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1 Spine

Breaking your spine is by far the worst. You are paralysed for life and will never be able to walk or move properly for the rest of your life. You will be in immense pain for your whole life and you will be stuck in a wheelchair. I've been in a wheelchair since I was 8 years old and was in a car crash but I'm thankful I didn't break my neck or spine

If you broke your spine you will not be able to move or anything for your whole life. You can see and feel and talk and everything, but you can't move and you will suffer. I would rather die quickly than live long but painfully.

Broke my spine in half and smashed 6 vertebrae along with it. It was T10-L3, I had a spinal fusion and was in the hospital for a total of 4 days From April 11-15th and then walked out. This happened because of a car hitting me while I was on my motorcycle. I got lucky...

Painful done it once changed my life compleatly

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2 Neck

If you break your neck you will be in pain and suffering. I hurts a lot and you can get paralyzed for the rest of your life.

One of the worst feelings in my life was being told I might never be able to walk again

It was necking bad

3 Collarbone

I broke my left clavicle in football when I challenged for a header but the guy didn't jump and I went over the top of him when I landed I heard a pop and when I got up I went to run and I took one running step I paused the pain was unbearable but it stopped when I started walking so at this point I knew it was bad but I didn't think it was a broken clavicle so I walked off the pitch to the changing rooms sat down then all of a sudden the worst pain I've ever felt just shot up to my clavicle and shoulder area I started to cry so I went to find the doctor he told me I have broken my clavicle my left one and I went to hospital they confirmed I had broken my clavicle then my dad come to pick me up from Kingston hospital it was a hour and half drive and we hit a couple speed bumps and the pain made me cry every time and I had to sleep in a certain position for a couple weeks the pain lasted 3 days my mum had to shower me for a week (I wore boxers and shorts when she showered me) she ...more

I broke my left collarbone while skateboarding. I didn't really notice the pain at first till I had gotten in the car to go to the hospital. (I was going to the ER because I hit my head hard, not because of the shoulder injury) drive to the hospital was the worst. Every little bump and turn was causing so much pain it was making me cry. My boyfriend had to drive extremely slow. Once I got to the hospital they did an x-ray and I broke and shattered some bones on my clavicle. They did surgery a couple of days later and put in a hook plate. It was one of the most painful this I have EVER experienced. I have broken other bones before too. My mom had to help my change, shower and do my hair. I could hardly sleep because I could only sleep in one position that didn't cause too much pain. But 2 months later and I'm in physical therapy and it still causing a little pain and I can't lift it about my shoulders. It sucks.

I broke my collarbone a couple weeks ago during a basketball game. During a fast break I ran shoulder first into a concrete wall and fell hard. When I got up I was in shock so I couldn't feel much but I couldn't stop crying whether I tried not to. When I tried to shake hands with my coach to leave my shoulder had this painful reflex in my shoulder and felt like it popped. As we drove to the ER the car kept bumping and a sharp pain kept popping up in my shoulder. After waiting for an hour in the ER and getting a diagnosis they said it was just a contusion. After two weeks it didn't get better and I had a huge bump on my collarbone so we went back. I thought I popped it out place. They did another X-ray and immediately found it was broken (a different radiologist looked at it.) Now I have to rest for another month- no sports, no swimming in pool while my friends have fun. And I had a minor fracture... some completely shatter them. That's my story.

Snapped it in half playing rugby league couple of weeks ago

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4 Skull

If your skull breaks, you probably won't survive, or be the same again. By far the worst bone to break. Well, technically, more than one bone, but still. - PositronWildhawk

I cracked my head open when I was a baby because my mom dropped me (on accident)

- Ajkloth

This is the worst bone to break, should be number 1, how will you live? - AnimeDrawer

5 Knee

I broke my knee last week, I have got a massive cast on for 6 weeks and wont be able to do any physical activity for at least 10 weeks. Also not to mention the extreme amount of pain when it happened and the very uncomfortable drive to hospital.

Very painful. Nerves meet going up and down leg.

I shattered my patella into multiple peaces as well as my femur during a head-on car crash. At the time of the break, all I could feel was the intense pain from my knee, I had no idea I had even broken my femur. It wasn't until surgery to fix my knee that it was discovered that my femur was broken as well.

Further to this, once the femur has been fixed from surgery there is only minimal pain from recover compared to the recovery for my patella.

You do not often experience permanent damage from a femur break where as you may never fully recover from a broken patella (personal experience). I now walk with a permanent limp and am unable to bend my knee past 90 degrees.

