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1 Spine

I broke my spine from two different spots when doing gymnastics in a trampoline. The healing period was super long and painful I couldn't sleep or sit in some positions and the few positions I could be in were not comfortable. After the worst part you could say it still was hell I couldn't carry anything I couldn't do anything than sit and sleep and walk slowly.. and ig I needed to go anywhere without a bus or a car I would always cry from the pain. And now even after 7 years my back is still sometimes painful and when doing exercises it's painful but I'm grateful because it was so close I could've been paralyzed from my neck to the rest of my body...

I broke both heels. The first I broke a number of years ago (when I was about 20). I limped for 3 years; after being able to walk properly I suffered stiffness every morning, along with limited range of motion due to the joint damage. A year and a half ago (when I was in my sixties), I broke my other heel after falling from the roof and landing on a brick. I had surgery and 9 screws were placed in my heel to repair the bone. I struggle to walk without a limp, need pain meds, and have very limited range of motion. I am aggressively trying to break down the fibrous scar tissue causing the severe pain and limited range of motion, but have had little success. My goal is to walk without a limp after 2 years, but I fear it will more likely be 3. The heel is a terrible bone to break. However, I feel for others who have had spinal and head injuries that have resulted in far worse pain and suffering than I have experienced.

My friend was at a trampoline park and he went to do a flip and landed on his neck. He stood up then immediately fell to the floor. He was rushed to Valley Children's. They said he had broken his spine and his neck. He is in a wheelchair and is currently paralyzed from the waist down. About 4 weeks ago he was able to barely move his arms. So sad.

Breaking your spine is by far the worst. You are paralysed for life and will never be able to walk or move properly for the rest of your life. You will be in immense pain for your whole life and you will be stuck in a wheelchair. I've been in a wheelchair since I was 8 years old and was in a car crash but I'm thankful I didn't break my neck or spine

2 Collarbone

I broke my left clavicle in football when I challenged for a header but the guy didn't jump and I went over the top of him when I landed I heard a pop and when I got up I went to run and I took one running step I paused the pain was unbearable but it stopped when I started walking so at this point I knew it was bad but I didn't think it was a broken clavicle so I walked off the pitch to the changing rooms sat down then all of a sudden the worst pain I've ever felt just shot up to my clavicle and shoulder area I started to cry so I went to find the doctor he told me I have broken my clavicle my left one and I went to hospital they confirmed I had broken my clavicle then my dad come to pick me up from Kingston hospital it was a hour and half drive and we hit a couple speed bumps and the pain made me cry every time and I had to sleep in a certain position for a couple weeks the pain lasted 3 days my mum had to shower me for a week (I wore boxers and shorts when she showered me) she ...more

Broke my collarbone when I tackled someone then fell wrong it hurt but I got back up next play I got hit and went down on one knee instantly from the pain luckily one of my buddies was training to be a doctor and checked it out and told me to go to the real doctors they gave me a sling I went home and took the most painful shower in my life in my opinion it's a very painful bone to break definitely up there.

My first time snowboarding for the season was going great. But as most snowboarders know you get worse and worse as the day progresses because your muscles just get tired. It was my last run of the day and I was so tired, I'm on my why down a nice blue trail cruise and I see a jump ahead. It doesn't look like a normal jump, but I can't see very well so I assume it's fine. I'm start bombing down ready to do some sick trick and I go off and fly. Like I flew probably 20 feet. And that actually wasnt a jump, it was a steeply inclined part of the trail. Anyways I wasn't ready for it and I land right on my shoulder. The pain was so much I was out of breath. I thought I dislocated my arm and actually tried to move it to see if it could somehow pop back in. But it hurt so much. My friend tells me we need to go down the rest of the mountain still to get help. I did and found out later that night I blew up my collar bone. I couldn't sleep for the next few days. And id move my arm just so ...more

I broke my left collarbone while skateboarding. I didn't really notice the pain at first till I had gotten in the car to go to the hospital. (I was going to the ER because I hit my head hard, not because of the shoulder injury) drive to the hospital was the worst. Every little bump and turn was causing so much pain it was making me cry. My boyfriend had to drive extremely slow. Once I got to the hospital they did an x-ray and I broke and shattered some bones on my clavicle. They did surgery a couple of days later and put in a hook plate. It was one of the most painful this I have EVER experienced. I have broken other bones before too. My mom had to help my change, shower and do my hair. I could hardly sleep because I could only sleep in one position that didn't cause too much pain. But 2 months later and I'm in physical therapy and it still causing a little pain and I can't lift it about my shoulders. It sucks.

