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1 December 25th

This sucks because people don't really pay attention to your birthday. Happy birthday to whoever has a birthday on this day.

In a diary of a wimpy kid book Greg said that having a birthday on Christmas is the worst because everyone will give you presents that are both for your birthday and Christmas instead of presents for your birthday and presents for Christmas.

My birthday is 21 December, which isn't on here, but I'm not logged in so I can't add it. Everyone forgets about my birthday because they're too hung up over Christmas - that's why I always say the Christmas season shouldn't start until 22 December! And people always ask "do you get combined presents? " My parents always kept them separate because they're not monsters, but combined presents still suck!

This is the WORST day ever to have your birthday. You just get cheated out of everything. Christmas present? Yeah we'll count that as your birthday too. Oh look a birthday cake! Yep, we're using that as the whole family's Christmas pudding. Not to mention that you need to wait a whole year for your birthday and Christmas. Most people have 2 special dates a year, we have 1!

2 February 29th

I was born in March of 2004 (which was a leap year). If I had been born 26 days earlier I would have been born on a leap day. And because 18 is not divisible by 4, it is hard to decide when a leapling should become legally an adult.

Yes! My birth year fell on a leap year but my birthday is in December and I’d rather have that then this horrible day! Literally having your birthday every four years would suck, imagine how many parties and gifts every four years

My second-cousin was born on this date. Albeit him being born on 1959, he's just 14 years old. He's a mere freshman, even though he has skin wrinkles! :O

Imagine having only to celebrate your birthday every 4 year, or worse, every 8 years considering that 2100 isn't a leap year.

3 September 11th

Born 9/11 1995, I was 6 years old when it happened. I was in art class, the only class room with a T.V., my principal runs in the room hystarical turns on the T.V. and the first thing we saw was the 2nd plane going in and, people say you can't see them, but I swear I saw people jumping. I don't feel like its becouse of that, but I have never liked birthdays.

I was born on 9/11 but not on the same year. Again, it's really awkward when it falls on a school day, because everyone is feeling depressed. I'm usually just in the background trying to hold in a laugh and tear when the sad announcements about how 9/11 was a tragedy come on.

I was born exactly a year after the attack, 9/11/02. It's really awkward going to school when everyone's really depressed and I'm just having a party. But it's ok because once you know that's my birthday you can't forget.

When I was in fifth grade, when it was my birthday (which is 11th), our teacher decided to let us watch a video of world trade center falling, well thanks for the wonderful gift (not).

4 April 1st

I was almost born on this day! This is really weird but my parents chose my birthday. My mum somehow got given something at the hospital so that I would be born but when the nurse asked her which day they should do it and that April 1st would be best but my mum said no way. LOL.

April 1st is my birthday and it's both a blessing and a curse. I alway have fun, but at school people pull pranks and jokes and one time my 6th grade teacher made a really bad joke in class that made me so embarrassed!

I was supposed to be born on this day. I luckily was born early and ended up being born on March 13. If I was born on this day. My surprise would be nothing because it's April fools day. No presents.

Alternatively, you won't be pranked. Because nobody will believe it's your birthday!

5 December 26th

This is my birthday and I can strongly argue that it is the worst possible day to be born, what happens right before, Christmas, I agree Christmas is about being with loved ones however presents are pretty lovely, with my birthday so close to Christmas I constantly get forgotten and have a cupcake for my birthday with only a Christmas tree as my decorations, to all my fellow December 26 babies you are not alone, I understand. Christmas you may think is the worst birthday, but what do you do on Christmas have a fun Christmas dinner with family and other loved ones, but what happens when you wake up the next day. And lose holiday joy, its seasonal depression time, the family reluctantly gather at my house, talking about the fun Christmas dinner we had the night before. HELLO what about me, I am here, I exist, I deserve to be loved. Why can't I be loved? If you read this all you probably share this horrible birthday with me and wish you could change. Guess what, I think I have a solution ...more

No one is ever in town and if they are is too worn out from all the Christmas celebrations that they don't want to do anything. People give you one gift for Christmas AND your birthday combined but most are so poor from Christmas shopping so they usually skimp on your present. It's also cold (I live in Michigan) so no one is particularly trying to go out and party, they want to stay in and be warm. Also I never got to celebrate my birthday at school because everyone was on holiday break. I've actually tried to move my birthday to June...no joke

Agreed! No one had any energy left to give for one more celebration. If they do, you feel it's out of obligation. Check the box. There's a whole laundry list big reasons why it's the worst: people aren't around, if you're celebrating Christmas out of town you're most likely traveling home on your birthday, gifts that double as Christmas/birthday, people are too tired they even forget it!, restaurants aren't open, shall I go on...?

