I broke my collarbone a couple weeks ago during a basketball game. During a fast break I ran shoulder first into a concrete wall and fell hard. When I got up I was in shock so I couldn't feel much but I couldn't stop crying whether I tried not to. When I tried to shake hands with my coach to leave my shoulder had this painful reflex in my shoulder and felt like it popped. As we drove to the ER the car kept bumping and a sharp pain kept popping up in my shoulder. After waiting for an hour in the ER and getting a diagnosis they said it was just a contusion. After two weeks it didn't get better and I had a huge bump on my collarbone so we went back. I thought I popped it out place. They did another X-ray and immediately found it was broken (a different radiologist looked at it.) Now I have to rest for another month- no sports, no swimming in pool while my friends have fun. And I had a minor fracture... some completely shatter them. That's my story.

I broke my collarbone when I was in school doing P.E and I jumped but got caught over a person and got hit in mid air then fell to the ground. I'm not to sure which hit broke my bone but I was in immense pain when I moved and I knew it was something serious. I was sent to a&e and they said that it was a half break into a hairline fracture. It was my first fracture and I didn't know what would happen but the first night trying to sleep was the most challenging and uncomfortable thing I have ever done. The second night was better but still uncomfortable but I got used to it in about 4 days when the pain died down a bit. But I had to live like that for 6 weeks and the worst part was, was that in football I was in the form of my life and after the fracture I had gotten so little exercise and it put me on seriously bad form as I had no way to practice other than to do a few keepy ups in the house. But it definitely isn't the worst one to break. In my opinion it would have to be the spine ...more

I currently have multiple fractures in my right clavicle with a ligament separation. I played hockey and I got hit in the back with a shot and it was hard enough to jack it up. I finished practice and ended up going to urgent care later that day. The next week I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt. I am tough and I would cry or come close to tears every time we would go over a speed bump or something would even touch my arm. It has been three weeks, I have my range of motion back and it is feeling a lot better. Definitely not the longest recovery time for a bone, but I would say the most painful since you have the weight of your arm pulling down on it all the time.

When I was playing senior pop warner football, I went for a truck against a big lineman and he lifted me up and through me down right on my should, I felt a pop at first, but when I started to get back up, oml I've never felt so much pain in my life. What I found sad was, the doctors told me my collarbone was broken but they gave me a back posture holder, instead of a sling? Anyways, breaking my collarbone was the worst and more painful day of my life, going to the ER with a lot of speed bumps. In the first 4 weeks of trying to heal, I felt popping and sizzling in my collarbone, it was annoying. All I could do all do would be laying around the house. The worst part is your parents showering you and taking you to the bathroom, like I don't want that but I need it. But yeah this is a painful if broken.

I broke my right clavicle at hockey when I made a bad hit and tried to keep going. HORRIBLE needle/bee sting pain all through my shoulder. I had to wait a long time before driving to the hospital and then waiting a few hours. The ER is useless, they gave me a cloth sling and tylenol. I was meant to have surgery but they said I would heal. Changing was almost as difficult as showering but sleeping was the worst. I couldn't do sports for 5 months. It's a big disadvantage for me in rugby and volleyball (it even bothers me at track). Everyone knows me as that girl with the gross shoulder. It's been over 8 months since it happened and moving my shoulder and sleeping is really uncomfortable.

Upon unfortunately fracturing my clavicle, I idmeanditly stumbled upon this website. I have to agree with everyone here. Breaking your collarbone is the worst pain you could ever experience. It seems to only get progressively worse for 3 weeks after breaking it, and ONLY THEN, does it START to improve. The recovery time, is 12 weeks and you have to wear a sling the entire time. Towards the end of the first six weeks, everything will feel normal, but THAT'S THE PROBLEM, as you think you are ok to go back to physical activity. Problem is, you really cannot until 12 weeks, unless you want to break it again and repeat this entire thing. However, I have to say the bruises were nasty for a few weeks but have really gone away, and the only long term physical effect is a small ball of bone on the break. Collarbone injuries hurt, plain and simple. If you are looking at this because you just broke it, get well soon.

I just broke my left collar bone in two places about 3 weeks ago at football practice after being picked up and slammed by two of my teammates. I didn't hear anything but I knew something wasn't right, so I got another player to take off my pads and check it out. Once the pads got off I felt it and it popped a lot when I would breath. The pain wasn't bad at first, so I'm glad I took my pads off before the pain set in. Even then the pain wasn't that bad. I literally went out to eat before getting my pain meds right after getting my X-ray. I had to get surgery because the bone wasn't going to come back together on its own because of it being broken in two places(butterfly fracture). I can move it around pretty good right now, but no heavy lifting yet. As with all injuries it sucks not being able to work out and stuff if you play sports. Only reason I've cried during this was thinking about my football season being over and I'm a senior. I'd say the pain was a 5/10 and there is no way ...more

Worst pain ever! Although I am quite thankful that it happened to me at such a young age because the tolerance for pain it gave me is unreal! I was playing football and 4th grade with the boys like I wasn't supposed to be and a boy named Gordon pushed me as we were both trying to recover the fumbled football. Gordon pushed me on top of the football which broke my collar bone on impact. The pain didn't surface until I went in to the nurse's office who quickly called my mom and said that if she didn't hurry up and get there they were going to call the ambulance because I was white as a ghost. All I remember is thinking I'm in more trouble for playing football with the boys then the pain was registering,that was until I got to the hospital. The X-ray was excruciating to be put up against a wall and the pain only got worse...the 1st 3 days I don't remember. I do remember having to wear that stupid brace.

