Blood On The Dance Floor - 3 Songs Review

It's On Like Donkey Kong
You Are The Heart

All by Blood On The Dance Floor.

I didn't expect to write a second review. But I had a good idea, so I went with it. I am reviewing three songs today: It's On Like Donkey Kong, which is their worst song judging by the "Worst Blood On The Dance Floor Songs", Sexting, the song I personally despise the most, and You Are The Heart, a song on which I have really mixed feelings on.

Let's start with IOLDK: the beat is overly simplistic, 2 notes in the main melody, an overly high pitched synth, the bass plays the same thing over and over, oh wait it's extremely repetitive as a whole! It is also boring because of it. Dahvie does his rap-like thingy in the verses and his singing is awful as always in the chorus. In said chorus there are voice filters that add a new dimension of awful. The lyrics have everything wrong with them, that's enough said.

The beat of Sexting is way better than the IOLDK one, I'll give it that. The melody is catchy and upbeat, but the intro ruins it. Also, it only works as an instrumental, the vocals make it sound worse somehow. Speaking of, the biggest problem is Dahvie's vocals. His voice manages to be worse than in IOLDK. For some reason, he sounds conceited when he does the verses. And in the chorus, his singing is the worst I have ever heard in my life. No joke. The lyrics: it's self-explanatory. Another extremely sexual song, seemingly written by a 5 year old. Here are the lyrics in the chorus: "I wanna f*** you hard/I wanna fill you deep/I wanna rock your body/I wanna taste you sweet" Or is it taste your sweat? Not sure, but it isn't good either way.

Now, let's get to You Are The Heart. I kind of think this is decent. The beat has a good melody, but Dahvie is an awful singer, I cannot stress that enough. The lyrics, while not being about their typical subject matter (look at the two songs above) are poorly written and the definition of teen angst. Despite this, it might be their best song.

-Elina, and I hate this band so much it's not even funny. They have many more songs I would like to talk about, but I think I'll end it at three for now.


Kill BOTDF. Kill them. - RiverClanRocks

It's On Like Donkey Kong: -5/5
Sexting: -4/5
You Are The Heart: 2.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

I would have given both IOLDK and Sexting -5/5, and I wanted to give You Are The Heart 2/5, but I throught I was being too soft with it. - Elina

NO, I accidentally flagged your comment, I am so, so sorry for that. - WonkeyDude98

I have been hearing terrible things about BOTDF. Out of morbid curiosity, I think I'll check out one of their albums. - visitor

I wouldn't want to inflict that on anybody except Dahvie Vanity himself. - Elina

I'm about halfway through Let's Start A Riot. Feel free to kill me any time you want. The lead... singer's (? ) voice makes me want to strangle someone. - visitor

BOTDF is horrible.
This review is great - Martinglez

If were being honest, IOLDK is their best song...
It's still terrible - ProPanda

More like their worst song... - DCfnaf

No, I think it's their best. - ProPanda

Blood On The Dance Floor please kill yourselves. - visitor