3 Skull

I've fractured my skull 3 times, not really that bad, didn't die, not paralyzed. Hurts but it's not a debilitating break. Broke my coccyx (tailbone) in middle school football by not wearing my pad and falling hard on a rock on our brand "new" football practice field that had only been roughed and sod never laid,
Very painful but didn't last long and healed fairly quickly. Broke both thumbs, again, fairly painful at first, but "healed" quick still have limited range of motion and only occasionally causes pain.
Fractured my calcaneus(heel) falling off a roof and screamed in agony, couldn't walk for 6 months, and still have pain everyday 2 years later, definitely my worst break. I would assume spine and maybe femur are the only more painful breaks you can have.

If your skull breaks, you probably won't survive, or be the same again. By far the worst bone to break. Well, technically, more than one bone, but still.

I cracked my head open when I was a baby because my mom dropped me (on accident)

This is the worst bone to break, should be number 1, how will you live?

4 Neck

I currently have a broken neck and yes you can potentially die and may become paralyzed but I am not so there is hope if you do break a vertibrae in the neck

If you break your neck you will be in pain and suffering. I hurts a lot and you can get paralyzed for the rest of your life.

One of the worst feelings in my life was being told I might never be able to walk again

If you brake your neck you could die and if you survive your paralyzed from the neck down and that is really bad

5 Tailbone (butt)

I bruised my tailbone and I as not able to sit properly for months. When I had to go on vacation, I had to stand up every 10 minutes otherwise I wouldn't be able to get up.

I only slightly bruised it and it felt like I broke it... I can't even imagine actually breaking it

I broke my tailbone and they said even if they remove it I would still have pain and it sucks because I’m in school 7 hours a day for a 5 days a week

My friend bruised her tailbone...she said it was the worst pain in the world

6 Leg

I broke my tibia and fibula at a trampoline park 2 weeks ago and from some things I've heard people don't always feel the initial snap but it wasn't like that for me it was instant and it sucked

I went skiing with my friend lily and my ski got caught in some powder and my boot didn't detach from the ski so while I was falling forward I heard a loud snap coming from my leg then felt the worst pain of my life I was calling out to the people on the ski lift to get ski patrol and when they finally got there I had to roll on to my back so they could get me in the ski tobogganwhen we got to the ski injury place at the bottom of the hill they had give me an IV (I'm horrified by needles I was more scared to get an IV then anything and my friends mom had to calm me down) then I went to the hospital got an x-ray then went to the children's hospital got my cast and spent the the night it turns out that I have too breaks a fracture and a spiral fracture in my tibia and fibula (this was 5 weeks ago I'm still In the cast and got got my cast shortened from a full leg cast to a below the knee cast today)(also I'm only ten this was a lot of piano and pressure to put on someone my age)

I am currently suffering from a tibial plateau fracture. This is the first time in my life I am breaking a bone. The OS fixed a plate with 5 screws to stabilize the fracture. Now I am on non-weight bearing for 12 weeks. I was really uncomfortable after the surgery. It took almost a month for my pain to subdue.

I currently have a Tibial plateau fracture requiring a plate and screws to reconstruct. The pain I had after surgery when the anesthesia wore off was the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life. Even the femural nerve block did nothing to soothe the pain. I've had multiple broken wrists and arms before. This was my first fracture requiring surgery. This morning, I made the mistake of missing a dose of my pain meds and I had to relive the pain, almost to the level immediately following surgery. Thanks to modern medicine for relatively fast acting pain killers!

7 Foot

My grandfather broke his foot and ankle at the beginning of summer and almost his entire summer was ruined.

I have a "Jones" fracture and it is killing me. I am on week 6 in a cast. Just had surgery to put a 4 inch screw into my 5th metatarsal and now I have 8 more weeks in a cast with another 4 in a boot. There might be more painful bones to break, but nothing is more annoying as 3-5 months on crutches because of a hairline fracture in your little pinky toe.

I just broke both of my feet. I have a twist compound fracture on my 5th metatarsal bone on one foot, the other is completely shattered.thinking I was on the last stair while still being 4 stairs up in the middle of the night. We have hardwood floors ands my feet buckled under me and I screamed so loud! I have a high pain tolerance, I break a toe at least once a week, always slamming my finger in doors, etc. I also had one of my children completely natural and the day this happened was the worst pain in my life!

