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61 December 7th

My birthday is on December 7 and I hate it. I'm a Catholic so December 8 is a very important day for me. I was 1 hour and 30 minutes away from being born in December 8.

This is my birthday and I get to watch really sad videos at school.

62 February 4th

Seriously? There is nothing wrong with this date!

This is my bday! It might be cancer day (some countries do cancer day) but it doesn't mean your going to GET cancer. Whoever put this date on has a brain the size of a garden pea.

Whats for this?

63 March 28th

I feel so sorry for those who have that birthday, (If you do not know what happened that day, just look up bad things that happened in March 28th, trust me, it is not good)

Wow, It must suck to have this birthday, If I had this birthday, I would celebrate it on the 27th of 29th.

No living thing should ever have to suffer this birthday.

RIP 14 people WHO DIED IN CYCLONE DEBBIE - coolguy101

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64 July 14th

It is the worst birthday everybody is traveling

65 February 30th

It never happens, so if you were born on february 30th, you don't have a birthday!

How is this higher then dates that exist?!?!

66 November 13th

I was born on november 13th but it happend in paris attacks but I was born on los angeles so I'm korean american so yeah lol. - SpencerJC

My birthday is the day of the Paris attacks and I'm Muslim. yay me.

67 Columbus Day
68 September 21st
69 August 12th


70 November 14th
71 November 12th
72 January 13th
73 February 28th
74 July 1st

I'm born on this day, for Ghostbusters fans (Like Me! ) It was Dan Akroyd's birthday.

75 July 21st
76 May 7th V 2 Comments
77 February 26th
78 August 9th
79 November 15th

I have a friend who was born the day after this.

People care about Minecraft and not you

All people want to do is go on this special Minecraft server with popular users like CaptainSparklez and Dan TDM. - FasterThanSonic

MC was released on November 18th so get choose facts right. - coolguy101

80 November 11th

My little brothers birthday is on that day - Ihateschool

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