Requested Review: House of Night Series

This review was requested by TwilightKitsune. And at least it's not Keeping up the Kardashians.

House of Night was a book series I had seen in stores but never read one. This came out at the time when Twilight books were becoming popular and authors wanted to make bank off of Stephanie Meyers success. So I stayed far away from the young adult books. Now I'm sure they're some diamonds in the rough but there's a whole heap full of bad ones. Even my next Requested Review is a bad young adult series.

The House of Night Series is a collection of novels and novellas by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. The story focuses on a school for marked vampires in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called the House of Night. Yes, they're novellas for this series. For those who don't know, Novellas are either short stories or long stories. I only realized this after I read the twelfth book and immediately face palmed when I realized I had more to read. However, thanks to some people I now know they're essentially filler. So I can skip them!

As you can tell I'm not very positive about this series. Other than the fact that I am not by any means the target demographic these books were just so hard to get through. I have sat through some young adult novels fine but I couldn't with this one. Now since they're twelve of these to get through, this will be a bit different from my other reviews. I'll go through what I didn't like about each of these books one by one as they occur.

Before I go through each of the books. Here's a summary of what these books are about. After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird (with a name as realistic as Juniper Jones or Anastasia Steele) enters the House of Night and learns that she is no average fledgling. She has been Marked as special by the vampyre Goddess Nyx and has affinities for all five elements: Air, Fire Water, Earth and Spirit (By your powers combined I am Captain Planet!). But she is not the only fledgling at the House of Night with special powers. When she discovers that the leader of the Dark Daughters (such a ridiculous title that I laugh every time), the school’s most elite club, is mis-using her Goddess-given gifts, Zoey must look deep within herself for the courage to embrace her destiny – with a little help from her new vampyre friends.

So essentially it's Harry Potter meets Vampire Academy mixed in with Twilight romance. Now for my thoughts on the books.

Marked (2007)
This book is filled with stereotypes that you would see in Pitch Perfect or High School Musical. I couldn't believe all of the stereotypes I was reading about. A scatterbrained best friend, the parents who don't understand, jerk boyfriend football player starts drinking and of course the perfect main character. Also there's some fat shaming and even slut shaming. I can't believe the author thanked her daughter for helping her write teenagers. I've never heard or seen teenagers act this way. You want to know how unlikable these characters are in book one and don't imrpove? Not even ten chapters in, Zoey comes off as unlikable, shallow, egotistical and ignorant. When it is revealed that her ex-almost boyfriend is slowly developing a drinking problem she is only concerned that he is going to get fat. Then, on the same page chastises her "best-friend" for being shallow. And now for book two.

Betrayed (2007)
Zoey has a love square going on that's really boring and underdeveloped. Heath, Erik and Loren. To be honest at this point in the story, I didn't care about the romance and was more annoyed with Zoey's attitude. I can't count how many times Zoey has to remind the reader that she is without a doubt the Most Powerful Fledgling Ever. She also has these aggravating friends you have to deal with. Erin and Shaunee, two loud-mouthed girls who are tough, but love to shop for shoes! There's Damien, who is the smart gay guy who holds them all together like glue. You can't even begin to count how many times this book told me over and over again that he's gay. Anyone who isn't her friend is close minded, a bully, anorexic, a loser, homophobic or even racist. As if that wasn't bad enough in book one. This book also thinks you're an idiot who can't think for yourself. Because Zoey ends up explaining about character's personality, what the situation is and will explain everything in crucial detail. Instead of letting the readers experience it, we're told what we should think. The dialogue is also horrible. I can't believe we have characters that actually say "But like, whatever!" It's told in the most serious way and came off as badly written.

Chosen (2008)
"Two black guys were just a few feet away... wearing the stereotypical ridiculous sagging pants."
Yeah, it's jumping into that territory! Zoey is still horrible and complains so much in this book. She whines over petty stuff like how her birthday is on Christmas and everyone is giving her Christmas gifts. She never stops complaining about it. The best part of this book is when Erik called Zoey a filthy hypocrite. Good work! Three books in and someone says something negative about the main character! This book is soooo boring too! There's practically no plot. I can sum it up in one sentence " Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity." But the story keeps sidetracking to other things that don't matter. Like all the romance going on or Zoey trying to be better than anyone else. Hey, if the author doesn't care about the plot, why should I?

