Worst Bollywood Movies Ever

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1 Ram gopal verma ki aag

I don't think anyone needs to explain why he voted this movie to be the worst Bollywood movie ever

This must be the biggest disasters after tsunami, you tried remaking a classic Hindi movie and turned into biggest joke of the Bollywood... On top of that you named it AAG!... Fu RGV

Absolutely no words to describe this movie.

The worst from the worst

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2 Ra.One

I didn't even watch this movie because I didn't want to lose my faith in superheroes... Shahrukh proved that he fits only in those romantic flicks in which he has to open his arms wide... For a superhero movie, it was the worst... Even worse than Thor... No story only copy paste from hollywood movies... And a terrible casting.

I don't think that the movie deserves this place it is very nice movie I love shahrukh and his acting is fab... When I saw ra one it became my favorite movie because its so good...! I love this movie..!

Probably the worst movie to be made in history. May hold this record for the next 1000 years easily. To make a movie this bad, you have to be trained and it takes effort. Rip off of other great superhero movies. Over acting to the point it makes you nauseous.

This movie is the best and I don't think this movie deserve the worst place. This movie has got so many awards...And I think this is one of the best movies

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3 Tees Maar Khan

This movie is the worst, much worse than ra. One or kurbaan. The story is hopelessly illogical and the acting by akshaye khanna is just too much to tolerate. If there ever was an award for the worst movie ever made, this film should win it.

Hats off to Akshay and rest of the cast to make audience to think about themselves, whether they were out of their mind or they didn't understand what you were planning to show them in this horrible movie! Total waste of time and money.

Farah khan is a terrile director.. And this is her masterpiece... Yuck

Rubbish acting and rubbish story

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4 Bodyguard

Man, You call it a movie.. Naah! Insult.. Its like seies of missiles attack on audiences.

Typical Salman movie! If you watch this movie, then better book a room in hospital before watching this movie

Worst movie... Damn wasted my money

Salman khan chutia the hai or rhega... This movie proves it

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5 Himmatwala

I have heart attack while watching the movie wastage of my money other people movie. I want my money back and don't try make like this movie again or people die watching your movie.

I could have dies watching this

Worst movie in world there was an wastage of my pocket money

All time worst movie

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6 Rascals

Worst movie of all time it sucks like hell is it a movie wasting people money is it a movie it is worser the

It's worse movie. I don't like it. A waste of money and time.

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7 Damadamm


Please Himesh, spare the movie lovers...We want to watch good movies, not like yours and ya please stop singing, you are the one who can sing from nose, so we all know. Do you want us to pledge Limca book of world records to write your name in the list of people who made people mad or psycho!

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8 English Vinglish

How is it possible for a person to not like this movie?

"I think, this movie must be under the heading "Top 100 best movies in Bollywood"! You must not insult such a good movie by including it in this list. I request you to remove this movie from the list and rather add "ROY" to this list.

This movie shouldn't be on this list. I think it's a nice movie!

Why the hell is this movie on this list! Its such a heart warming film!

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9 Baghban

Are you nuts? How dare you post such a wonderful work in the list of worst movies ever made?

Who has posted such ridiculous thing

This is very good film

Good movie and true story about relatives and life!

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10 Rang De Basanti

Why the hell rang de basanti and swades are in this list. These are of few khan movies that actually worth a watch.

What's wrong with you guys who voted for Rang de Basanti to be in the list of worst movies? Agar English aati nahi hai toh vote kyu karte ho? This is one of the best movies ever made in Bollywood

U are voting for such a wonderful movie. Dude you really must be high. - Hero8

There are terrible Bollywood movies that exist.
"Rang De Basanti" isn't one of them.

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11 Blue

Yes this is bull movie and worst movie in the world I never saw as this worst movie to waste my important time if I were at there I may kill director of this movie this is disgusting worst bastard mother er movie

-_- One of the worst movies ever made.

I don't understand whether heroes acts on this movie in what basis. after watching this kinda movie, I told to myself heroes can do anything for money. does not matter whether its good story or bad.

Make it sound like a porn movie, But porn more imtersting!

12 Zanjeer

Go get some life dude... Bigg B's zanjeer is a good movie

Worst movie ever.. unbearable

The remake zanjeer starring ram charan should be on the list not this one

Die. Best movie of Amitabh

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13 Chandni Chowk to China

I love the action of the movie... By akshay... And the look of deepika...

It was stupid at first, but towards the end it was better. - VictoriaJusticeFan

It was a good movie not that bad

My brothers liked this film I dunno why

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14 7 Khoon Maaf

Not a nice movie. Too boring

I tried to watch the full movie for like more than 10 times but failed.. It is just too boring... I can't understand how someone can spend crores of rupees to make such nonsense movie..

Worst movie ever made

I don't believe this is a bad movie.. Come on look at pc's acting... Its phenomenal

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15 Humshakals

THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE EVER! Imagine yourself reading a book, and you reach a completely different place, with a completely different story! This is an insult to Indian movies and will always be :(

How did this movie ever air?

In the queue of worst movie, where 'HUMSHAKAALS' stands the queue starts from there only

This movie is so unrealistic and so blaah!. The worst movie I have ever seen.

