Top 10 Worst Board Games

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1 Mouse Trap

I had this game, I think I broke the peices as a kid - trains45

I actually had this. I think it was more fun playing with the mouse trap contraption than the actual board game. - Nonpointed

There was a kids gameshow in the 80s which was a giant mouse trap. I wish I was an 80s kid.

People who created Mouse Trap need to either Die or kick themselves in the face or jump off a huge cliff. This is an extremely horrible game.

2 Operation

The Homer Simpson version scared the crap out of me as a kid...

Nah I had operation on the game pens they used to sell. The patient wasn't a clown just had a red nose.

What's With That Clown Patient?!

More frustration than fun, Operation is an excercise on patience. You'll have lost $10000 and 2 patients before you can remove a single piece. - FernandoLemon

3 Clue

Clue's An Awesome Game You Stupids!

Clue is my third favorite game ever! There is a lot of strategy if you play to win!

All about luck and no strategy whatsoever.

Worst game ever

4 Monopoly

This is game is fantastic. Take it off NOW!

Do I even need to comment, so dull.

Boring, unbalanced and ridiculously overrated.

Sometimes takes weeks!

5 Doggy Doo


6 Candy Land

I remember playing this game with my mother as a preschooler. I enjoyed it. To me, it was sort of like a fantasy role playing game. I imagined myself walking around and exploring. Now, 45 years later, I am a recovering tier three alcoholic with encephalopathy, cirrhosis and psychosis. A defense mechanism inside what's left of my brain blames Candyland for all the aforementioned problems,

There is literally no skill or strategy to this game. You just pick a card, pure luck. - UglyBull

This game is just too easy. All you have to do is go around the game board and finish in no time. - JoeBoi

This game is lame, babyish, and it lacks proper replay value. I'd have more fun, by betting an iPhone smarthphone as a bounty prize, for gambling, on a game, of Poker.

7 Don't Wake Daddy

I own this one actually, although I obviously haven't played it recently (it's been years and years since it was more than a dust collector in the closet). Assembling this one is not only annoying, it's incredibly easy to break the pieces beyond repair. It's also incredibly frustrating with how easy it is to wake "daddy" and lose all your progress, effectively making this game reliant on luck (or depending on whether or not the mechanic will even work properly with the game you just bought). Needless to say, this game will continue to collect dust. - nerffan8000

I remember a commercial about this, that's about it though. - Nonpointed

Don't you do it! Don't you wake daddy. If you do you'll find that he sits up and you umm...forget why you're playing the game.

Oh my gosh that game is really creepy. the sound when he wakes up, is like a texas chainsaw in real life. holly cow it is bad really bad. gosh please do not play, please. - alexanderstrider

8 Backgammon

I remember asking my grandfather what the game on the back of the checkerboard was. He was very drunk at the time and said, "That's backgammon! " He looked at me with a pissed off face and I went downstairs to my room. I knew better than to push the issue. Anyway, my subconscious always associates said incident with the backgammon board and I don't play the game because of it.

Buy War Chest if you want an actually fun abstract. - Radiumus

As a matter of fact, I hate Backgammon. Specially when I'm playing against the computer. - FernandoLemon

9 Gooey Louie

I was a child when it first came out, someone brought it to school on toy day so embarrassing memory.


10 The Game of Life

The object of the game is to get married, have kids, and become a millionaire.

The Contenders

11 Toilet Trouble
12 Poopyhead

What’s with all of the poop games now a days?

13 Pie Face
14 Soggy Doggy
15 Trouble
16 Connect Four
17 Chess

Checkers (known as draughts in midevil time) is a much better game and is much simpler, chess on the other hand is hard and just stupid

It's so bad I agree with the other person I would die for not playing it


18 Trump the Board Game

People didn't complain about this game back in 1989 or 2004, so why now...oh right.

Amazing how he has a board game, in all honesty. But that doesn't automatically make it a bad board game. - Nonpointed

The title sums it all

It is Donald Trump so you know it is awful.

Oh my this game is bad. every body knows that trump is gross. he even has guinea pig hair. - alexanderstrider

19 Scrabble

This awesome fun game for smart people

20 Checkers

Quite possibly, as a matter of fact, would you believe it or not, this is no doubt, absolutely, obviously, can’t even believe it, the worst “”””game””””” I have ever had the displeasure of smelling or playing or looking at. All you do is take circles and move them around squares! How unbelievably boring! This is so bad that even my dumb dog can’t even plag. This sucks so much I can't even see what I’m typing anymore because this dumb pop-up is in the way and I like this pop up more than this game! I can't rell what I’m typing anymroe so dim orbsiabwkchdbwlxjd

21 Buckaroo
22 Sorry

Ok its an oldie

23 Risk

It becomes apparent early on who's going to win, and then takes quite a while for the inevitable to transpire.

It is So hard! All you do really is place guys and battle with them by using dice. I bet everybody is tied in these game except for beginners. And I HATE THE NAME!

24 Wiggly Worms

It was for little kids in the 90s, it was actually worms in a giant red apple.

early 90s

25 Jenga

Jenga is so boring. All you do is take off a piece,stack it at the top and repeat until the tower falls down. - JoeBoi

26 Ghettopoly

Is this supposed to be a ripoff of Monopoly?

Very offensive game! - RobertWisdom

27 Smart A**
28 Aggravation
29 Cluedo

Cluedo is the worst game ever.

30 Jumanji

The game is crap and the movie is crap too. - alexanderstrider

31 Perfection

Very easy - Nonpointed

Are you afraid of everything popping out. - me aged 5

32 Swirl
33 Doh Nutters
34 Pop Up Pirate

Sorry I was just annoyed I never got the game when I was a kid ok.

35 The Simpsons Trivia Pursuit

Its gay

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