I told my mom it wasn't my fault I was born the day after Christmas. I didn't ask for that so why do I have to get cheated out of gifts when my siblings don't. Then I have relatives and friends that forget about me. I have never had a party and everyone is always so, so tired. I'm in my feelings and feeling some type of way..

6 October 31st

My birthday is pretty close to October 31st and I have always hated it. Especially in school. It's way to late for the end of 1st quarter, where everyone is trying to raise their grades or getting all their homework in. So, it's always in the first week of the second quarter, where everyone is sad because new quarters just suck. So no one notices you... It's not very fun

This is my birthday. Everyone who I say "My birthday is October says "you must get extra candy". But no. No. All it does is sucks.

I was EXTREMELY close to being born on this day. I was born just 6 hours after halloween ended. It was a very close call.

This is my birthday...I just turned 18...and I also just remembered that I can't trick or treat anymore...

7 January 1st

My birthday is on January 1st and it is horrible. My friends are either out of town, too tired of holiday parties/gatherings or too hungover to celebrate. It's freezing cold outside and no one wants to leave home. They just want to stay inside and watch the Rose Parade or the college bowl games. I have never had a birthday party. My parents tried to throw me one when I was 8 and no one showed up. The worst part about having a New Year's Day birthday is that it is still close enough to Christmas that I often get either combined Christmas/Birthday gifts from relatives or they give me a really cheap birthday gift because they spent all their money on Christmas gifts. I hate when my parents tell me, "We got you a really nice Christmas gift so you don't need anything big for your birthday." :(

No parties, everyone is always busy. It's a 'family day' to everyone else so you can't hsve friends over and if you do they don't stay long. Either that or your 'friends' say they will come then skip out and the don't understand why your upset. Also no one believes it is really your birthday.

I was born on January 1st and I sometimes get combined Christmas and Birthday presents all the time from late relatives. I guess it kind of fun but my aunt says I need to have a half-birthday so I get presents in the summer.

Man, my Mom's birthday sucked when she was a kid, instead of having a party, her parents were spending a night out and my mom had to TAKE CARE of her siblings while watching the ball drop on ABC 2.

8 December 24th

My birthday is the 24th and it's the worst because no one cares.

They are all waiting for Christmas and not concerned there is no pity either

I had a real party once, when I was eight. When I was 26 my girlfriend threw me a party and no one came. I have no enthusiasm for anyone's BD at this point.

I hate my birthday so much, not exactly because of the date, so I guess I'm a little biased. but I despise my birthday so much—it's the worst day ever. the best day is december 25 because I have a whole year before I have to go through yesterday again.

My friend in mexico birthday that day he was born in 200 like me it is Christmas eve and that is the worst thing ever!

9 February 14th

It's my birthday as well. And it doesn't matter to anyone. Yeah my friends all have to be with their others that day. But I was married for 13 years and my birthday never got acknowledged because of Valentine's Day. Not a gift, card, dinner, or even a happy birthday. The day was all about her. I had to celebrate her on my birthday.

My birthday's in valentines day and I find it extremely embarrassing. everyone in school laughs and try to find me a lover. they say that my birthday present would be s**. the most embarrassing part is that I had a boy in my year who had the same birthday as me and people used to call us the two lovers

My birthday is February 14th and one time in high school my girlfriend broke up with me on Valentine’s Day as well as it was my birthday. I saw her one day and asked why she chose that day and said she didn’t know it was my birthday which made me feel better haha
It gets better guys I promise

Its horrible especially if you are single! You get over looked and all your girlfriends only want to hangout if they are single. I don't think I have actually celebrated my birthday on the actual day in 30 years.

