Worst Body Parts to Have Pain In

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1 Genitals

I knew this would be at the top! Getting hit in the balls or even the penis itself...just ow, man!

It's the special area that don't want anything bad happened to it
(Men got their balls bitten by some dangerous animal) (it happened to Quagmire)
(Woman get ovarian cancer)

How could anyone forget the balls - winfreyb

One time my balls were really hurting for no reason

2 Head

I get headaches and migraines all the time. It's annoying as crap! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I had a headache during a party once. It wasn't fun

The migrain is like Hammer blow IN THE HEAD

3 Eyes

Imagine paper cutting your eye.

I once had a an icicle fall into my right eye.

At least for the pepper spraying.

4 Legs

Knee pain has to be up there, agony, inflamed joint and every time your leg moves your knee gives you grief.

5 Teeth

Lets pray that in the next thousand years man would evolve in a way wherenerves in the tooth are nonexistant

I can't take a toothache without trying to bury my face into my pillow and crying

I have undergone a teeth pain... It's more than a HELL

Ouch definitely the worst :'(

6 Finger
7 Neck

It's very excruciating, it's like thousands of pillars have been made all around neck,. Who know this more than me, it's 2015 now I'm with this constant pain since 2013. - Ananya

As Sheldon Cooper once said, it's quite a feeble support for something so valuable. - PositronWildhawk

My brother is a big pain in this. - Britgirl

I hit my neck once, hurts like H-E-Double hockey sticks. - MeaganSaysHI

8 Hip
9 Nose

Nothing compared to a ball kick. - nelsonerico2

Nosebleeds for life...

10 Abdomen

Dude, It's Been Five Months Since This Happened. and Still Going.

One Thing: Appendicitis. If you Don't Believe me Watch the Madeline Special. You'll Understand.

The greatest pain I've ever been in is when I had an inflamed appendix. Nothing in my experience can compare. - PositronWildhawk

We already have this

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11 Breast
12 Anus


When your butthole cracks to the point where you're pooping blood and it stings whenever you wash your butt...

Some weirdos like this kind of pain!

Unless you like that sort of thing.

13 Shoulder
14 Stomach

The worst part is the cramps you get before you have a diarrhea episode...

I get bad tummy-aches all the time and they are the worst things ever.

15 Back
16 Bladder

It stings when you pee!

17 Gums

Canker sores are the worst

18 Ear

When you get ear infections or swimmers ear!

19 Ankle

Once I had a swollen ankle and it hurts to walk

Hurt like the devil when you get a sprained ankle

I sprained my ankle on Friday the 13th of April and could barely walk normally that night. - allamassal

20 Foot
21 Brain

LOL, brain doesn't have pain receptors - Ananya

22 Toes
23 Buttocks
24 Nails
25 Pinky Toe
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