Worst Bollywood Movies Ever

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41 Aiyyaa

Absolute flop of a movie just a waste of time

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42 Gadar V 4 Comments
43 Shaandaar

It's the most senseless and plotless movie ever! How is it not already on this list? There is a box of dreams and there are visible flashbacks, I mean, seriously!?!? This movie is bull and should be in the top ten!

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44 Kurbaan (Saif ali khan)
45 Lagaan

Great movie. What the hell it is doing here. Who ever have put this movie here is a fool.

Get real this is by far one of the best movies every made on all aspects

Lagaan is the best movie of the decade.

Good story something different

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46 Gunday

Worst movie of the decade. Completely senseless. Deserves to be in the top 10.

Who in his right mind thinks 2 guys hitting on one girl is exciting. That too so obvious and predictable.. !

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47 Bombay Velvet

If you have not watched it please avoid it

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48 Pyaar Impossible

Just a stupid movie

Simply Unbearable!
Uday Chopra's worst ever... Can't look stupid enough

49 Anamika

Almost complete rip off Rebecca.

50 Son of Sardar

After this I have actually lost REMAINING faith in ajay devgan

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51 My Name Is Khan

Some stupid ass cracked wanna be will only put this classic on this list.

How can this be in the list... Its one of the best film ever made...

This is the best Bollywood movie ever made!

This movie is sad but the bullying scene is on My mind

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52 Dil Se.. V 1 Comment
53 Lootera

Lootera is worst? ? Are you serious? ?

I think now a days some people have become blind.lootera is a great movie.it made me cry.the last scene was moving.

Movies of two lead Females actress

54 Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

fun movie

55 R. Rajkumar V 2 Comments
56 Dilwale
57 Lafangey Parindey
58 Marigold

The worst movie you gonna recognize in the world...

The worst class acting by salman khan...

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59 Break Ke Baad

Good movie don't deserve to be ere

60 Mangal Pandey

Not bad movie, can not help those who are not interested in history

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