Worst Birds of All Time

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1 Seagulls

I like Seagulls! - MichaelAftonUTTP

Rats with wings.

Chip stealers - Lunala

"Ahh ready to enjoy this delicious $20.00 burger, m let's start"
*Seagull flies and snatches it and flies off*
Also they have recently been pecking the eyes out alive of newborn baby seal seal and sea lion pups. And the black-backed gulls kill newborn baby lambs. Scene a slideshow where a mother ewe was crying and mourning her dead baby lamb killed by a gull.

2 Crows

Our Livestock sucks! - MichaelAftonUTTP

They always kill newborn livestock by ripping their arses apart and pecking their eyes out alive making the newborns bleed to death. Such annoying pests!

Pixtol, Just Hang Yourself!

3 Blue Herons

They're just overall jerks... no one likes them.

4 Caracaras

Hope they go extinct soon. Hate these useless birds that just make the world worse!

5 Skuas

I know it's nature and all predators have to eat blah blah but do you have to kill those little tiny baby penguins?

6 Martial Eagles

They eat alive, all I have to say.

7 Sea Eagles

Why the lambs? Why does everyone have to kill lambs?

8 Ravens

Same thing as crows, they kill domesticated newborn livestock.

9 Ibis

Egyptian God Bird also they are unfortunately very misunderstood in australia.

10 Woodpeckers

Well they're just really annoying.

The Contenders

11 Golden Eagles

Well I'd switch golden eagles with black vultures.. but still I don't really like these guys, kinda jerks. Black vultures also kill a lot of live stock like newborn baby calves.

One stole a baby

My great grandpa tried to protect his lambs from one so he threw his boot at it and it snatched it and flew away. 0_o - Katekat123

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