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16 Radio: Love On Air (Himesh Reshmiya)

I don't know why such movies are made

Stop acting and singing just try to direct music

He is mad himesh is chootiya

17 Talaash

Talaash was better than all Salman Khan movies. It should not be here.

The thing is that this movie was ahead it's time for Indian audience. This was a fabulous movie with great concept, story and acting. We people just can't watch something imaginative and that is the reason why most Indian audience don't understand Hollywood Fictional movies.

Best movie best movie

It is a interesting movie..
But what do u mean by "better than all salman khan movie"

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18 Teri Meri Kahaani

ONE Of The Worst Movie Of All Time

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19 Veer Zaara

Veer zaara the best


Beatiful story. enjoyed movie

Worst and very slooowww...

20 Swades

Idiot... its one of he best movies ever made in Bollywood...

Best movies ever

This is so boring and screened too often

No what the hell

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21 Tashan

What rubbish idea! 1 heroine and 3 heroes! Karina crap

This is good movie

22 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Traditional and popular

Wrost movie, pakkaou

23 Main Hoon Na

Wow, how stupid, this is one of the best movies of 2004. If for nothing else, will always be remembered for its soundtrack.

Next please!

It was very good movie. how dare u put this in it

24 Cocktail

I like this movie its not too bad y have u put this movie here?

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25 Singham

This is the only action movie which I had loved the most

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26 Raavan (Abhishek Bachchan)

I thing it is a worst movie made aver its too boring

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27 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

You kidding me its good movie

Bloody fool don't have sense... Get educated...

This movie would have been great, if only it had a plot

Ranbir kapoor in this movie accting like bakchood, mujhe kabhi rukna nahi.. bus baithna nahi, are mere bhai why should you not play Temple run

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28 Joker

One of worst movies ever made


29 Chennai Express

Good but not so much

Waste of time and money. Didn't expect Shahrukh to get so desperated to pull off a good film. DISGUSTING

I think this movie is only good for childrens

Great comedy. songs boring. movie was predictive

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30 Mausam (Shahid Kapoor)

I had got fever after watching this movie. It's so boring!

One of the most boring movies, I've ever seen.

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31 Miley naa Miley hum
32 Jab Tak Hai Jaan

This shouldn't be on the list. One of the best movies ever

This movie only made money from that kiss... Such a hell movie.

I loved this movie, especially Anushka's performance

Wrost movie.. do you know about Last age for Indian army to join

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33 Dhoom 3

It's the worst movie a man could ever realise! Amir Khan doesn't know how to act at all

If aamir don't know acting then what he has a reputation and stardom today he wouldn't have tat

Yeah it sucked so much because Aamir never even watched Dhoom 2! He never familiarized himself with the franchise! He just jumped right in and said" alright guys, lets make a movie! "

Overacting (aamir)+no acting (the other 3)=disaster

Dhoom 2 is still better Dhoom 2

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34 Players

It is a good movie, if you ignore the fact that it's a copy of Italian job. Ra.One is a copy of terminator, players is a copy of Italian job, what happened?! Is the Bollywood running out of ideas?!

Xerox copy of Italian job. Don't know why finest directors like abbas -mastan have made this movie?

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35 Kabul Express
36 Shaandaar

It's the most senseless and plotless movie ever! How is it not already on this list? There is a box of dreams and there are visible flashbacks, I mean, seriously!?!? This movie is bull and should be in the top ten!

The most boring film of ever

I hate alia

Is movie ka nam shandaar nhi bekaar hona chahiye

37 Jab Harry Met Sejal

Ripoff of when harry met sally

38 Rowdy Rathore

There is not a new story ' just a copy paste

Very dumb hate akshay kumar is dumb...

I would like to watch this movie again and again

Who is the idiot who put this film here

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39 Ready

Since Bollywood has stooped down to make anything for a quick buck, I suggest they start pimping instead of wasting their precious brain cells making crap movies.

Worst movie of salman, don't know what was writer wanted to say

Ready for rubbish?

I love this movie

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40 Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

One of my favourite movies.. It's in best Bollywood movies from American FILM INSTITUTE

A higher Bachchan has done worst acting in this movie

Such a classic moves a really good story

I want to kill shahrukh and Rani and of course karan johar for doing this

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41 Khiladi 786

Not my cuppa!

Its sooo good nice songs,comedy,acting

42 Aiyyaa

Absolute flop of a movie just a waste of time

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43 Gadar

Best movie made ever

Nice movie. heart warming!


This is the best movie.. Full entertainment movie, josh. pagalpan. junoon. pyar. dosti.

44 Kurbaan (Saif ali khan)
45 Lagaan

Great movie. What the hell it is doing here. Who ever have put this movie here is a fool.

Get real this is by far one of the best movies every made on all aspects

Lagaan is the best movie of the decade.

Good story something different

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46 Gunday

Worst movie of the decade. Completely senseless. Deserves to be in the top 10.

Who in his right mind thinks 2 guys hitting on one girl is exciting. That too so obvious and predictable.. !

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47 Bombay Velvet

If you have not watched it please avoid it

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48 Pyaar Impossible

Just a stupid movie

Simply Unbearable!
Uday Chopra's worst ever... Can't look stupid enough

49 Anamika

Almost complete rip off Rebecca.

50 Son of Sardar

After this I have actually lost REMAINING faith in ajay devgan

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