Swellow Rants - My Humps

Swellow The Black Eyed Peas' album Elephunk of 2003 was actually OK. It had a great meaningful hit (Where is the Love?), introduced the OK (before Boom Boom Pow, at least) Fergie, among other bearable songs. However, that album could be the hip-hop version of Songs About Jane by Maroon 5, because the decency of the two albums were later overshadowed by the awful reputation the two bands would get...
We then got Monkey Business the following year. MB had a few bearable hits again, but it also had a few bad ones, too. But what could be worse than My Humps? The title is a surefire sign you know what to expect of a song with the unfortunate title of that. What caused so many people to hate this song and the band themselves? Well, how about we take an analysis, shall we?

The first thing to note are the lyrics. The title definitely tells you something about the lyrics; The lyrics start off with Fergie being asked what she will do with her butt (oh great, did we need Baby Got Back memories?), and she replies "I'm gonna get (repeated god knows how many times) you drunk, get your love drunk of my humps, my humps (let's just skip to the end of "humps" being repeated), my lovely little lumps! Check them out!"
Yup... the songs about getting drunk at a party, and finding a girl who you only like because of her privates. So you've gone from telling the USA about finding the love in the mess of the world we live in, to this?! Oh my...
Then we go onto the chorus after Fergie discussing how much the guys love her. "She's got me spendin' ooh spending all your money on me on me" So not only do you like her for her parts, but now you want to waste your money on her? Yeah... because Fergie is soooooo attractive... (sarcasm but anyway)
Then this is where will.i.am started ruining everything. After more Fergie blabber, he goes on to saying some of the dumbest lyrics of the song. Milky Milky Cocoa Puff? @$$ inside them jeans? Come on, will.i.am, could we please have some meaning!?

To move on from lyrics, we have the beat. Yes, there's not much beat. It's weary, boring and dull all in one, with electronic noises being added into it to try make it interesting. And the video... the video... why?
It's another video that goes with the awful meaning of this song. I mean, did they try to add some meaning into the song? Nope. It's just really awful when I saw it. Never again, repeat, never again.

0/10 is what I'd rate this. After releasing a great and meaningful song and in the span of two years it gets overlooked by a one about objectification. This is why I find music scary today... the foreshadowing of Boom Boom Pow.


I love the beat of this song, shame this is what they did to it.

Great rant. I did manage to find a will.i.am song worse than this though. The Scream and Shout remix (I ranted on that). - WonkeyDude98

I should do Scream and Shout. It's a really dull song that ruined two singer's careers in general. - Swellow

Great post. Exactly how I feel about this annoying song - Martinglez

R.I.P. Fergie's singing career.
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