10 July 4th

Yes this is my birthday and you get no attention whatsoever. The only special part is that you get fireworks. You can’t go anywhere because everything is closed for the holiday, everyone is out of town and it is always a million degrees out in july

I don't know what you guys are talking about! It's the best day to have a birthday with all the fireworks and all the pool parties around town! My birthday has always been more than fun! It's my favorite day of the year

It's a summer birthday so many will be out of town. Even if they're not out of town, this is a very family oriented birthday so you can never spend it with friends... Just alone in a dark corner crying yourself to sleep.

This is my birthday, and it's the worst because your birthday barely matters compared to America's. There is always that person who wishes you a Happy Fourth instead.

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11 Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day changes the date every year; if you have a birthday in between 22 November and 28 November, you only celebrate your birthday on Thanksgiving Day 1 in 7 days.

Stop complaining.

My family always waits until Thanksgiving to celebrate and never on my actual birthday, you know to kill two birds with one stone. I get a text or Facebook happy birthday on the day, never an actual phone call or visit. Plus my brothers birthday is two weeks later so they throw his name on the cake too and also plan a get together for his birthday. Friends always busy with their families. I don't care about gifts. I just want one day a year that's about me like everyone else.

I wouldn't want to have a Thanksgiving birthday because all the people that will be around you (if you have a b-day cake and a small house) will be breathing on your food and taking pictures with their food breaths. That is a bad pet peeve of mine someone breathes on my food. At school lunch the guy that sits beside me always talks too much and- nvm.. *shivers*

My family always forgets that my birthday is around Thanksgiving. I once got a recycled birthday card in which they cut out the word Grandma and put my name on a piece of paper taped to the inside of the card and left the signatures the same.. I signed this card like 6 months earlier.

12 December 31st

This is my birthday, and all anyone cares about is getting wasted and people are out of town and it's a cold and gross day. Plus, I hardly get any gifts and people forget the date

No one has time for you because they are all busy getting ready for the evening. Tons of people forget your birthday. I never get to go out and party because I feel guilty leaving my mum all alone on New Year’s Eve while my siblings are all out with their friends. It’s generally just boring because I don’t get to do anything fun and everyone is busy with other things.

You will never have anyone there because they're all out celebrating new years! You WILL be forgotton about. I know from much experience

This is my older sister's birthday. This day is awesome for me because of that (though I hate my older sister)

13 December 18th

My birthday is on this day and I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! Your birthday is near Christmas and you get cheated out of gifts! I used to get a lot of Christmas presents as a kid due to my birthday as well but as a got older I got so cheated out! It also sucks in school too! Sure you can still celebrate it but it's the last week before Christmas Break and everyone is trying to raise their grade and all of the teachers throw out tests and projects at you. Also it's cold too especially if you live in Michigan and I also get bad luck too.

On the bright side it's PositronWildhawk's birthday!

The birthday of Joseph Stalin.

14 June 6th

I was born on the 12th but I'm still in school on the sixth so I celebrate it but everybody is so worried about summer I'm ignored.

Looks like someone decided to diss swedes, this is Swedens national day.

Being born on dooms day is cool

Nothing wrong with this date

15 April 20th

Hitler, Columbine, Weed day, Deepwater Horizon, Freddy got Fingered's release in North America, So many bad things in one date! They didn't have happen on the same day on the year exactly. But you guys get what I'm saying

Hitler's birthday, the Ludlow massacre, Columbine, Deepwater Horizon explosion; and for those of us who don't smoke weed the day becomes painfully surreal. But if I do have cake for my birthday I know my friends will finish it at least.

One of the worst days to be born on ever. Hitler was born on this day, and one of the first big school shootings happened on this day to. Not to mention it's weed day.

This is my birthday and I'm part German so I always get called hitler and my neighbors always smoke and at school everyone talks about school shooting

16 April 22nd

This is a great birthday! Earth day! My mom and two of my friends were born on this day. Always great weather and usually no one is very bust around this time!

Happy birthday when it's earthday

It’s also Stalin’s birthday

17 April 15th

The Titanic Sank, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, the Boston Marathon Bombing happened. Wow! 3 terrible events on that day.

The Titanic sunk this day, Abraham Lincoln died this day, and the Boston Marathon bombing happened this day.

Abraham Lincoln's death + sinking of the RMS Titanic + tax day + Boston Marathon = hell on earth

This is my birthday so I like it but a lot of people hate it.

