Worst Birds of All Time

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1 Seagulls

I like Seagulls! - MichaelAftonUTTP

When your one of the three people who actually like seagulls.

Rats with wings.


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2 Crows

Our Livestock sucks! - MichaelAftonUTTP

They always kill newborn livestock by ripping their arses apart and pecking their eyes out alive making the newborns bleed to death. Such annoying pests!

Pixtol, Just Hang Yourself!

3 Blue Herons

They're just overall jerks... no one likes them.

4 Caracaras

Hope they go extinct soon. Hate these useless birds that just make the world worse!

5 Skuas

I know it's nature and all predators have to eat blah blah but do you have to kill those little tiny baby penguins?

6 Martial Eagles

They eat alive, all I have to say.

7 Sea Eagles

Why the lambs? Why does everyone have to kill lambs?

8 Ravens

Same thing as crows, they kill domesticated newborn livestock.

9 Woodpeckers

Well they're just really annoying.

10 Golden Eagles

I like it when I'm able to put a new item to a list. But definitely not this one! I can't believe there is a list of this. This should be top ten idiots who are butthurt that these birds are "mean."

Well I'd switch golden eagles with black vultures.. but still I don't really like these guys, kinda jerks. Black vultures also kill a lot of live stock like newborn baby calves.

One stole a baby

My great grandpa tried to protect his lambs from one so he threw his boot at it and it snatched it and flew away. 0_o - Katekat123

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11 Ibis

Ibises aren't birds their feathered bin rats

Egyptian God Bird also they are unfortunately very misunderstood in australia.

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