Worst Bob Dylan Albums

I love Bob Dylan, but sometimes his albums can be bad.

The Top Ten

1 Knocked Out Loaded
2 Dylan (1973)

Update: Since I made this list, my opinions are starting to change. I started to like the albums World Gone Wrong, Empire Burlesque and Good As I Been To You. So I could remove those items if I had the choice to. - Mumbizz01

3 Saved
4 Down In the Groove
5 Street-Legal

I love this album - Billyv

6 Shot of Love
7 Empire Burlesque

I also love this album. Full of Great songs as an album should be. Some people just don't get it.Maybe the list title should be "albums I don't like" - Billyv

I strongly agree that a few of your choices for this list are clunkers - worthy of a "worst" tag, probably shouldn't have been released (Down In The Groove, Knocked Out And Loaded, and Dylan 1973 is generally regarded as poor - I haven't bothered to hear it) While I really like several of his "Christian phase" songs and think they were masterfully crafted, other cuts from Saved and Shot of Love seem forced or contrived filler - far below standards of expectation - and perhaps could've been left out with the better combined for one follow up to a solid Slow Train Coming which started the period. However, I think some of the albums you listed are quite strong. Of course opinions, reactions and tastes differ, as well as sometimes changing over time. Dylan's experimenting and changing styles, along with vocals which fluctuate from decent to weak and the occasional uninspired lyrics can put off listeners (as do the frequent arrangement changes for live performances). Sometimes I've found I ...more - Billyv

8 Good As I Been to You
9 Under the Red Sky

Some of the music is great, as for the rest like Bob "I have no words"!

10 World Gone Wrong

Guess you don't like it when he covers some of his favorite songs. Again, the artist's choice to do what he wants - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Self Portrait
12 Dylan and the Dead
13 Christmas in the Heart
14 Dylan - A Fool Such as I
15 Real Live
16 Blonde on Blonde
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1. Self Portrait
2. Dylan and the Dead
3. Dylan - A Fool Such as I
1. Down In the Groove
2. Knocked Out Loaded
3. Dylan (1973)
1. Dylan (1973)
2. Street-Legal
3. Knocked Out Loaded


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