Worst Body Parts to Have Pain In


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1 Genitals

How could anyone forget the balls - winfreyb

One time my balls were really hurting for no reason

Can't we all agree on this? - higgsboson2142

Easily the first

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2 Eyes

At least for the pepper spraying.

3 Teeth

I can't take a toothache without trying to bury my face into my pillow and crying

I have undergone a teeth pain... It's more than a HELL

Ouch definitely the worst :'(

Wisdom teeth pain is the worst...especially if it hurts to the point where you have to get them out. They shouldn’t even exist in the first place, then no one will ever have to deal with it

4 Head

I get headaches and migraines all the time. It's annoying as crap! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Headaches are annoying as heck, even more annoying than an itch - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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5 Legs

Knee pain has to be up there, agony, inflamed joint and every time your leg moves your knee gives you grief.

6 Neck

It's very excruciating, it's like thousands of pillars have been made all around neck,. Who know this more than me, it's 2015 now I'm with this constant pain since 2013. - Ananya

As Sheldon Cooper once said, it's quite a feeble support for something so valuable. - PositronWildhawk

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7 Finger

Especially when you're cleaning a papercut on it... - ruJILLous

8 Nose

Nothing compared to a ball kick. - nelsonerico2

Nosebleeds for life...

9 Hip
10 Breast

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? Ankle

Hurt like the devil when you get a sprained ankle

The Contenders

11 Anus

Unless you like that sort of thing.

12 Abdomen

The greatest pain I've ever been in is when I had an inflamed appendix. Nothing in my experience can compare. - PositronWildhawk

13 Back
14 Shoulder
15 Foot
16 Brain

LOL, brain doesn't have pain receptors - Ananya

How could you get kicked in the brain? It's inside your body

There are more reasons for pain besides being kicked... This list is about pain in general. - sofiav

17 Toes
18 Buttocks
19 Nails
20 Bladder
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