly! And Girls: Don't pretend to be stupid just to get boys to like you. AND NATE: I bet you, that if some pretty girl came out of nowhere, you would hit on her, and if you found out she had a A+ average, you would throw dirt at her face and call her ugly for the rest of her life! DON'T BE LIKE NATE!

Yes, Nate Is a very good person, but in big Nate: in the zone, if he really THOUGHT that he could fly when he jumped of a table, he was just being unimaginably dumb! and I can see why in big Nate: strikes again, randy said that he thought captains have to be good at sports, because he is the goalie in his soccer team, and he has been hit by the ball too many times to count, many of them being hilarious, and he can be very bad at other sports, too. one time in baseball, he got hit in the face by a baseball, giving him bandages in his head, and a black eye.

Nate is the best one, yes, but each every single time when Nate is playing soccer, he gets hit by the ball. and on big nate game on, on page 169, nate had a hilariously foolish facial expression on his face after being hit by a soccer ball.

Your wong nate just havse adhd

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23 Francis Butthurst Pope III

I will hypnotize him so he can stop reading trivia.

He needs a new haircut or everyone will say

I agree when Nate gets hurt he says he will be fine he is heartless

His middle name sucks - JoubsterA4

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24 School Picture Guy

He is a great person and all, but can't he take a picture of Nate when he's ready?!

He is a horrible dorky looking person who is totally insane.

The way I see it, he's a very good person. he shouldn't be here.

25 Mrs. Williger

I am going to THROW HER OFF MOUNT EVEREST, chain her too a very aggressive tiger, burn her home down without caring if people are in there, and toss her on my garage roof. HARD. That I'll teach her a lesson. I won't kill her, but I will prison her in a bad jail in handcuffs for life. Without any clothing, food or money. She won't even get a place to sleep. I will also get someone to take a picture of me beating her up and make it a famous picture

I wish I could work with you on that quest if we could. BEST COMMENT EVER!

Nate falls off a canteen table (Big Nate: Goes For Broke) and injures himself. The principal says:

'At Jefferson we don't tolerate horseplay'

Emm... A child just injured themselves.

What was THAT?! horseplay?! that dumb principal thinks a kid who broke a bone was playing?! it was a confrontation with nolan!,heyy, that is different than playing friendilly, you blockbrain! (and I'm talking to mrs. williger! ). if that principal just confused a grave injury with HORSEPLAY, then her brain is as smart as a brick!

26 Ruby Dinsmore

Seriously, why Ruby people, she was never mean to anyone. If your saying she's mean for liking Randy and Nat. Your all sides Ruby is the nicest person ever. Even nicer than Artur!

Listen ruby can't be on this list she is so cute and gentil I cried when I found out nate was moving but I laugh out allowed when I found out nate wasent moving I think your wrong that ruby is one of the wost big nate characters she just so cute I love her and in fact I want a new big nate sequvel were nate saves ruby from a new relly mean large and strong bully

27 Julian Albams
28 Dan LaBreque

That jerk stole Nate's girlfriend. His first girlfriend who actually liked him back. Trudy was in a different grade and Kelly was in a whole different school. So Angie was more convenient than them at least. But then Dan LaBreque came along and she dumped Nate for him. Why doesn't Dan just find another girl who likes him. I mean, seriously. I felt so sorry for Nate, I actually made up a comic about Dan LaBreque moving away and Nate getting back together with Angie.

Broke up with Angie anyway. Jerk

29 Mrs. Lumley

What a mean lunch lady!

30 Ellen Wright

Before Marcus, she was my least favorite. She is a typical big sister but she's a little rude to big Nate.

Weirdest and the most annoying by far

Ellen logic: Noogie Nate for no heck of a reason

She is a useless-minded sociopath. she is ANNOYING AND OUR GREATEST BENEFIT WOULD BE IF SHE EVER LEAVES THIS PLANET AND NEVER COMES BACK! and on big nate: blasts off, ellen said to nate about his new crush, ruby: "you like somebody! and you're figuring out how to tell her! " as she put an incredibly annoying and idiotic facial expression! how I wish she would try to play throwing the knife at the target, the knife bounces back from the wall, and It would stab ellen in her throat.

31 Wesley Nichols

He is to dull witted to have hired coach john and mrs. godfrey, and also the fact that it's been YEARS and wesley hasn't fired them yet.


He is a complete MORON! he is so dumb, he doesn't even realizes how bad the people at P.S. 38 actually are. like for example, he has hired AT LEAST TWO PSYCHOPATHS IN THE SCHOOL STAFF, AND WESLEY MAY HAVE THOUGHT PLEASANT THOUGHTS ABOUT THEM, BUT THE HORRIBLE TRUTH IS THAT GODFREY AND JOHN MAKE ALL THE KIDS SUFFER AND ALSO MAKES THEM STOP WANTING TO GO TO SCHOOL! how's your brain going, hippopotamus belly?

32 Sheila

Seriously, people? First, Ruby and now Sheila? What the heck? Are you saying she belongs here just because she's Jenny's best friend? Why are you punishing here just because she is friends with a mean girl? I can't say she's nicer than Ruby, but she's nice enough! You guys seriously think that she is mean just because her best friend is mean?

33 Chief Meteorologist Wink Summers

This meteorologist always gets the weather wrong. I could see how mad he was from Nate always complaining. That was the part where Nates phone sparked in Big Nate: I can't Take It

I had heard about him, but when I found out he is Nate's favorite meteorologist, I was totally shocked, because all the time when I heard him all I saw was Nate complaining to him by phone about his bizarre weather predicting skills. seriously, It makes NO SENSE that Nate is a fan of someone who makes bizarre conclusions and he even complains to.

I think if Wink had a beach vacation, his

34 Teddy Ortiz

Friends make fun of each other all the time. It's just life. I like teddy a lot.

He made fun of an injured Nate on book 4: I wish Nate would've broken all of TEDDY'S limbs with his cast!

He is a very bad friend sometimes as he made fun of nate when he broke his wrist.

Agree, bro. Maybe Teddy is actually working for a power hungry psyquick who needs more grief feelings out there to become a GOD, along with his dark, little servant.

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35 Chad Applewhite

That is what I was going to say. he is a very good friends and the last thing he needs is appearing here.

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36 Ronnie Dwyer

I don't know him that much but seeing the way Nate speaks about him, Ronnie must be a HORRIBLE,HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, PERSON!

37 Miranda

Miranda thinks it's fun to be mean to nate

She's so violent and mean to Nate.

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38 Francis Pope

Why is he in there he is like king smarty-pants (gina is queen) man he annoys nate sometimes

39 Ms. Clarke

Steven Universe

SHE BARELY COMES UP IN BOOKS ONLY A FEW! man she does not need to be there

40 Eric Fleury
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