Worst Black Eyed Peas Songs

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1 My Humps My Humps

All these songs are bad (well, most of them) - micahisthebest

This list is the worst list of all time!

My favorite songs by the Black Eyed Peas song is Pump It. (I also love Rock that Body, XOXOXO and Imma Be)
However, this song is so damn cringy and annoying.

I don't know wether My Humps or Boom Boom Pow is worse, but, it is The Black Eyed Peas so, every song on this list sucks - Scr3aM

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2 Rock that Body Rock that Body

Rock that Body sucks. - lizard302

3 Imma Be Imma Be

Ha-ha! You spelt it wrong - lizard302

I love this msong - lizard302

4 Shut Up

According the the YouTube video, Shut Up's main focus is on genders being different, no matter how equal they are in real life. So yeah... screw this song. The beat is too good and catchy for this song.

This needs to be number 1 or No.2. I mean this being #9... IT'S ONE OF THE WORST SONGS EVER - lizard302

Yes, Black Eyed Peas, please shut up! - Scr3aM

Shut up was in the Uk Top 5 Worst Songs of 2006. - lizard302

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5 Don't Phunk With My Heart
6 Don't Stop the Party
7 Pump It
8 Boom Boom Pow

put on top

Whyis boom boom boom here? This is a awesome song - lizard302

9 The Time (Dirty Bit)

It's just horrific.

10 Hey Mama

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11 I Gotta Feeling
12 Meet Me Halfway

To be honest I found this their best one. - Swellow

13 Like That

Question from the ages what's going on in the back pages if you wanna get down then listen listen - lizard302

Like that? Really it's one of my all time favourites. Because the apl de ap come and clap to the rap! - lizard302

14 Dum Diddly

I like this one who added it - lizard302

15 Where is the Love?
16 Awesome

This songs is NOT awesome. one of the lyrics is WOAH and its black eyed peas at their worst

17 Simple Little Melody
18 Bep Empire

BEP Empire! Shouldn't be here. - lizard302

19 Labor Day (It's a Holiday)
20 The Boogie That Be
21 Fly Away
22 Just Can't Get Enough
23 Don't Lie
24 Feel It
25 Alive
26 Let's Get It Started
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1. The Time (Dirty Bit)
2. My Humps
3. Imma Be
1. My Humps
2. Shut Up
3. Rock that Body



Swellow Rants - My Humps

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