Untamed (2008)
The main character is still a bullying hypocrite. She calls Aphrodite slurs for dating around but Zoey is dating Heath, Erik and Loren at the same time! We're four books in and Aphrodite hasn't even dated anyone yet! And of course when Erik calls her out for being a hypocrite, she gets mad. I can't blame him, he walked in on her and Loren making the bed rock! And for some reason she gets upset when Heath breaks up with her for Casey. Cause you know, she was seeing other people! Zoey's friends even get mad at her but that lasts for like what, a whole chapter? Aphrodite bullies Zoey’s friends into not being mad at her anymore, because god forbid life has consequences! This series is so predictable and bad, that I actually predicted when a character was going to die and I was right. And in case you're still not convinced this book is glorifying it's main character. How horrifyingly narcissistic is this, to have this character come, meet Zoey very briefly, and then spend his dying moments lamenting not getting to know her better? How can this series get any worse? Oh wait, I know how! We read more books about her! Goody!

Hunted (2009)
I understand why many people have quit the series after this installment. And it's not because this book is any more offensive than the rest (I mean it has some pretty heavy competition) but it's because this is the book at it's worse and nothing good is presented at all. One hundred and forty two pages of the book are wasted before plot rears its head in. And most of it could probably be solved if the characters were smart and had a healer. Even Highschool DXD had a healer! And of course the information is still being forced down on our throats so that we don't feel what the characters are going through but are just told. This book has already introduced Greek Legends but now culture is involved. Like Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Tribe, the Trail of Tears etc. And it does not show that the author has any clue how to put this into one cohesive story. Oh and guess how many characters at this point are in or have fallen in love with Zoey? Five. Not even Twilight had this many characters attracted to Bella! Zoey is still unlikable as always and is way too good for Erik. And this book tries to talk about sexual assault in an immature manner. The only reason the guy got away with doing it was because he's hot. Even some of the hardcore fans admitted this book was the weakest. I had to take a break after reading this book after that happened.

Tempted (2009)
I can't believe this book series is still going. It could have ended at book three or for my sanity, stayed on Deviantart or Wattpad. Oh and Zoey's behavior is apparently excused because she's a Nyx! Yeah cause that totally lets all of her rotten attitude throughout five books okay. All of the guys lusting after Zoey need to get a brain cell! There's plenty of fish in the sea! and I really don't understand Erik's attraction to her, especially since she cheated on him with their adult teacher the same day Erik became a full-fledged vampire. The way the gay couple in this book series is portrayed is ridiculous too. Damien and Jack have an over the top gay relationship with everyone mentioning how gay they are. Let's see what else, of Stark is back....and he's in love with Zoey! Even though they didn't even know each other for a month! Way to bring back a character only to have that character be forced into the females harem! The book is just about Zoey and Stevie Rae, putting their friendship and the House of Night at risk. That's about it. I also hate the villains. Not because they kill people and this series hasn't shown any likable characters except for but they're going to make this book series drag on. The best part was on the back of the book I got said that Zoey isn't a moron. *Insert Laugh Track Here*

Burned (2010)
These authors really don't know how to deal with this series anymore. Because this book is just as boring as Chosen and is nonsensical like all the other books. You want to know what most of the characters talk about? Yes you! Right there! Guess! That's right.....ZOEY! While I'm happy that we get other point of views, it still sucks when every character talks about how much they miss Zoey, save Zoey or they love Zoey. Also, we get seven points of view. SEVEN! Neferet is just there to be villains at this point and nothing else. The authors needed some kind of conflict so the villains motivation end up making no sense. Also, the authors need an editor because they're grammatical errors. Punctuation was all over the place, not using quotation marks properly or even just forgetting to add in punctuation. At this point, this book series won New York Times Best Seller and yet they can't afford an editor? How can anyone keep reading after this? If I wasn't pregnant, I would be passed out on the floor from taking too many tequila shots!

Awakened (2011)
Erik: (My Husband Not Book Erik): Hey, you liking that book?
Me: You hear that sound? It's the sound of divorce papers flying your way!
Erik: *laughs hysterically because he knows I hate what I'm reading*

And that was the funniest thing that happened when I read this series. And in case you forgot, Jack and Damien in are in gay relationship. Remember, this because it's not like you'll be told this sixty four times in this book! I haven't labeled Zoey a Mary Sue up to this point but I think at this point it's pretty much inevitable. She's a Mary Sue. I can't believe Erik forgave Zoey after what she did. Not even as a girlfriend but even as a friend. She's a terrible person that I hope no one ever tries to see as a role-model. At this point, Zoey gets everything she wants in this book. She even goes on some island to avoid responsibility and leaves her friends behind. And while she's seeing some other guy she can't stop thinking about Heath. We're eight books in and she's still doing this?! Zoey and her gang bully and shame Aphrodite in this book eight times because of a fling she had with Erik. That, may I remind you, happened in the past and she's trying to get over it. And it really sucks because she's the only likable character left!