I broke my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal bones while jumping off the side of a bridge, it was about 5 ft, and my sister had just done it before me and she was fine. As soon as I hit the ground I heard a loud crack and I was rolling on the ground in pain. I felt like throwing up and passing out. The worst pain was the first day and first night, and let me just say, I've had kidney stones before due to past problems and the pain level was the exact same with a broken foot. And to top it all off it's at the start of summer break. Oh and one more thing, Tylenol #3 is your best friend when it comes to a broken bone. I was able to sleep a straight 3 hours after I took one.

8 Patella

I shattered my patella into multiple peaces as well as my femur during a head-on car crash. At the time of the break, all I could feel was the intense pain from my knee, I had no idea I had even broken my femur. It wasn't until surgery to fix my knee that it was discovered that my femur was broken as well.

Further to this, once the femur has been fixed from surgery there is only minimal pain from recover compared to the recovery for my patella.

You do not often experience permanent damage from a femur break where as you may never fully recover from a broken patella (personal experience). I now walk with a permanent limp and am unable to bend my knee past 90 degrees.

Broke my patella at 31. Spent 11 days between hospital and skilled nursing facility. Lost ability to walk properly. Spent 8 month going to PT twice weekly.

I broke my patella into a few pieces and required surgery to repair it. At the time of the injury, the pain was unbearable, I was unable to move or speak, only scream out in pain. It's worth mentioning my kneecap was also severely dislocated. After surgery, I had to be very careful to keep up with my pain meds fro the first few weeks, as if they wore off in the night I would wake up screaming in pain. My leg was immobilised in a straight upper thing to ankle brace for 2 months. I'm now 2.5 months in, and I am doing exercises to try to get my leg to bend. I have very little movement and they exercises are excruciating, and impossible at times. the swelling is still very bad.

My surgeon says another 8 weeks before I'm back at work. (In a physical job). That's a total of 4 months off work. Another 6 months at least before I can do any sport other than swim.

From what I've heard, everyones experience with a broken knee is different. Some very painful and requiring surgery ...more

I broke my knee last week, I have got a massive cast on for 6 weeks and wont be able to do any physical activity for at least 10 weeks. Also not to mention the extreme amount of pain when it happened and the very uncomfortable drive to hospital.

9 Femur

I broke and cracked my femur in a horse riding accident. When I sat up on the ground my left leg from the femur was bent to the right, so In a panic, I straighten it, agony is the only word suitable. I was lifted into a Jeep without any pain relief. My leg swelled with blood, I lost 2 pints of blood. While I waited for the ambulance the pain was horrid, a constant pain. I just cried. I ended up being airlifted to hospital. I received blood because I was weak and tired from the bleeding. For a 16yr old girl bedpans are very embarrassing. I was told before the surgery that it was going to be a very painful operation. 3-4 hour operation and I had a rod inserted with 2 nails and the rod goes into the joint at my hip because of the crack. Walking was extremely painful afterwards, probably more painful that the break itself. I was in so much pain at night that I had dreams of a endless supply of instant pain relief medication. One of my scars got infected which was less than ideal. I spent ...more

Like most here, I have had my share of injuries over the course of the last 32 years... For bone pain, I would easily say the femur is probably one of the worst pains imaginable. There were days where I would have seriously considered removing the entire leg all together. Due to a birth defect, I needed to have my femurs cut off and reattached with a plate (to be removed no sooner than 12 months post op). I have had to do this twice now in the last 10 year, and I honestly can't tell you a pain worse than the femur. The good news is I only have 2 legs so now that's out of the way... Ribs are definitely a close second, if they didn't heal quickly (compared to femur) this would be number 1 in my book. Because ribs constantly have to move the pain can seem unforgiving and relentless; god forbid you sneeze, laugh, cough or BREATHE! The femur takes months to heal... and even then there is still this dull ache all the time. Not a bone, but the ACL has got to be a close second. When I was ...more

Firstly I'm 27. A 1500 pound steel box fell over on top of me. Landed on my right side. Broke my ribs on my left side from smashing into the floor. Fractured my right hip,right femur, pelvis and pubic bone. Was put on a stretcher where the paramedics ratchet strapped me ankle to pull my leg straight and pulled my hip out of the socket. A rod screwed into board to keep me from sliding from the force of the ratchet strap which was pressed against my broken pubic bone. If there was a button to die in the following 7 days I would have pressed it. don't wish this pain on my worst enemy.

