Worst Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Weapons

You might not agree with me but, this is my opinion with some background knowledge.

The Top Ten


Hands down, worst gun ever. COMPARING TO FAL: It shoots slower than the Fal, THE FAL HAS 5 MORE POINTS OF DAMAGE IN CLOSE RANGE! The fal is also more accurate. How bout that SMR. Mad?

Can't kill unless you are pro


it sucks!


This is the Scar before it had it's 5 or so buffs in which now it is a amazing gun. Before it used to have 3-3-4-5 hit kills, but now it has 3-3-3-4 shot kills but you have to be in a extremely long range to hit the 4 hit kill

3 Five-Seven

Worst gun in BO2. - Shyrtex

This thing is not the Five-seven from MW3 where you have an amazing trigger finger shooting like The PP90. This shoots as fast as th MK-48 (very slow) and has a terrible 2 hit kill range, Unlike the Tac-45 which is the exact opposite.

4 M1216

Because, of this gun, it took 5 months for you to get diamond shot guns because it is 99.9 percent chance you wont get a one shot kill.

5 Skorpion Evo III

The Evo May have the fastest fire rate of anything in the game other than the death machine, but it shreds and burns ammo at the same time. Unless you have scavenger this is a bad gun

6 M8A1

Again you might not agree with me. This thing is kinda good with the right attachments and in the right hands. It's either that or I'm just bad with the gun. But I'm good with the SWAT

7 Executioner

Good gun


It's range is terrible. the only good side to it is the fast 3 hit kill but you need to be in real close to get that.

9 Ballistic Knife

This is thing is only good if you want to get your riot, or Combat Knife diamond. Or, if you're making a knife class.


Cheapest gun in the game

This thing doesn't shoot like the dragunov from MW3. Along with a ugly scope, the 2 hit kill and the accuracy you're better off using the XPR-50.

The Contenders

11 Ballista
12 XPR 50
13 Chicom CQB
14 S12
15 Vector K10
16 M481

This gun is not in the game

I personly think this gun is the worst 4 burst gun out there

17 M27

Ok, I know this gun is pretty beast, but the slow rof and 4 hit- kill sets this gun back. You might as well be using the Type-25 or the MTAR

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