Worst Black Sabbath Albums

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1 Forbidden

Personally, I actually love this album. The only real dud on here is I Won't Cry For You, which is just on the low side of the "meh" scale. But for the most part, other than that this album actually rocks. Sick and Tired, the title track, Loser Gets it All, Can't Get Close Enough, and Rusty Angels are all underrated classics in my eyes, and they kick just as much ass as anything on the older albums. I love the raw, gritty and aggressive tone this whole album has from start to finish, and the cover art is insanely memorable for me. I don't think Forbidden deserves even half as much hate as it gets. Redirect that hate to Technical Ecstasy if you want, though. - Simba_Lennon

At least Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules aren't here and they don't belong here either - christangrant

Only bad album in my opinion but like iommi said this sholdve been forbidden

2 Cross Purposes

This is definitely the weakest of the Tony Martin albums for me. A lot of the songs feel lifeless, the riffs just aren't there, and most of it sounds like it needed at least one more mixing session to sound clear enough. The best cuts on here are Psychophobia and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, which are both amazing. What's the Use is also very good, and Virtual Death is okay too. But in general, if you're one of those Sabbath fans who desperately want to track down the Tony Martin albums to buy (like myself), save Cross Purposes for the last priority. It's definitely the least necessary of the five. - Simba_Lennon

3 Seventh Star

In For the Kill- 10/10
No Stranger To Love- 7.5/10
Turn To Stone- 7/10
Seventh Star- 7/10
Danger Zone- 10/10
Yeah, it's really not that bad - sweetbeef

4 Never Say Die

This has 1 memorable track on it and it's the title track but other than that this album is very forgettable and bland I see why Ozzy was kicked out of the band after this - christangrant

Ozzy was kicked out because he was high. So high they couldn't bring him back down. - SoldierOfFortune

5 Technical Ecstasy

Back Street Kids is a solid opener, and You Won't Change Me is a decent ballad of sorts. But beyond those two tracks, this whole album is just so bland and forgettable. It's nothing close to the hard doom or sludge metal sound of the first six albums, and even the album cover is so unfitting for Black Sabbath. Now, I'm all for any band trying something different from their usual roots, and sometimes it can work if they do it well. (See Seventh Star or Tyr. Even Never Say Die mostly works in that regard.) But Technical Ecstasy? This is their worst record by far, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except the absolute diehard Sabbath fans. - Simba_Lennon

3 good songs: Dirty Women, She's Gone, and It's Alright - SoldierOfFortune

I actually felt this was a good album

6 Tyr

This is a very underrated album, it has some gems on it like : the epic ''Annu Mondi'' and ''Valhalla'' - MoeinTPS

7 13

This is a good album - christangrant

8 Headless Cross
9 Paranoid

Good album - christangrant

10 Born Again

Underrated album, but the production here is awful

Nah this is underrated and its awesome - christangrant

The Contenders

11 The Eternal Idol
12 Dehumanizer

No this is good - christangrant

I absolutely despise this album as much as Never Say Die! The songs don't seem right to me and it seems completely rushed as a record I don't hate the whole album. I like After all the Dead, Master of Insanity and Sins of the Father. But besides that this is the worst piece of Work Ronnie James Dio ever did, skip to The Devil You Know it’s Dehumanizer done right.

13 Sabotage

Fantastic Album. why is this gold even here? - MoeinTPS

Good album - christangrant

14 Vol 4

Good album - christangrant

15 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Good album - christangrant

16 Masters of Reality

Good album - christangrant

17 Black Sabbath

Good album - christangrant

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