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61 June 9th

This is my birthday, and though I love it, my dirty mind sometimes takes over when I write 6/9

I think it’s not a horrible birthday because it’s in summer

62 September 1st

My birthday is the 2nd and it’s honestly the worst I live in Britain so I usually end up going back to school on this day but beginning of September for birthdays is overall quite sad because it’s the end of summer. On the plus side, it’s nowhere near any special occasions or holidays!

63 February 28th
64 December 28th

This is my birth date...it stinks because it is usually when everyone goes back to work so no one is off and you're just kind of stuck all alone and forget a birthday party I've actually grown to hate them...the only good thing is everything is on sale!

65 March 14

It's always during spring break and everyone is usually gone away, so it can be quite lonely.

My best friend (when I was in the 4th grade) has the same birthday as this.
Plus it's also Einstein's birthday - mayamanga

66 August 6th


67 March 13th
68 June 5th
69 June 3rd


70 December 29th


71 October 30th

Everything is about the next day... Halloween if you hadn't guessed. It isn't like it is an actual party of any kind on the next day either like with Christmas or Independence Day. In fact a lot of people have Halloween parties on your birthday so they can be free the next day and you get to go to them without anyone having any idea it is your birthday because who cares... It is Halloween!

I am normally at the other side of te country on this day.

72 December 7th

My birthday is on December 7 and I hate it. I'm a Catholic so December 8 is a very important day for me. I was 1 hour and 30 minutes away from being born in December 8.

This is my birthday and I get to watch really sad videos at school.

73 February 4th

Seriously? There is nothing wrong with this date!

This is my bday! It might be cancer day (some countries do cancer day) but it doesn't mean your going to GET cancer. Whoever put this date on has a brain the size of a garden pea.

Whats for this?

74 March 28th

I feel so sorry for those who have that birthday, (If you do not know what happened that day, just look up bad things that happened in March 28th, trust me, it is not good)

Wow, It must suck to have this birthday, If I had this birthday, I would celebrate it on the 27th of 29th.

No living thing should ever have to suffer this birthday.

RIP 14 people WHO DIED IN CYCLONE DEBBIE - coolguy101

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75 February 30th

It never happens, so if you were born on february 30th, you don't have a birthday!

How is this higher then dates that exist?!?!

76 November 13th

I was born on november 13th but it happend in paris attacks but I was born on los angeles so I'm korean american so yeah lol. - SpencerJC

My birthday is the day of the Paris attacks and I'm Muslim. yay me.

77 March 31st

This is the absolute worst birthday date because although it is not officially April 1st, as a child most people get pranked on this day. Now, No one is around (off at spring break in Florida or something). I personally, have never had a party on my birthday so I used to save it until June.

This is my birthday it's ok yeah I was almost an April fool baby but that would have been worse!

78 Columbus Day
79 September 21st
80 August 12th


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