Unlike the skull,neck, or spine, if you break your femur u will most likely live and have to go through all the pian. Collarbone will be up there because it is the most common bone to break but not the worst. I have broken 5 bones in my life. Wrist, Metacarpal, hip,knee, and femur. Nothing come close to femur. If you have only broken your knee I can see where you are coming from. I thought nothing could be worse. I was vary, vary wrong. Femur is the longest and hardest bone to brake, so when you do brake it, you know. I broke my femur playing baseball sliding into 2nd base when my cleats stuck to the ground and the base didn't move. I thought they were going to amputate my leg it hurt so bad.

10 Arm

Proximal humerus fractures are extremely painful with level 7 and level 8 pain being almost constant for the first several days at least. Nights are very excruciating for a long period of time too as there is no way to sleep without the fracture being extremely irritated. Two to three hours of sleep is the norm. Recovery seems to be "by the inch". Pain starts out the first week like excruciating sharp knife like stabbing bone pain that hits intensely every time one makes any kind of a re positioning move - one does not even want to try to move when you are experiencing any less pain even momentarily. The pain evolves into more throbbing/aching type pain that is still around level 6 by the third to fourth week. It is like enduring a "pain marathon" healing the bone - then therapy starts! Written four weeks after initial injury.

Breaking the top of your humorous is higher than 8...this is a very painful bone and I would rather be on crutches than only have one arm. It also hurts the use of your arm for the long run.

It takes really long to heal and you feel like you've only got one arm even though you technically have both. The worst part is getting back the full range of motion in the elbow especially if the fracture is there or especially close to it. I couldn't even get a cast because I had to start (excruciating) physio the day right after my op that inserted metal plates and screws inside me.

I was playing touch football with my friends once and ran into one of my teammates and fell. I jammed my arm. The pain was terrible and continued on for one to two weeks. I can't imagine the pain you would feel when you break your arm.

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11 Wrist

Its like stubbing your toe but its your wrist ant it lasts a lot longer

I've broken and ankle, nose, and fingers but the most painful bone to go has been my radial. I had a colles fracture in my right wrist and had to spend 3 nights in hospital and have to operations. I was off work for six weeks. I can no make a first, struggle to write and hold anything. This has definitely been the worst break.

I broke mine today and I had my operation the day after as it was a sever break I needed to stay at hospital for a week and I couldn't walk

Yesterday I was riding my bike and I flew off at a gravelly spot I fractured my wrist and it HELLA painful

12 Ribs

A bit over 2 years ago I was hit by a car while cycling and suffered multiple fractures to my pelvis, hip, spine and elbow while they all still give me discomfort to this day they were nowhere near as bad as my broken ribs. I broke every rib on right side ribs 1 to 12 with ribs 2 to 10 broken in 2 places throw in puncture to my lung as well. I have a deformation of the right thoracic clavicle as more than half of them didn't heal properly. They still give me a great deal of discomfort to this day and will continue to do so in the future

Broke rib #9 which punctured my lung and had to have a chest tube, most painful thing I have ever experienced

There's no way to really keep them immobile. You have to breathe, after all. Other bones can be given casts, but wrapping ribs leads to infections. There's also puncturing a lung, which I think speaks for itself.

I fractureded 3 ribs and it is the worse lingering pain I've ever dealt with. If you cough, sneeze, take deep breaths or move wrong your going to be in intense pain. No relief for fractured ribs but waiting in pain for 6 weeks for them to heal. I'm starting week three and don't feel any better. Avoid breaking your ribs. It stinks!

13 Ankle

I broke my ankle on a large jumping castle, I jumped of a ledge around 5-6 meters high and landed on an inflated target, however when I landed I heard a loud snap. I broke one of my growing plates as well as dislocated it. It sucks because you can't walk and it hurts like absolute hell! I had a large metal wire sticking out of my foot, so it could move that growing plate back into place.

Never have a felt such a sharp pain. I shattered the tibia at the ankle, broke the fibula, and split the two of them apart the ankle joint. Had a plate, 11 screws, and two Syndesmosis TightRopes put in my ankle. Was non-weight bearing for 3 months. Still often have moderate pain and occasional sharp pains in the ankle region.

