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21 Tibia

I broke my tibia and fibula together but if you barely move it hurts a lot I'm 12 and in football when it happen I'm in a boot know but it's so bad

It hurts

It’s is very bad to break it

22 Nose

Hurts like a m o f o... someone kicked me in the face when I was 13 playing soccer and I had to wear this weird cast that like covered my nose and I had to get surgery and you can still tell that I broke it

Hurts like a bitch

23 Thumb

I just broke my right thumb yesterday and I write with that hand so school will be fun tomorrow!

Broke my scaphoid worst time of my life

Mine snapped in half hurt like hell

24 Cheekbone
25 Fibula

I broke my fibula and tibia (shin and calf bones) while riding a bike the bones spit right in half twisting out of place. every movement hurt it felt like jello. I had to wait 3 day in a splint to get it set and casted. Every bump on the road hurt. When I got it set I nearly passed out the doctor said it was one of the top 3 pains known to humans along with going into labor and passing kidney stones. After that it still hurt badly for a day. These bones are vital for walking. I got a full cast off yesterday but the pain continued, every little movement my knee made killed me my leg was so stiff from being in a full cast. I was lucky and got a boot because I healed quickly I could have been in a half cast of r4 weeks then a boot for another, then maybe therapy for 4 weeks. luckily I am getting out in the boot. The bone is still broken but healing well. The pain in the knee will last a few more days

26 Upper Leg
27 Finger

Chipped the tip of my finger from a baseball hitting in head on after being hit. Almost passed out from the pain and it raised the nail off

I dislocated my finger I'm not sure if its part of being broken but its painful too It was very shocking to see my finger bent backward!

Pain is not that bad. It's the fact that you can't do anything with the broken hand for about a month that's annoying

Sliding into baseball bag, out for a month litarlly sucks

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28 Toe

Got stepped on with metal cleats playing 3rd base. Ripped my cleat. Now I'm in a boot. SUCKS

It hurts

29 Stapes
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