6 Tailbone (butt)

I only slightly bruised it and it felt like I broke it... I can't even imagine actually breaking it

I broke my tailbone in 2013 and I had to wear a back-brace for about 2 months, I couldn't participate in any physical activities and it gave me back and neck pain for years.

I broke my tailbone after slipping on the stairs. It hurt so bad I couldn't even walk, sit or lay down. It's been 5 years since that happen and it still affects me.

I broke my tailbone was I was eight I fell off a small cliff and broke my arm and shoulder but also my tailbone it hurt way more then my arm did

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7 Femur

Unlike the skull,neck, or spine, if you break your femur u will most likely live and have to go through all the pian. Collarbone will be up there because it is the most common bone to break but not the worst. I have broken 5 bones in my life. Wrist, Metacarpal, hip,knee, and femur. Nothing come close to femur. If you have only broken your knee I can see where you are coming from. I thought nothing could be worse. I was vary, vary wrong. Femur is the longest and hardest bone to brake, so when you do brake it, you know. I broke my femur playing baseball sliding into 2nd base when my cleats stuck to the ground and the base didn't move. I thought they were going to amputate my leg it hurt so bad.

Femur should be #4 at least. To be honest, if you break your skull, neck, of spine, there is a high chance of death or paralysis, so you won't feel that pain very long.

I've broken my femur 7 times, and it hurts. Hurts like hell, I've even had doctors say that they're surprised that I wasn't in more pain when coming in emergency since they rate it in top 5 worst bones to break

U don't know pain tell you broke your femur.

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8 Sternum

If you were to break your sternum, your done. Part of it will puncture the lungs, another part may hit the heart, and even the liver can get hit with the sharp broken parts. - SteelCity99

I've broken my sternum and even though it was a clean small break breathing was a extremely painful thing to do

When I broke it I was in hospital for 3 months

Broken mine 2 weeks ago...it's hell but with today's pain killers the relief makes it totally comfortable.

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9 Leg

I currently have a Tibial plateau fracture requiring a plate and screws to reconstruct. The pain I had after surgery when the anesthesia wore off was the most intense pain I've ever felt in my life. Even the femural nerve block did nothing to soothe the pain. I've had multiple broken wrists and arms before. This was my first fracture requiring surgery. This morning, I made the mistake of missing a dose of my pain meds and I had to relive the pain, almost to the level immediately following surgery. Thanks to modern medicine for relatively fast acting pain killers!

I am currently suffering from a tibial plateau fracture. This is the first time in my life I am breaking a bone. The OS fixed a plate with 5 screws to stabilize the fracture. Now I am on non-weight bearing for 12 weeks. I was really uncomfortable after the surgery. It took almost a month for my pain to subdue.

Open Fracture on Tibia and Fibula.. Worst pain of my life.


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10 Foot

I just broke both of my feet. I have a twist compound fracture on my 5th metatarsal bone on one foot, the other is completely shattered.thinking I was on the last stair while still being 4 stairs up in the middle of the night. We have hardwood floors ands my feet buckled under me and I screamed so loud! I have a high pain tolerance, I break a toe at least once a week, always slamming my finger in doors, etc. I also had one of my children completely natural and the day this happened was the worst pain in my life!

I broke my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal bones while jumping off the side of a bridge, it was about 5 ft, and my sister had just done it before me and she was fine. As soon as I hit the ground I heard a loud crack and I was rolling on the ground in pain. I felt like throwing up and passing out. The worst pain was the first day and first night, and let me just say, I've had kidney stones before due to past problems and the pain level was the exact same with a broken foot. And to top it all off it's at the start of summer break. Oh and one more thing, Tylenol #3 is your best friend when it comes to a broken bone. I was able to sleep a straight 3 hours after I took one.

Broke my first 3 metatarsal bones I my right foot, dropped a few thousand pounds of quartz counter-tops in it

I broke my heel, excruciating then had surgery with plate and screws, no weight bearing for 3mths then need to learn to walk again, very painful break with after surgery nerve pain

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11 Hip V 1 Comment
12 Ankle

God damn I broke my ankle playing soccer. Some dirty player came at me nasty. Worst pain every! But maybe cause I broke both my fibula and tibia. I had to get surgery, so now I got a plate and some screws in my foot. Breaking bones hurt in general but I think the ankle bones hurt so much

Never have a felt such a sharp pain. I shattered the tibia at the ankle, broke the fibula, and split the two of them apart the ankle joint. Had a plate, 11 screws, and two Syndesmosis TightRopes put in my ankle. Was non-weight bearing for 3 months. Still often have moderate pain and occasional sharp pains in the ankle region.