God damn I broke my ankle playing soccer. Some dirty player came at me nasty. Worst pain every! But maybe cause I broke both my fibula and tibia. I had to get surgery, so now I got a plate and some screws in my foot. Breaking bones hurt in general but I think the ankle bones hurt so much

I broke my ankle at a trampoline park I went to jump up but my foot was under the padding so I fell with my foot still under there and then snap.

14 Sternum

If you were to break your sternum, your done. Part of it will puncture the lungs, another part may hit the heart, and even the liver can get hit with the sharp broken parts.

I've broken my sternum and even though it was a clean small break breathing was a extremely painful thing to do

Even breathing hurts; coughing and sneezing is excruciating

When I broke it I was in hospital for 3 months

15 Humerus

I've had a broken arm, collarbone and a humerus fracture and dislocation, but the humerus hurt the most. Even more than the collarbone!

The pain didn't go away for 4 weeks and it took 10months to fully heal and another 3 months gaining back the muscle and range of motion for football again

I was 11 when I broke my humorous playing tackle football. It hurt pretty bad. Not only that but I had radial nerve palsy in my wrist because some how when the bone broke it cut that nerve. It took me about 7 months to fully recover. It was a lot to ho through because I missed out on a lot of things amd has to do theropy for a year. But now everything's back to normal and I'm happy to be out playing ports again

I have broken wrist, vertebrae, knee, shin and nose. Humerus is by far the most painful in my experience.

16 Heel

I broke my heel three weeks ago and the pain is horrendous. I've broken wrist, which had to be wired, as well as fingers and toes in past and none of that compares to this. I've been told it could take three to four months to start walking properly.

Four months since shattering. Plate and twelve screw's. Learning to walk again is a challenge. Pain was unbelievable! Surgeon said one of the WORST bones that one can break!

Chuffing painful! I've broken my nose, ankle, wrist and ribs. The combined pain of these comes nowhere near a shattered calcaneus!

I broke my right calcaneous May 11, 2018, had emergency surgery, 1 permanent screw, external fixation, 4 titanium rods sticking out of my foot for 8 weeks, surgery again, worst pain and recovery ever! Could barely walk one year out. I needed fusion of that subtalar joint, did that on one year later, another 3 months not walking, now walking, still limp, but it’s not painful anymore. Two years of my life dark and feelings of hopelessness. I vote this as number 1.

17 Jaw

Will you be able to...
Talk? Nope!
Eat? If you like oatmeal or tomato soup served cold.
Drink? Possibly
I've never broke any bones, like, at all but this would scar you

Mine was an open break. It is very painful and bloody because the head bleeds a lot, but it's the recovery that makes it the worst. Metal plates surgically added. Mouth wired shut for months...imagine all that can happen and it does. Hurts when you shiver, hurts when you hiccup, hurts when you need to yawn, etc.

Plus your stomach wants actual food, but is only getting liquids, so throwing up is a very real possibility...and a painful one as well.

You can't talk, eat, or sometimes breath properly. Wasnt allowed to do anything until I got the wires out because of the possibility of choking or not being able to breath. They make you carry around wire cutters.

I also ripped a nerve so I have limited feeling to one side of my mouth, but trust me I still feel a hell of a lot when I move my jaw a certain way and its been years.

Should be way higher up! I have had broken wrist, ribs, ankle, foot, and by far this is the worst. I am in day 6 and still in pain. Not to mention my mouth getting completely wired shut... this is by far #1 for me!

Not the pain but the recovery is a joke 6 weeks of bull crap liquids. Not to mention having to wait to open your mouth properly and usually you have broken teeth

18 Pelvis

Broke my pelvis in 3 places. 3 screws and a plate helped put it back together. I'm going on 3 months and I'm still stuck in a wheel chair. I have to have someone help with everything. The pain was awful at first but the worst thing is the recovery period. I still don't know when I'll be able to start learning to walk again.

Shattered mine in 5 different places. They do not put metal pis and plates in the pelvis. You must lay still and let it heal. Every tiny movement is felt. 3 months and still on a walker.

I broke this and basically it can happen that there will be wear and tear on the bones or I don't know how to say it in english. Though the wear and tear will cause me to have more pain the more the time goes on and I will get a new hip earlier than estimated.