I broke my right collarbone while attempting to do parkour I tried to do a dive roll and landed on my right collerbond not thinking much about it I headed back to class ( I broke it in school) after about 2 second I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life after that I went to the hospital to have it confirmed that it was broken after that for the past two weeks I had to stay in my bed shorts and either stay in bed or sit on the sofa after I was only able to have a bath but with a lot of pain around about 4 weeks after the injury I was able to move my arm again but even to this day I still have flashbacks to it injury and I still get the pain from time to time

I was playing football and fell with my arm behind my back, I blacked out for a few seconds and I couldn't really feel anything as if was in shock, I remember not being able to move and I thought I had snapped my necked. After multiple times of drifting in and out of conscious, the ambulance came and gave me gas and air and a temporary sling, after I had the gas and air and was in the ambulance, that's when it started to hurt, every bump we hit it felt as if a thousand knives were in my shoulder. The pain is unbearable. I was tensing my shoulder and holding it up the whole time in the hospital, I got told to relax it and that hurt even more. Waking up in the morning and sitting up was even far the worst bone to break.

Just broken mine. I have a high pain threshold and never cried in pain when my wrist was literally split in half (a clean break) and I walked on a broken ankle for 6 months. The doctors weren't impressed. But when I broke my clavicle I immediately knew it was broken. People doubted me but I soon proved them wrong. Might have to go under the knife. I've never known anything more painful. You loose independence. You loose a lot of mobility. And they're not much they can do to help.

I broke my collarbone in school and it was the most painful thing ever. I banged my head the same time I did it and had a huge lump. My teacher said nothing was wrong with my shoulder and gave me a cold compress for my head. Later I could not sleep or hardly move. I went to get a drink and tried to turn the light on with my sore arm and fell on the floor in pain. I later found that it was broken.

I broke my right clavicle in addition to a rib. I was downhill long boarding and slammed into a car well above 40 miles an hour. I hit the ground instantaneously. All these other comments describe crying, and being miserable, I don't know if its all the other things I have withstood(gunshots, broken wrists); or maybe all the drugs that have damaged my brain. I barely felt any pain. I could tell something was wrong. I couldn't get up could barely move my right shoulder. Long story short, wasn't till 8 days later that I felt true pain, I was off my codeine syrup, couldn't get out of bed without passing out. But here I am today(the same day all the pain started). I somehow manged to get out of bed, after trying for 7 hours. I am writing this right now, really wondering how I messed this up.

Broke my collarbone in a football match couple of days ago, one of their players was running at me full pace and shoulder charged me when I was looking the other way. Pain was excruciating initially and even on painkillers everything you do is painful. Bad bone to break.

I was playing footy and I got tackled into their ground on my left shoulder and both of our weight plus the force was too much and I heard a huge pop, I tried moving it but I couldn't fully rotate it, so I went into the changerooms and I got treated, I couldn't sit up/stand up without blacking out, they made me a temporary sling and I went down to hospital, the whole time the pain was killer, there was heaps of pain in my neck as it was trying to support my whole left arm, then 4 hours after it happened they took my sling off to give me a proper one and I blacked out again, I couldn't get out of bed/change clothes/ shower without assitance for two weeks but eventually I got independance and got my sling off at the 4 week point

I broke my right collarbone in a fight and it was definitely one of the most painful experiences I have ever felt. The pain is so sharp and consistent. It's unbearable. Every time you move your shoulder, you wince/yelp because the pain. The only upside is getting out of doing my schoolwork.

Depending on the break your collar bone suffers, it may even dislodge from your shoulder and send shrapnel along with larger chunks of bone into your ribcage piercing vital organs causing multiple other pains, potentially even proving deadly. My experience was one where this was a considerable risk and I had to stay in a single position for many days while it healed well enough for that not to be as big of a risk.

I broke my collarbone while skiing. The pain was horrible, I couldn't go to school and couldn't leave the bed. I had to have my mom help me change and I couldn't shower, sleep or even sit down without being in unbelievable pain. The pain lasted a week but got better and better.

I fell off of a ten foot rock and cracked my right clavicle on another sharp rock. I have never felt such indescribable pain. The worst part was that I had to hike 3 miles out of the canyon where I fell to get to help. I had to hold my arm and shoulder up, it was so painful.

While racing I came off my bike and snapped my clavicle clean in two, along with a concussion, I managed to pick my bike up and get off the trail, once the adrenaline died it got pretty uncomfortable. it was a 3 hour car trip to the hospital and the whole time I struggled to find a comfortable position. I feel it's the most inconvenient of all the many bones I have broken as I use my shoulder a lot more than I thought. it was the recovery process that was the worst as I kept unintentionally moving it while sleeping as it can't be put in cast. I wouldn't rank this as the most painful bone to break though as a spinal fracture would trump a clavicle break by miles. collar bones are just a trash recovery.

When I was around the age of 14, we went on a holiday in The Hague, and I was on a trampoline until I tripped and fell on some steel with my shoulder. I heard something break, and I was terrified... I started screaming and get up until the pain was so painful... I collapsed to the ground and we called an ambulance, they brought me to the first aid, and I got a strap... Most pain I have ever experienced

I broke it when I was 5 I didn't cry I don't know why but damn it hurts can't put any pressure on it at all or hold anything happy to see it in top 3 feel like its knees the perfect position

Broke my collarbone during a game day basketball practice. A teammate blind sided me and I heard a few pops and then a huge snap. My collarbone snapped in half and displaced it's self 3 cm. I ended up having surgery, I have a metal plate and 6 screws on my collarbone. I've broken a bone before this but god this hurt so bad. I would never want to experience that pain ever again.

I've going through it right now and you use it a lot more than you think!

A blacked out and woke of screaming. By far the most painful so far. Your entire arm hurts and it's a struggle to move without bending over in pain which also hurts. So does laughing, it's hard to do anything