Destined (2011)
Are these authors high before they write these books? They have pretty much zero thought throughout this book. The authors still have way too many point of views in this book. You can't keep track of everything going on and it becomes a confusing mess to read. At least with Shadow Fall series, I knew what was going on but this is just awful. The romance in this book nerfs down characters to OOC levels. The force romance is in because that's what sells. If they wanted to make a romance series fine! But don't pretend this a compelling story with interesting characters and questions about our morality. At the end of the day, it's about a girl and her harem. Why do the Casts (the authors nickname) like Heath so much? He's just a jerk with no redeeming qualities! Like ninety percent of the other characters. Zoey still sucks and is selfish as always. She doesn't even care that that her mother is dead. I expected myself to be mad at her but honestly, who even cares about her at this point?

Hidden (2012)
Honestly, what more can I even say at this point? It feels like I would be repeating myself. I can't believe this books series has been padded out to be this long. Neferet is still your cookie cutter villain and this series should have killed her off way sooner. Erin and Shaunee are still high school brats with no dignity, Zoey still makes Bella Swan seem like a reasonable person, Stark and Rephaim are just there to be boyfriends, Erik is....there and Zoey's grandmother gets captured. This is just a book series that is slowly dying painfully because the author don't know when to put it down. It's like when Family Guy kept going and got worse over time. Book eight and nine probably should have been together because there's a whole lot of nothing happening in those books.Oh and even Aphrodite sucks now with the slurs she used at Damien. So no one gets to be happy! Especially not the reader!

Revealed (2013)
Ah it was so refreshing to see former fans finally say how bad this book was. Because this book is garbage. The writing is deplorable, a hypocritical main character, side characters that make you want to pull your hair out, bare bones plot and I can see why they only made one more book before this ended. Because this book series should have died out a long time ago. There's no originality or real progression in the story. The characters do a whole lot of talking but that's about it. Neferet is still up to no good and makes me want to crush her like a bug. Not because she's evil but because she's still alive. Zoey and her friends being shallow. Petty drama takes precedence over the main story. Honestly, I couldn't understand what was the point in this book at all. The book is just about Neferet wanting revenge on Zoey and her friends. But there's loads of filler, unneeded backstory, too many characters brought in and Zoey cheating on all the men chasing after her.

Redeemed (2014)
Funny how a book series named Redeemed doesn't actually redeem itself. Zoey is supposed to be this strong independent woman but she's childish and uncaring. The only thing strong about her are those Mary Sue powers that she keeps boasting about. Neferet seems to just be a parody of a bad villain at this point. She's never posed as a threat to me and is just there because story. This book laughably tries to add in new characters during the last book! They're just throw away characters, no need to care about them! And the dialogue still as "wonderful" as ever.
“They’re reminds me of Olivia and the president in Scandal. I’m liking this whole black girl-white boy thing. It’s attractive. Not to mention how it broadens the typical white boy point of view. Goddess knows they need it.”
‘That’s the most politically correct thing I’ve ever heard you say.”
“You are welcome, retard,”

Ah this book series will never change. Zoey is in jail for murdering two people yet her thoughts are on men. Classy. Do you know how long it took for Zoey and Neferet to end their fight after all these books? Once they're together, it only takes five pages for all of this to be concluded. A giant middle finger for all your dedication reading these awful books. And Zoey finally ends up with someone! It's Stark! I think she only ended up with him because the Casts are known for having crushes on Robert Downey Junior.

HOORAY!! It's over! No more!! I refuse to read the novellas because the fans told me it's not important! Plus they're like eight chapters long.

So as you can probably tell I do not like this book series. I think the problem was when these books came out. Twilight came out in 2007 as did this series. People were so enamored with Twilight so the authors tried to jump in on the popularity train without care or thought into the books. Think I'm wrong? Go back and check the dates I left for the books. I didn't just leave them there for no reason. These books were super rushed out the door and weren't given any proper care. And it shows.

I have a recommendation for a book series that's better than this one. It's young adult novel that has vampires and it's called Vampire Kisses. The book series feels like it wasn't written by two people who don't know how spell. The main character is likable, the romance is charming, the friendship is adorable and Ellen Schreiber knows how commas work.

In conclusion, don't read these books.


Oh my god, thanks. I hate House of Nonce - TwilightKitsune