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81 November 12th
82 February 13th

Being born the day before Valentine's day sucks. I almost always have bad birthdays, on top of the fact that I almost never have A Valentine.

I am born 2 days before. - njalabi63989

83 July 25th

My birthday. Some people do "Christmas in July" in Australia this date - Basically regular christmas but on this date instead of 25th December. And I live in Australia too - Lunala

84 March 3rd

March 3 is probably the worst day you could be born, especially if you were born in 2003. I was born 3/3/03 and everyone always says illuminati confirmed. - Mquigley52

I was born on March 3rd 2003 :( It is the worst birthday to have.

Bulgarian who were born on this day will be extremely lucky. I'm Bulgarian, that's why.

I were born on 13 May - BorisRule

85 July 1st

I'm born on this day, for Ghostbusters fans (Like Me! ) It was Dan Akroyd's birthday.

86 July 21st
87 May 7th V 2 Comments
88 February 26th
89 August 9th
90 September 5th
91 June 13th

My brother was born on this day, on a Friday. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

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92 December 29th
93 October 29th V 1 Comment
94 December 15th

Not only do you have to worry about Christmas and other Yuletide celebrations, but also, if you're in school, you very well could experience final exams on your special day. I once had to take 3 finals in college on my birthday, and my first one was at 8 in the morning. Also, I had one last exam to take on my 21st birthday, but because it was on a Thursday that year (the last day for exams), practically everyone else was already gone on Christmas break. *sigh* That and everyone's typically busy with holiday parties, family get-togethers, and ugly sweater contests. Luckily, though, my birthday is pretty good because I have some very awesome people in my life who go out of their way to make it special.

Because its 10 days before Christmas people born on this day have to budget more then people born in the earlier parts of the year like April or May where their are no big holidays with that being said December 15 is so close to Christmas that it sucks

95 January 20th V 2 Comments
96 June 17th

I originally thought it was one of the best dates to be born on, until last year, It was ruined by a mass shooting.

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97 June 30th V 1 Comment
98 July 12th

One girl was making her supper and a guy broke into her house, and knifed her and everyone who is born on this day is haunted by her.

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99 August 30th
100 August 29th
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