While they may not have done so in your case, they most definitely do put screws and plates in pelvis fractures. I have the X-rays to prove it.

19 Toe

I dropped a 60-80 pound science table on my toe on the last day of school and I am hoping that is the worst bone I’ll ever break.

I was playing soccer and I was about to shoot and someone put the under of his boots in front of the ball so instead of the ball I hit the studs with my first 2 toes (this all happened in about half a second)the pain is excruciating and it doesn't stop it's continuous for about 3 weeks.

I was in a soccer game and defending this girl. I went to stab at the ball but hit it at such a wrong time when it was right against her foot. Felt like kicking a wall. Played the rest of the game, then went to dr. but the pain lasted for almost a month:(

Toe, last week I broke my toe and the bone was sticking out of my toe. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt.

20 Tibia

The pain really hurts for the first week and it hurt as if there were 3,000,345 Mosquitoes biting your skin

I fractured my tibia while doing a front flip a gymnastics, didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but it was the worst pain I have ever felt. Lucky I am only out for 6 weeks.

I broke my tibia and fibula together but if you barely move it hurts a lot I'm 12 and in football when it happen I'm in a boot know but it's so bad

It hurts

21 Finger

I broke my pinkie finger about 2 months ago. I still cannot bend the top joint fully and it hurts to hold it down fully for more than 30 seconds. I had to get a pin placed because the break was next to the joint and if my bone moved at all I would not be able to move it in the future. They did the surgery two days after I found out I broke it and then a month later took the pin out. When they took the pin out I was on no Anesthesia and My finger was not numbed I was hyperventilating and I almost passed out. This is off topic but the next month I sprained my ankle as soon as my cast was off. Life is Fun Isn't it

I broke my finger in June 2017 and it still hurts to bend it today in May 2019. At first it feels like a jam, but the following week or two are straight torture from hell. Should be higher in my opinion. More painful than when I broke my wrist and elbow.

Chipped the tip of my finger from a baseball hitting in head on after being hit. Almost passed out from the pain and it raised the nail off

Pain is not that bad. It's the fact that you can't do anything with the broken hand for about a month that's annoying

22 Elbow

I just broke mine elbow today and the pain is like someone was stabbing me in my elbow 10/10

An olecranon fracture is an injury to one of the bones of the elbow. The olecranon is the prominent bone that forms the point of the elbow. The bone is actually the end of the ulna, one of the two forearm bones, and it is the attachment of the powerful triceps muscle of the arm. The triceps is the muscle that straightens the elbow, and olecranon fractures can impair an individual's ability to straighten the elbow joint.

Olecranon fractures can occur by either falling directly on the back of the elbow or by the triceps muscle pulling off a fragment of bone from the elbow (a so-called avulsion fracture). Stress fractures are also a possible mechanism of injury to the olecranon, commonly seen in athletes such as baseball pitchers.

Elbows along with knees take very long to heal because not being able to move the joint in a cast for a while allows tissue to build up making it very hard to move the joint which also will cause lots of pain after the cast. Your arm will not be able to straighten for months after the cast. Most other bones stay in a cast for a few weeks and then there done, this is not the case for elbows.

It was more painful then dislocating my collarbone by a mile. Took 5 doctors to put it back in place.

23 Hip

I had a hairline fracture in my hip when I was 11 years old it happened while I was doing the monkey bars.Belive it or not I was doing them not on top of the not sitting on them and I had to go to the hospital and be transported to another it hurt like hell and I couldn’t do anything for almost 8 weeks I was on crutches and almost needed emergency sugery

Hurts like a bitch!

24 Nose

Completely obliterated my nose off my own knee on trampoline trying to do a double frontflip, most amount of blood I've seen in my life. 7/10 pain scale compared to everything I've felt, (tailbone is one of em, if you've broken your ass you know what I'm talking about)

Broke my nose, had to get surgery, it was so bad.

It hursts a lot

Hurts like a m o f o... someone kicked me in the face when I was 13 playing soccer and I had to wear this weird cast that like covered my nose and I had to get surgery and you can still tell that I broke it

25 Thumb

I currently have a broken thumb at the joint and kinda sucks and everyone ties my shoes and opens my granola bars

I just broke my right thumb yesterday and I write with that hand so school will be fun tomorrow!

I couldn't write.

Broke my scaphoid worst time of my life

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