Worst Blood On the Dance Floor Songs

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1 It's On Like Donkey Kong

How do you vote for all of them?!

...is there any tolerable songs from this garbage band? - Gehenna

RIP- Donkey Kong

Reason of Death: He listened to this song - KingSlayer93316

Their are worse songs then this!

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2 Sexting

They all make me want to throw up. Can't tell the difference

I didn't know that this is going to be the soundtrack to my funeral (sarcastic)

7 songs in the top 10 are about sex. Haha - Elina

Pretty sure I have chlamydia now. Thanks botd.

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3 Believe

To me, this is their most tolerable song, but his voice in many parts of the song get on my nerves. 2/10 - HollyleafOfThunderClan

4 Candyland
5 Bewitched

It would be very sad to see someone prefer this over a Candlemass song with the same name.

It's probably their most tolerable song, but it still sucks.

6 Innocent High
7 Ghosting

This is the Mother Mother song lol - ProPanda

This is worst BOTDF songs Admin. Why is that album here? - DCfnaf

I spy with my little eyes a fish. :3 - Gehenna

8 Well Suck Me!

Eww. - Gehenna

9 Frankenstein + the Bride

Am I the only one who see's a cosplay of Neo Mettaton from Undertale? - Gehenna

10 You Done Goofed

A diss track aimed at a pre-teen girl. Enough said.

No, YOU done goofed by existing, BOTDF - KingSlayer93316


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11 Revenge Porn

What is this? - KingSlayer93316

12 S My D

Get the hell away from me! >o< - Gehenna

13 Ima Monster

Holy crap! A Monster! *punches Dahvie Vanity in the balls* - Gehenna

14 Scream for My Ice Cream

Now I will never look at Ice Cream the same way ever again. Now if you excuse me, I have to get my Ice Cream. - Gehenna

That just sounds dirty

15 Star Power

Worst song I have ever listened to, it has everything bad possible about a song. Terrible meaningless lyrics that are lazily written, it has the most annoying beat ever, it is unoriginal and sampled Family Guy, there are stupid annoying sounds to this song(seriously, coughing sounds? ). And the vocals are beyond atrocious and the most annoying and awful, out of tune vocals I have ever heard, and they are autotuned.

Nintendo should file a lawsuit against this scum band. - Gehenna

Thanks for ruining Mario for me BOTDF.

16 P.L.U.R.
17 Rise & Shine
18 Save the Rave

Dahvie likes Teen Titans Go? Gross. - Gehenna

Worst. Hook. I. Have. Ever. Heard. In. My. Entire. Life.

(And comes from the same band that made "Where's My Wonderland", a song that I *ducks* fully love) - Martin_Canine

19 Keys to the Bakery
20 Lookin' Hot Dangerous
21 Mosh & Roll!
22 I <3 Hello Kitty

...is he wearing a...dress...? O.o - Gehenna

Well, Hello Kitty doesn’t want to say “Hello” to you, idiot - KingSlayer93316

23 Anaconda

Yes, I know this isn't Blood On The Dance Floor, but if they covered this song, it can automatically end their career. - Gehenna

This isn’t BOTDF, but this song makes people bleed on a dance floor - KingSlayer93316

24 Rise and Shine

One of their "tolerably good" songs, but it doesn't change anything. - Gehenna

25 Baby
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