I broke my ankle while walking down the stairs, the whole area is bruised and there's a bulge. It hurts a lot and when I touch it, it's worse. I can't move it because it will only make it worse.

I broke my ankle at a trampoline park I went to jump up but my foot was under the padding so I fell with my foot still under there and then snap.

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13 Arm

Proximal humerus fractures are extremely painful with level 7 and level 8 pain being almost constant for the first several days at least. Nights are very excruciating for a long period of time too as there is no way to sleep without the fracture being extremely irritated. Two to three hours of sleep is the norm. Recovery seems to be "by the inch". Pain starts out the first week like excruciating sharp knife like stabbing bone pain that hits intensely every time one makes any kind of a re positioning move - one does not even want to try to move when you are experiencing any less pain even momentarily. The pain evolves into more throbbing/aching type pain that is still around level 6 by the third to fourth week. It is like enduring a "pain marathon" healing the bone - then therapy starts! Written four weeks after initial injury.

Breaking the top of your humorous is higher than 8...this is a very painful bone and I would rather be on crutches than only have one arm. It also hurts the use of your arm for the long run.

It takes really long to heal and you feel like you've only got one arm even though you technically have both. The worst part is getting back the full range of motion in the elbow especially if the fracture is there or especially close to it. I couldn't even get a cast because I had to start (excruciating) physio the day right after my op that inserted metal plates and screws inside me.

Proximal humerus should be right up there with collarbone.

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14 Wrist

I've broken and ankle, nose, and fingers but the most painful bone to go has been my radial. I had a colles fracture in my right wrist and had to spend 3 nights in hospital and have to operations. I was off work for six weeks. I can no make a first, struggle to write and hold anything. This has definitely been the worst break.

I broke mine today and I had my operation the day after as it was a sever break I needed to stay at hospital for a week and I couldn't walk

Yesterday I was riding my bike and I flew off at a gravelly spot I fractured my wrist and it HELLA painful

I broke my right scaphoid (carpal wrist bone) about 8 months ago and it still hasn't fully recovered. It wasn't very painful to break at first, but within hours it completely seized up my wrist, and was very painful. It required surgery as I needed a screw in my bone.
I had a cast or a splint on for over four straight months, and even after getting the cast off, it is still painful to move, grip, and extend.
The scaphoid is a particularly bad bone to break because it takes so long to recover.

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15 Ribs

There's no way to really keep them immobile. You have to breathe, after all. Other bones can be given casts, but wrapping ribs leads to infections. There's also puncturing a lung, which I think speaks for itself.

Broke rib #9 which punctured my lung and had to have a chest tube, most painful thing I have ever experienced

I fractureded 3 ribs and it is the worse lingering pain I've ever dealt with. If you cough, sneeze, take deep breaths or move wrong your going to be in intense pain. No relief for fractured ribs but waiting in pain for 6 weeks for them to heal. I'm starting week three and don't feel any better. Avoid breaking your ribs. It stinks!

Just broke 4 ribs. Its absolutely the most painful because it lingers and the pain continues for much longer than other bones.

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16 Jaw

Not the pain but the recovery is a joke 6 weeks of bull crap liquids. Not to mention having to wait to open your mouth properly and usually you have broken teeth

This should be number one!

Hell! I'm going through it now and it's hell!

So so painful. I broke mine in three places

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17 Humerus

The pain didn't go away for 4 weeks and it took 10months to fully heal and another 3 months gaining back the muscle and range of motion for football again

I've had a broken arm, collarbone and a humerus fracture and dislocation, but the humerus hurt the most. Even more than the collarbone!

I have broken wrist, vertebrae, knee, shin and nose. Humerus is by far the most painful in my experience.

So annoying

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18 Heel

Chuffing painful! I've broken my nose, ankle, wrist and ribs. The combined pain of these comes nowhere near a shattered calcaneus!

No weight bearing for 18-20 weeks after operation - longer than any other bone in foot or leg.

Titanium lots of it.

From all these stories, I'd vote for this one!

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19 Pelvis

Shattered mine in 5 different places. They do not put metal pis and plates in the pelvis. You must lay still and let it heal. Every tiny movement is felt. 3 months and still on a walker.

Worst frustrating bone to brake painful and you have to learn how to walk again 4 months off my legs carnt feel anything orety much paralysed

20 Tibia

Never heard of it but voted for it anyways don't judge me - Thecyanryan

It’s is very bad to break it

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