18 January 2nd

Everyone is fed up, feeling fat, hungover, back to work and poor after Christmas. IF you get remembered no-one wants to celebrate because they are fed up of drinking and eating, hungover and penniless or they are still away for Christmas/New Year, or they have gone back to work. The weather is abysmal, one year the only thing going on was a potato festival or sandy toxvig live (not kidding).

It is the back to school or work day. Nobody wants to drink or eat. You are lucky if you get a cupcake. And most restaurants are closed. After NYE and New Years they often close for the staff Holidays to reopen the 5th. Learn to celebrate in your own way. Happy Birthday!

People wouldn't want to celebrate your birthday because they would be tired out from the day before. During Christmas people would say "Merry Christmas and this is for your birthday, too! "

Hands down the worst day. As mentioned everyone is fed up with going out, broke and starting new year's resolutions. At least bday on holidays people are open to celebrating.

19 Easter

My birthday often falls in Easter - which my parents never celebrated so I didn't have to compete with the 'egg' events. It's not terrible for parties or weather (although often things are closed for the holiday) but as a kid every birthday I got 'Easter' gifts (with zero thought). Usually cheap Easter eggs and I can't eat milk chocolate, but other memorable gifts include egg cups (I had a whole collection), several bibles, several Easter themed VHS and even an actual living rabbit (I HATE rabbits).

My birthday is one Easter this year and it sucks. All everyone cares about is find the plastic eggs.

Tell your parents that they should parent better

But at least YOU get a cake

20 March 1st

Any date in March is bad to be born. This day is one of the worst, though. You are so close to being born in one of the best birth months, but then you get the worst. Also, you share this day with Justin Bieber. Ugh.

This is bad. This means you must SHARE your birthday with the worst singer in history. Thank god I wasn't born on this day!

Even though it is Justin Bieber's birthday, it is also Frederic Chopin's. Chopin isn't too bad.

Everyone will just care about that it's Justin Biebers birthday. They will not care about you.

21 December 30th

First your birthday gets lumped in with christmas, and then it gets lumped in with new years. Plus its not actually on a holiday so nobody even feels obligated to celebrate with you. Nobody really cares, because in comparison to everything else, a December 30th birthday doesn't matter. Also I live in Minnesota and hate the winter. Its almost never above 0 degrees (F) on my birthday.

People like to pretend it's okay to lump your birthday together with Christmas

Everyone is just waiting for New Years so they don't want to do anything!

And all the family go on holidays (especially in Australia.)

22 December 7th

My birthday is on December 7 and I hate it. I'm a Catholic so December 8 is a very important day for me. I was 1 hour and 30 minutes away from being born in December 8.

I know 4 people that have their birthday on that day a teacher in Mexico my cousin 2 of my friends from school. It sucks!

Welp it is a shame for sharing a date with Pearl Harbor's day. I was predicted to born at that day.

This is my birthday and I get to watch really sad videos at school.

23 December 16th

This is my birthday and it always falls during finals week and nobody's around to celebrate - or they just forget. It's also close enough to christmas that people lump the gifts together, or don't want to do anything specific for the birthday since everyone's getting together for the holidays soon anyway.

it just sucks.

Birthday is always combined with Christmas. Is always finals week or the week after so most people forget it.

In the last week of school, but never the last day, so everyone's tired and just wants a holiday

My bday is on this day and I've always been alone and also that I'm still like a baby to my friends

24 April 19th

What is so bad about this one! All good things happened that day!

I was predicted to born on that day.

The Oklahoma bombing of 1995 was on this day and I share my birthday with this one and everyone in school is so sad

Oklahoma City bombing. Happened. That. Day. Ugh.

25 December 22nd

My birthday is this day and it is the best thing ever! Our school changed so now it is the last day of school before the winter break so it feels like everyone is having a party for you and once there was even a school field trip on that day! ( it was shrek the musical but I wasn't really a fan of it ) and my family gets me a normal amount of gifts for my birthday then on christmas I get like 8000000 gifts so it isn't that bad

My birthday is overshadowed by jesus, I get joint gifts, and no one remembers it. I've just learnt not to care about birthdays anymore, lol *cries*

I have the same birthday and it sucks since its close to Christmas my dad is getting me a phone amd on Christmas accessories.

Best day ever gate 2 times the gifts

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